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4 Things To Consider When Looking at Engagement Rings

When you’re planning to surprise your partner by popping the big question and asking them to marry you, there’s a lot of preparation that needs to be done.

You’ve got to find the right location, someone to hide in the bushes to snap photos and film a proposal TikTok video that just might go viral – and most important of all?

You’ve got to pick out the perfect engagement ring! But where to begin? From settings and style to stone cuts and shape, we’ve got you covered with a list of things to consider when you’re looking for engagement rings. Say “yes” to a ring you know they’ll love when they say “yes” to you.

Ring Style & Setting

Diamond engagement rings are similar to snowflakes, no two rings are alike.

That’s because each engagement ring has its own unique style and setting.

Engagement Ring Style

The design of a ring determines the placement of the diamonds in it, and how many will be used in the ring overall. Some of the most popular engagement ring styles include:

1. Solitaire:

Perhaps the most common form of engagement ring, solitaire engagement rings feature only one diamond or other precious stone at the center of the ring. The diamond is affixed to the ring and kept in place by a series of metal prongs; typically there are four or six prongs.

Solitaire rings provide a simple, yet classically elegant form of engagement ring. As such, they’re especially great if you know that your partner enjoys a minimalist approach to fashion and jewelry.

Additionally, a solitaire-style ring accommodates a number of diamond sizes and shapes, making it easily customizable depending on how big of a diamond you’re interested in.

The prongs also make the diamond held in the ring more noticeable, and easier to show off to those around you and your partner in a way that says, “hello, the future bride coming through!”

2. Three-Stone:

A three-stone engagement ring utilizes three diamonds instead of one centered in the band of the ring. Each of the diamonds represents the couple’s past, present, and future.

Typically, the diamond in the center is the largest of the three; the two other diamonds on the side of it are slightly smaller and uniform in size. Three-stone rings are great for those who want a ring with a little bit more bling, while also keeping the overall look of the ring simple and delicate.

3. Halo:

Halo engagement rings feature a center diamond that is surrounded by a concentric circle of smaller stones. These smaller stones serve to make the center diamond look larger, and can help to elevate a ring with a lower-carat diamond in it.

Additionally, Halo rings are often paired with pavé bands, which are ring bands that contain small diamonds, similar to the ones in the circle that surrounds the main diamond in the ring. They’re a bit splashier but still sophisticated.

Diamond-Cut & Shape

Another incredibly important part of picking the perfect engagement ring is deciding upon the cut and shape of your diamond.

The cut of a diamond determines how much light will be able to shine through it, which allows it to sparkle. The shape of a diamond is what it can be described as in terms of its look. Each diamond shape has a different cut that makes it unique.

Diamond-Cut & Shape

The diamond shape you choose will largely depend on your partner’s style. Consider what kinds of jewelry and clothing they like to wear. For instance:

If They’re a Fan of Vintage Looks:

There are a number of diamond shapes that give off a vintage quality. If your partner loves fashion that harkens back to past eras, try an Asscher, Emerald, Pear, or Marquise-shaped diamond.

If They Define Classic:

For those who want a more classic ring, there are a variety of options. One of the most popular diamond shapes is the Cushion diamond, a square-shaped diamond with rounded edges.

Additionally, you could try a Princess cut diamond, which is also square-shared but with sharp edges, for a more modern appeal. Another popular classic style of diamond is the Round Brilliant, a circular-shaped diamond that sparkles incredibly well.

If They Live for the Avant-Garde:

If your partner is a fan of out-of-the-box fashion, you might want to get them a ring that has an unconventional shape. For instance, there are half-moon diamonds that resemble a sparkling crescent moon. Or you could go for a trillion-shaped diamond, which incorporates hard and soft cuts for an angular, elevated look that’s sure to stand out.

Picking out the perfect engagement ring for your partner can be an intimidating task. But don’t worry: whether your partner is a fan of a classic ring, or desires a more unconventional diamond, there are a variety of ring settings and diamond shapes and cuts that can be combined to make the ideal ring to say “I do” to.