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25 Modern And Classic Ways To Style A Long Pixie Cut In 2023

Bold and chic! This is how I find a long pixie cut. A woman who knows her mettle and is very confident in her skin can flaunt this hairstyle.

So, wait a moment if you really want a pixie cut, as it’s not just about your hair. There will be a metamorphosis in your appearance and how people perceive you. 

You will know what I am trying to put across if you have a look at the celebs who have again brought a short and long pixie haircut under the limelight in 2023. Halley Berry has always been the poster girl for pixie haircuts, and she has further created a stir with her recent Twitter post, where she is flaunting her silver pixie cut. 

Among the new ones to have this hairstyle, I am loving the messy pixie cut of Kendall Jenner and the shaggy version of Kristen Stewart. 

Amidst all the hullabaloo about this sexy and happening haircut, I am here to share some cool styling ideas and some other fun details.

What Is A Long Pixie Cut?

What Is A Long Pixie Cut?

A long pixie is a short hairstyle. But as the name suggests, here the hair length will be a little longer than usual pixie cut hairstyles. 

In a longer pixie cut, you will have shorter hair on the sides and the back. But at the front, there will be longer bangs for a softer look. Along with being chic, this hairstyle is extremely popular because it demands low maintenance. 

From Audrey Hepburn and Mia Farrow to Audrey Tatou, short, medium, and long pixie cut styles have always been considered a stand-out feature for women. Many associate it with the free spirit of women, and many find it androgynous.

Different Ways To Style Long Pixie Cut

Long pixie cut styles are vivid. From the grown-out style to the fusion of Bob and Pixie (Bixie), you have a lot of options to explore. Let the fun begin.

1. Long Choppy Pixie Cut

A hairstyle that suits every age group and various face shapes! That’s a long choppy pixie cut for you. You can get the strands evenly cropped or ask your stylist to create some natural layers with the variation in the length. 

The choppy ends will bring an element of edginess, while the longer strands at the front will contour your face beautifully. 

2. Messy Long Pixie Cut

With this classy style of longer pixie cuts, you can avoid your sessions with combs and brushes. In this side-swept style, tresses on one side will get more volume and length. And the shorter and more dense hair on the side will be the perfect complement.

3. All Grown Out Long Pixie Cut

All Grown Out Long Pixie Cut

If you want a longer pixie without making it too choppy, you can try this all-grown-out style. Keep your bangs side-swept so that the longer strands caress your forehead and jawline. If you want a neater look, you can even try middle parting. 

4. Bixie Cut

With neatly cropped hair strands around the neck and longer strands along your face, Bixie is the ideal fusion of pixie and bob haircut. It does not matter whether you are a teenager or an octogenarian. This hairstyle will suit you perfectly.

5. Long Pixie Cut With Side Bangs

Long Pixie Cut With Side Bangs

This is more of a classic haircut and has been there for quite some time as the quintessential haircut for working women. As the name goes, your hair will be side swept with longer bangs on one side. You can pin the longer strands down, or you can sweep the bangs at the back with a comb or brush to flaunt a sexy look.

6. Layered Long Pixie Cut

Looking to add some volume to your thin hair? Choose this layered long pixie cut and see how your hair strands get better volume. Keep the longer strand side swept, and the hair ends on the other side a little choppy to create the perfect look.

7. Shaggy Long Pixie Cut

Shaggy Long Pixie Cut

Those side-swept shaggy strands at the front can really create that “sexy” vibe. Once the cut is done right, your hair will hardly need any styling. So, there will hardly be a “bad hair day.”

8. Tapered Long Pixie Cut With Bangs

Young and fresh! This is how I define this tapered version of long pixie cuts. With the tapered end of the longer hair at the front, your face gets a lift visually, and that’s why it suits even women above 50 or 60. 

9. Wispy Long Pixie Cut

Wispy Long Pixie Cut

I know that some length around your face gives you confidence. Just the sweet little embrace! So, plan to keep the bangs at the front wispy, kissing your cheekbones and jawline. You can bleach the longer strands or get them dyed in bright burgundy or mahogany. 

Along with giving your face the right frame, this cut will add volume to your strands.

10. Dyed Razored Pixie Cut

Unlike undercuts, razors in this hairstyle are used to create layers with your bangs. I don’t see this style as a game of sheer contrast in the length of the side and back hair and the front fringes. On the contrary, here, the tresses with varying lengths create a balance and complement each other. 

To add more fun to this style, you can get hair tips dyed with funky shades. Even a balayage will do the trick. 

11. Wild Long Pixie Cut

Wild Long Pixie Cut

Who said messy isn’t beautiful? Don’t pay heed, as you have one of the most stylish haircuts in the form of this wild long pixie cut. Your hair ends will have a choppy finish to design this messy look, and this is really an ideal haircut for women who are free-spirited and non-conformists. As Taylor Swift sings

“I run my fingers through your hair

And watch the light go wild…”

12. Long Pixie With Undercut

This is probably the most effortless breezy hairstyle if you need to style your pixie haircut. Hair on the sides is cut with a razor, and the tresses at the front and on the top can be styled in different ways with the length you want.

13. Long Pixie Cut With Long Fringe

Long Pixie Cut With Long Fringe

In a longer pixie hairstyle, you can experiment with the length of your front hair, and specifically, this hairstyle with longer fringes at the front is a classic example. The hair at your back will reach up to your nape, while the fringes at the front can be kept as long as you want or are required to complement your facial features. Especially if you want to draw focus to your eyes, this hairstyle is a killer.

14. Feathered Long Pixie Cut With Disconnected Sides

This long pixie or Lixie haircut can be the statement of your bold style sense. The disconnected sides, similar to razored undercuts, let the feathered finish of the tresses shine through. Further, with the right layering of the “feathered” tresses and shorter undercut hair, a naturally textured effect is created. 

15. Balayage Long Pixie

Balayage Long Pixie

This is definitely a low-maintenance pixie style where you get to flaunt the color and texture without much effort. Further, this balayage style adds a lot of volume to your hair. So, it will work even if you have very thin hair. 

16. Swoopy Layered Long Pixie Cut

If you want to highlight your beautiful cheekbones and eyes, a swoopy layered pixie cut will be an excellent choice. The swoopy fringes on the forehead will define your face, and I find it very chic. 

17. Asymmetrical Pixie Cut

Asymmetrical Pixie Cut

It’s like striking the right balance of the natural beauty your hair has and the edginess of a pixie cuts hairstyle. The uneven length of the hair makes it more appealing, and they create a kind of subtle layering effect to complement your facial feature. 

18. Pixie Cut With Short Shaved Sides

With short shaved sides and a short pixie cut back view, these pixie cuts will enhance the features and shape of your face. The longer bangs at the front make it really cute. 

19. Androgynous Pixie

Androgynous Pixie

The beauty of androgynous pixie lies in how it complements almost all face types. The side-swept bangs with shorter hair on the sides really look bold and stunning. 

20. Pixie With V-Cut Layers

This is cool and super easy. The V-cut layers lend your hair a tapered finish. If you want more fun with your hairstyle, ask your stylist to go for some “point-cutting.”

21. Pixie With Side Burns

Want to make it edgier? The choppy sideburns can bring that effect to your pixie hair. Razors are used for the sides of this haircut. The only bad thing about this haircut is that it demands salon visits in 4-6 weeks intervals. 

22. Pixie With Highlights And Smudge Root

Don’t worry if your hair colorist is too busy to give you an appointment. Longer pixies with highlights and smudge roots are great, as outgrowth is not a problem with this haircut. Your color appointments can get late, but your hair will continue to look beautiful with the smudged roots. 

23. Curly Pixie Cut

Curly Pixie Cut

Flirty! This is what I call this curly pixie cut. If you have naturally curly hair, ask your stylist to leave some long curls at the front. The shorter curls on the sides and the back will add definition and volume to your hair without much effort. 

24. Dimensional Bixie

As just said, Bixie is the ideal choice if you want a low-maintenance pixie bob haircut. To add more dimension to the cut, your hairstylist will add more layers and textures. 

This cut usually looks better on finer or straight hair. 

25. Mullet Long Pixie Cut 

This long pixie cut allows you to enjoy the edginess of a pixie haircut without compromising the safety or comfort of the long strands. 

So, a mullet and a long pixie cut is a classy combination to try. 

Final Words

If you are so far with me, you know that a long pixie cut is versatile, and the experimentation never ceases to end with the lengths and styles. 

So, if you have been waiting for a pixie transition for quite some time, make it a point to get it done now. And don’t forget to share which style you found the best for you.

See you, gorgeous!

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