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Is Liquid Eyeshadow Better Than The Powdery Ones? (Know The Benefits)

Do you wonder why celebs have such a smooth finish in their eye makeup? It’s the magic of a liquid eyeshadow.

Let me tell you that liquid eyeshadows are not something very new, as they have been around for almost a decade now.

However, with evolved tools and more creative techniques of application, these eyeshadows have become more popular.

As the name suggests, these eyeshadows have a liquid formulation. Also, these easily glide on your eyelids.

Do you want to know about the other benefits of these eyeshadows and how to apply them? Here is a guide for you.

Types Of Liquid Eyeshadows You Can Get For Yourself

You can try different types of liquid eyeshadows if you want to be creative with your eye makeup. Here, I have discussed the variations of liquid eyeshadows so that you can pick one according to your makeup requirements.

Cream Liquid Eyeshadow

Cream eyeshadows are thicker than other eyeshadows because of the presence of cornstarch in them. These eyeshadows also have anhydrous alcohol.

You will love a cream liquid eyeshadow because of its lightweight formulation and the way it glides smoothly on your eyelids.

Further, thanks to the presence of cornstarch in them, cream eyeshadow has a better hold, and it does not get smudged even after a long day.

In addition, the cream eyeshadow produces a bolder color effect because of more dense pigmentation.

However, because of the thick formulation, a cream-liquid eyeshadow needs a wet sponge or brush for application.

Mousse Liquid Eyeshadow

Like cream eyeshadows, the mousse liquid eyeshadows also have anhydrous alcohol. You can easily apply these eyeshadows, and they are very light in weight.

However, if you are using the mousse liquid eyeshadow dry, you will have a sheer texture on your eyelids. So, if you want a bold effect and experiment with the makeup, you must use a wet brush. You can also try the wet/dry formula for applying eyeshadows.

Liquid Liner Eyeshadow

The liquid liner eyeshadow comes in two varieties. You will get pencil liners and soft lip lacquers to glam up your eyes.

If you pick pencil liners, the application will be similar to regular eye pencils, and the stiffened pigments of the liners will offer you more control during the application of eye makeup.

You can also use soft lip lacquer liners, which are steadier than pencil liners.

Why Is Liquid Eyeshadow Better Than Your Regular Eyeshadow?

You already know that you can be as creative as you want with your eye makeup by using a liquid eyeshadow.

Further, if you know, you know! These eye makeup essentials offer you a lot of benefits, allowing you to finish your makeup faster.

A Liquid Eyeshadow Lasts Longer

A liquid eyeshadow, especially the one with a creamy formula, will stay longer on your eyelids. Further, unlike the powder formulations, these eyeshadows do not get cakey.

So, if you want a seamless finish for your eye makeup, you must always pick a liquid eyeshadow.

Also, thanks to denser color pigmentations, liquid eyeshadows are great for lending your eyes a bold look.

The Liquid Eyeshadow Is Easier To Apply

A liquid eyeshadow will offer you the ease of application. Don’t worry about the thick formulations in the case of cream and mousse eyeshadows, as you can easily glide them on your eyelids using a wet brush or sponge.

Further, thanks to the creamy texture of the eyeshadows, you will not need to apply a primer or foundation on your eyelids before wearing them. So, if you are traveling and you need to carry a lighter makeup kit, this one will be a great pick.

Liquid Eyeshadows Are Versatile

Thanks to their texture and formulation, these eyeshadows are great for applying on different surfaces. So you will be able to apply them easily on your eyelids.

Also, you can use these eyeshadows to get more opulent looks for your eyes. You can even be as creative as you want with the contours.

Liquid Eyeshadows Offer Super Light Coverage

You can get a definite and bold look for your eyes with a single coating of a liquid eyeshadow. Unlike the powdery eyeshadows, these do not need application in multiple coats. So, the coverage is lightweight, and you get to create a more seamless look easily.

Further, even if you are a beginner in makeup, you can use this eyeshadow for the most glammed-up looks. It does not matter whether you want smokey eye makeup or a dewy effect on your eyes. Liquid eyeshadows offer you a range that allows you to be as creative as you want.

You can even use your fingertips to blend the eyeshadow after application. Do you want various color options in eyeshadows? You will also get that variety with liquid eyeshadows.

Moreover, liquid eyeshadows can also be used as liquid eyeliners. So, along with brightening up the eyelids, these eyeshadows will also work to define your lash lines.

Quick Tips For The Perfect Application Of A Liquid Eyeshadow

Are you applying a liquid eyeshadow on your eyelids? Consider these quick tips to get the best look for your eyes.

Apply Liquid Eyeshadow At First

While doing your eye makeup, you need to finish the application of the liquid eyeshadow at first. Once you are done with the application of liquid eyeshadow, apply the eyeliner and mascara.

Blend Liquid Eyeshadows When They Are Wet

One great thing about liquid eyeshadows is that you don’t need to wait until after the application of the first layer.

Even if you want to apply multiple layers of the same eyeshadow or play with many colors, you can blend the layers easily and seamlessly.

Summing Up

Wearing liquid eyeshadow is very much in fashion these days, and these are popular because of their ease of application and versatility.

So, if you want to create bold and beautiful looks for your eyes and want the colors in the eyes to last longer, choose liquid eyeshadows.

These eyeshadows are great for everyone. So, even if you are a beginner, you can use them without worries.

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