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Loose Diamonds: Complete Guide to Buying

The glitter, allure, and attractiveness of a genuine piece of diamond is probably a luxury very few people can afford. However, there is a problem in our common understanding. Most of the population think of diamonds as something unaffordable and beyond the means of the humble populace. But, we lose sight of the fact that almost everyone makes some form of investment or the other, and investing in loose diamonds is a great source of investment, as they are highly secure, and are not easily affected by fluctuations in the economic market as some other sources of investment like Mutual Funds or Real Estate are.

We wrongly perceive investments in diamonds as relatively newer phenomena and one that might not stand the test of time. Industry leaders, bankers, and astute executives know that this is a highly wrong perception and belief. A limited number of influential and foresighted individuals and investment gurus, especially in the Indian states of Gujarat and Maharashtra have been silently investing in loose diamonds for over a century. The result- revenue and profit margins that have skyrocketed through the roof, offering not only safety and security but also the potential for unbridled growth. It is imperative to point out now that not all forms of diamonds are profitable from an investment standpoint. This piece of literature will help you decide not only the right kind of diamonds that you should be investing in but more importantly, we will tell you about some of the best producers from whom you should buy credible, certified and investment-friendly loose diamonds.

If you have decided that investing in loose diamonds will engineer your next success story, we would be pleased to tell you that loose diamonds you can get from Australian Diamond Importers are amongst some of the best in the world. Closer home in Australia, Australian Diamond Importers is a reputable, credible and genuine seller of loose diamonds in Sydney. Their diamond has an outstanding reputation as they are globally certified by the highest regulatory standards in the diamond world. Australian Diamond Importers sells a wide assortment of loose diamonds in different cuts, varying levels of clarity, carat sizes, grade certifications, and shades.

Once you have found your reputable diamond wholesaler, it’s good to get a list of must-do’s in mind. These will serve you well as you start your search:

  • Know your desired carat weight or the remit you want to buy in
  • Know which diamond shapes you like
  • Get to know the cuts and how to recognize quality
  • Think about the different shades and color grades out there
  • Consider the clarity grade
  • Weigh up other essential factors such as how fluorescent and symmetrical the diamonds are
  • Ensure it has a certificate

The ultimate guide helps you navigate through the often-uncertain world of investing in diamonds by providing clarity on a number of basics. These basics will help you find the right piece, which will be your source of investment for the future. If you were even a little familiar with diamonds, you would probably already know about the 4Cs of the diamond world- Cut, Clarity, Colour, and Carat Weight.


Understanding Your Purpose:

Before purchasing loose diamonds, you need to figure out why you are doing the same. The point is that different types of investments require investing in different types of diamonds. Are you buying them as a present for someone special? As an investment for future security? As part of a business model in which you are going to start to create your own jewelry? Once you know your own ‘why’, you can make an informed decision and ultimately come to have deeper conversations with jewelers and wholesalers as they know you have done your research.

The Benefits of Going Loose and How To Buy:

Buying loose diamonds might not make sense from the vantage point of someone who is looking to create the same as jewelry somewhere down the line. However, if you look at it purely in terms of economics, buying loose diamonds is significantly cheaper than purchasing a single diamond from your local highstreets retailer. Big companies and retailers specifically with regard to the worth of diamonds often fool us. In showrooms and other posh surroundings, it is very difficult to get the diamond tested in front of you, as it is impossible to ask them to conduct tests, or possible for you to carry the instruments and apparatuses. When one is buying loose diamonds, especially from places like Australian Diamond Importers, the company makes it possible for probable buyers to get up and close with the diamonds. It also allows buyers to inspect the diamonds for themselves and purchase the same only after they are satisfied with the product.

If you are new to the process, bring along someone with qualifications and expertise in the area. You will be able to use the professional jeweler’s magnifying tools so you can see the angles, cuts, dimensions, and sides in finer detail.

Decide Your Budget And Ensure Certifications Are Authentic:

Once your budget is decided, it’s time to look at the GIA certification and ensure the wholesaler is reliable and vetted. You can do your research online with official GIA report checkers and research for customer reviews and testimonials.

In Conclusion:

Having this knowledge and going into the process with as much research and information as possible will help you come out with diamonds that are great, credible and reliable sources of investment.

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