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5 Lipstick Shades Every Indian Woman Should Own

No matter how many lipsticks we ladies own, we will never have ‘enough!’ Nope, not kidding at all. We are always going to want the one particular brown lipstick shade or that exact red lipstick shade that we saw in our dream or maybe we saw that same colour in a food item. Oh, the struggle to find the perfect shade! *winks*

But honestly, there are actually a few shades that go very well with the Indian skin tone and a few lipstick shades that you must absolutely have in your vanity kit. Let us check out the best five shades you must own.


Brown lipstick

Different tones of brown lipstick shades are an absolute must. Brown lipstick shades don’t just look classy and amazing, but they can also be used in multiple ways. You can use your brown lipstick like your contour, eye shadow makeup base, and also like a second shade to blend in your orange colour corrector. A good non-transfer lipstick in a pretty brown shade is like a winning weapon for someone who goes to work every day.

This shade is subtle and classy, and it completes your corporate look beautifully. A few shades that you can check out are the Café Latte shade from Iba’s Ultra Matte Transfer Proof range and Hot Chocolate from Iba’s Maxx Matte Liquid Lipstick range.

Nude Peach

If you check out trending lipstick shades then there will always be a pretty nude shade. Nude lipstick shades aren’t just pretty and subtle, but they are also quick fixes that help you to get ready quickly. They are light in shade and they make you look fresh and presentable instantly.

Always keep a long-stay lipstick in a nude peach shade in your bag, because you can use this shade as your lip colour and your blush when you want to freshen up quickly. A few pretty nude shades to check out are, Nude Alert from Iba’s Long Stay Matte Lipstick range, Girl Next Door from the Ultra Matte Transfer Proof Lipstick range, Fresh Peach, Blissful Mocha, and Nude Twist from the Maxx Matte Liquid Lipstick range.


Red lipstick shades work really well for all skin tones, especially for Indian skin tones. Red lipstick is an absolute must-have because this pretty shade can help you in getting ready for special occasions and weddings. Red lipstick shades help in brightening your face instantly. If you have a dusky skin tone, then you can use your red lipstick as a colour corrector for dark circles and dark skin pigmentations as well. A few red lipsticks to try out would be, Perfect Red from Iba’s Maxx Matte Liquid Lipstick range, Nikkah Red and Dinner Date from the Ultra Matte Transfer Proof Range.


Now, an orange lipstick shade is not a regular shade that is usually picked. But we’ll give you more than one reason to pick an orange lipstick shade the next time you go lipstick shopping. So, to begin with, an orange lipstick shade works really well as a colour corrector for fair and medium skin tones. You can also use your orange lipstick as a blush for a pretty sun-kissed look. Not just this, orange lipstick can also be used as an eye shadow base and a funky eyeliner for a fun summer look. It can also be used like a lip gloss when mixed with lip balm. A few orange shades to try out our Orange Flash from Iba’s Long Stay Matte Lipstick range and Pa Pa Ya from Plum’s Matte In Heaven Liquid Lipstick.


Your matte lipstick shades collection is incomplete it you don’t have a pretty pink lipstick shade. Pink transfer-proof lipsticks are great additions to your vanity makeup kits because any variant of a pink lipstick shade works really well with any outfit and for any occasion. You can also use your pink lipstick like your blush, like an eye shadow base, and if it is a matte lipstick then you can also use it like eyeliner.

There is also one special hack that you can try with your pink lipstick. This hack makes you look fresh instantly and it does not even look like you are wearing makeup.

All you need to do is prep your skin like you normally would, and then take your concealer and apply it in dots around your face. Next, take your pink lipstick and apply dots in between your concealer dots and start blending. Make sure your concealer and pink lipstick dots mix and blend in well while you are blending them. You will see the instant glow and it looks very natural. Thank us later!