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Top 10 Kids Products From Little Sleepies: A Brief Review

Have you heard about the Little Sleepies brand? Started by Maradith Frenkel only two years ago, this brand is getting bigger and bigger. So, we thought it was about time we did a review of all the great goodies you will most definitely find under the Little Sleepies brand umbrella.

Moreover, it was really about time – so we did it. Stay tuned with us to find out what are the top products to buy from this celebrity kids brand!

Top 10 Kids Products From Little Sleepies: A Brief Review  

While there are so many products from Little Sleepies that we love, we have managed to find the top ten products that you can’t help but buy for your little one. We were a little reluctant to believe so as well initially, but after doing some intensive research and treating our moms to some retail therapy, this was long coming.

So without wasting any more time, scroll down to check out the top products from Little Sleepies!

1. Swaddles:  


You don’t need to check ‘littlesleepies’ on Google – if you are a new mom, you need Swaddles, and that too from Little Sleepies! These swaddles are vital for sleep – they make your baby feel safe and comfortable. These even come with a hat or a headband – that way, your baby will be cozy while looking adorable.

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2. Pajamas:   


If you haven’t checked out the little sleepies pajamas yet, then this is the sign you need. Your baby will obviously be living in cute pajamas for the initial few months. After all, what do babies do anyway? Babies spend time sleeping, eating, and of course, pooping. There’s no need for any dressing – this is why these pajamas are all that your baby needs.

3. Crib Sheets:  

Crib Sheets

You have to be prepared for this one. If you are making a registry, then you can’t forget about crib sheets and several of them. You need multiple because you have to be always prepared for a sudden backup during naptime spit-up or a late-night blowout session. You can spice things up with the little sleepies Disney edition.

4. Baby Carrier:  

Baby Carrier

If you have visited any Little Sleepies boutique, then you would know how cute this baby carries look – and more than that, how useful these can turn out to be! A good baby carrier will keep your hands free so that it’s relatively easier to get things done while your little one hangs on to you!

5. Stroller: 


What most little sleepies retailers will tell you is that you need a stroller. And we are saying the same – you do need a stroller. You can’t carry your baby all the time. Strollers are perfect for taking your baby on walks around the neighborhood or when you are invited to lunch, but your baby tags along.

6. Sound Machine:  

Sound Machine

Babies just don’t fall asleep randomly – it takes a long, long time to get your baby to sleep. And then, finally, when your baby is sleeping, you don’t want some stupid floor creaking to wake your little one up – you have to start from scratch again. Instead, it’s so much better to just get a sound machine and let your efforts not go to waste.

7. Car Seat:  

Car Seat

If you have a car and a newborn, then it’s an absolute MUST to register for a new car seat customized for your baby. Of course, you need to pick the correct one since all seats will not fit every vehicle or every budget. Keep in mind that infants must be rear-facing since it’s possible they will exceed the height and weight limits specified by car seat manufacturers.

8. Pack ‘n Play:  

Pack ‘n Play

Are you heading to a friend’s place for lunch? Or are you just traveling? But your baby is with you – in that case, your pack ‘n play is the ideal solution. Once your baby becomes familiar with sleeping inside a crib, they won’t find it difficult to sleep on the go. These are great – we don’t think these aren’t worth it.

9. Wipes And Diapers:  

Wipes And Diapers

While most parents often forget to do something as simple as load up on wipes and diapers, understand how essential these actually are! Your baby will spend several years in these diapers – so registering for a few cases is smart. And while you are registering for wipes and diapers, register for both newborn sizes as well as size one.

10. Thermometer:  


You might think it’s a little far-fetched to get a thermometer for your newborn. But guess what? It’s anything but far-fetched to be prepared when you are taking care of a newborn baby. It’s best to be prepared with a thermometer and other essentials to find out when your baby gets a little sick – in this context, Rectal thermometers are considered to be the most accurate ones.

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Frequently Asked Questions! (FAQs):  

Check out the most frequently asked questions about little sleepies mentioned below.

Q1. Are Little Sleepies Worth It?  

Ans: Absolutely! There’s no question about it, considering these sleepies are considered to be super comfortable, totally soft, and incredibly adorable. Plus, none of your kids will ever have to complain about wearing them.

Q2. What Is Special About Little Sleepies? 

Ans: Little sleepies are so gentle on your child’s sensitive skin and are also considered to be incredibly soft to even just touch. If you are wondering if it’s worth investing money in these cutesy outfits, then you totally should.

Q3. What Celebrities Are On Little Sleepies?

Ans: The celebrities who buy from Little Sleepies are as follows,
• Chrissy Teigen,
• Kardashians, and
• Haylie Duff.

And It’s A Wrap!  

And that’s a wrap on the top products from Little Sleepies – what’s next? Are you going to visit their official website and check out their products? Or are you going to stick to the brands you have already chosen for your little one? Tell us right now – and while doing so, don’t forget to share your experiences related to the same in the comments below.

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