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Do You Know How To Style A Long Floral Skirt? (Explore The Top 8 Ideas)

A long floral skirt has always been the quintessential outfit defining feminine grace. Go through the pages of a Jane Austen novel or take a cue from the cottagecore aesthetics made huge by Taylor Swift. You will see the presence of floral long skirts everywhere.

A long skirt reaching your lower-mid calf or the ankle can be styled and structured in many ways. The cut, fabric, and flare of the outfit will further render it unique from other skirts.

So, do you want to learn what to wear with long floral skirt? Let’s explore. 

How To Style Long Floral Skirt?

Have you followed Jennifer Garner’s look for “Good Morning America” last month? She looked graceful in her rose-printed skirt and white button-down blouse. So, floral patterns on skirts is a trend to eye for this season.

However, while choosing the top/blouse for your skirt, you must consider the design, structure and fabric of the skirt. The idea is to create a perfect balance and an aesthetic look. 

Are you still looking for a “womens long floral skirt” and what to wear with it? Go through the tips I have curated here. 

Wear Your Floral Long Skirt With A Fitted Top

Are you wearing a flowy long skirt? You need a tight-fitted top to balance the flowy nature of the skirt.

Skirts tailored with flowy fabrics like sheer and chiffon lack structure. So, a tank top or a tight crop top will add the much-needed definition to your look.

However, try to choose your top in a contrasting shade. It will accentuate your silhouette better and lend you a smarter look.  

Team A Long Floral Skirt With Slits With A Crop Top

If you are wearing a long floral skirt with a high waist, you do not need to waste much time on accessorizing your ensemble. Further, a high waist skirt with frills and laces will be enough to be the statement piece of your ensemble.

To elevate the appeal of your high-waist floral maxi skirt, you will need a crop top. Keep the design and structure of the top minimalistic to bring all the attention to the skirt. 

The slit on the skirt and the bare midriff will raise the oomph factor. 

Go For Some Layering With A Jacket

Has the mercury dropped a little? Is it the beginning of the autumn? A long skirt can be a great transitional outfit in your closet. In summer, you can wear it with a crop top, tank top or a simple tee.

In autumn or winter, you can repeat the same long skirt with layering. So, if you are wearing a floral long skirt in a flowy fabric, go for a top and a denim jacket.

However, if your floral skirt is more structured and made of stiff fabric, you can go for classy blazers. 

Choose A Shirt To Complement Your Long Floral Skirt 

How about going for a little mix-and-match to accentuate your look in a long skirt? It’s a great idea, I think, and especially if you are a fan of Boho fashion, it will match your fashion aesthetics.

However, if you are going for this combination, make sure that the top and skirt are in a contrasting shade. For example, if you are wearing a red skirt, you should go for a white shirt.

Keep the footwear simple for this look. Team your outfits with a pair of ballerinas or heels. 

Wear Your Floral Maxi Skirt With An Off Shoulder Top

Who told you that a long floral skirt cannot be a match for an occasion when you need to dress in a classy way? You can be the center of attraction at any evening party by wearing a long floral skirt made of silk or satin with an off-shoulder top.

To create a classy look, you can pick the top in a lighter shade than the skirt. For example, if you are wearing a cream off-shoulder top, you must go for a maroon or burgundy long floral skirt. 

High Waist Long Floral Skirt With A Short Sleeved Top

Why not emulate the girl-next-door vibe for your look this season? If you are wearing a long floral skirt, team it with a simple short-sleeved top in a single and contrasting shade.

You can experiment with the length of the top based on the waistline of the skirt. For example, if you are wearing a high-waist skirt, you must keep the length of the top shorter. However, if you are donning a regular maxi skirt with floral prints, you can go for a top with a longer length. 

Long Floral Skirt With A Lace Top

A long skirt and a lace top will be the most quaint or vintage combination for you. The overall look will be very feminine. However, by playing with the structure and fabric of the skirt, you will be able to create your own style statement.

For example, if your skirt is touching your ankles and it’s very structured, giving you a proper silhouette, go for an off-shoulder lace top or something in the line of a crop top.

However, if your skirt is flared, team it with a simple lace top that fits you well. You neither want to hide your curves nor want to make your core look bulky. 

Tie & Dye Top With A Long Floral Skirt 

The combination of a long floral skirt and a tie & dye top is very much in line with a boho-ethnic fashion trend. This ensemble will also be very comfy for you.

So, team your maxi skirt with a noodle strap tie & dye top to ace your fashion game

Final Words 

Styling a long floral skirt does not need to follow strict norms. Based on the occasion to attend, you can plan what to wear with it. If you are going to a beach, you can team it with a noodle strap top.

However, if it’s a date on an autumn evening, some layering will be required.

Do you like the styling tips I have shared here? Or, do you have some other outfit choices to flatter your floral long skirt? Don’t forget to share! 

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