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Lip Piercing – History, Process, Types, Side Effects, And Healing Process

I am back with another piercing content, but this time it’s about lip piercing. If you have read my articles on piercings you would know that I have all kinds of piercings, and I love them.

Friends and family have always supported me with my decisions, I may not have hundreds of piercings but I have one each of all kinds. Piercings look good when you go minimal with them. Tiny diamond studs and simple rings bring out the bold personality for which piercings are done.

My article is for those who love piercings but my words do not diss those who do not like this style. You are beautiful in either way. I am proud of you both.

Lip piercing is one of those piercings that shows affection and seduction. People with nervousness while speaking can actually treat their nervousness with a lip piercing. This particular piercing makes you feel like a goddess.

In this article, I will tell you everything about lip piercing. How it is done, what it is, aftercare, and many more. Stay tuned.

History Of Lip Piercing

Lip piercing dates back to some cultures in America and Africa. It is practiced in many places. It denotes the world’s creation by your ancestor spirits.

What Is Lip Piercing?

What Is Lip Piercing

Lip piercing is all about decorating the part of your face that is important and noticeable. People often look at your lips when they hear you talk. So, it is a great way of pulling more attractions, other than just wearing a lip shade.

It is a type of body piercing that penetrates your lips or the immediate area with a needle, your philtrum. In simple words that tiny groove from the cupid’s bow to the base of the nose.

Just like ear piercings, lip piercings also have tons of styles which we will be discussing here. You can choose those styles according to your aesthetic.

How Lip Piercing Is Done?

How Lip Piercing Is Done

The process is the same as with the other piercings. Your piercer will be wearing gloves after sanitizing his hands as well as the equipment he is going to use to pierce your lip.

The forceps will be used to hold the skin after marking the spot. While keeping the forceps the piercer will penetrate your upper or lower or any part of the lip with a needle. The needle, which came out of a sealed packet and has not been used before.

After the needle is through they will remove the forceps and place an industrial ball stud on your lip. Then will clean it with a sterile solution, and will instruct you to continue cleaning till it heals.

Types Of Lip Piercing

Types Of Lip Piercing

Like ear piercings there are many types of Lip Piercing, here they are:

  • Side Labret

This piercing is a single one, the spot is the off-centered of the lower or upper lip.

  • Medusa

This piercing is done directly above the center of the upper lip.

  • Madonna

This piercing is done on the left-hand side of the lip to represent the beauty of Madonna.

  • Monroe

This piercing is done on the right side of the upper lip to represent the beauty queen Marylin Monroe.

  • Ashley

This piercing is done on the inside of the mouth.

  • Labret

Labret piercing is done vertically on the center of the lip. There is horizontal labret piercing as well.

  • Jestrum

This piercing is basically an upside-down vertical labret.

  • Double And Quadruple

This piercing is done at the corners of the lip.

  • Snake Bite

This piercing is done symmetrically beneath the lower lip.

  •  Angel Bite

This piercing is done on each side of the upper lip.

Pain And Side Effects

Pain And Side Effects

Lip piercing is a bit painful. Therefore you will feel the pain, but it depends on your tolerance for physical pain. My piercer told me once that for him it is not possible to understand how much pain a person will go through during piercing. He then adds “ location, biology, anatomical variables, method, quality of materials and speed, every one of them matters, it is more than your pain tolerance”.

Those who have fuller lips might face inflammation but lip piercings are generally easy and manageable.

Like every other piercings lip piercing too have side effects that you have to take in.

  • Lip piercing can make speaking or chewing hard.
  • It can damage your gums and fillings.
  • This can make you drool.
  • It will be hard for your dentist to check the inside of the mouth and perform an x-ray.
  • It can give you Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, gum diseases.

Healing Process And Aftercare

Healing Process And Aftercare

If your aftercare goes well then the time for your lip to heal will be two to four months. But depending on the skin type and size of your lip may take 6 months.

There are lots of factors at play when it’s about healing a pierced spot. But like I mentioned everything depends on how much care you are taking towards it. It also depends on your personal health and diet.

The first week after any piercing is the time when it shows its nature, in terms of going to heal or not. An infected damaged piercing can leave a scar, so it is really important to look after it when there is time and resources.

Piercings need a sterile saline solution to get cleaned. Saline washes are just a mixture of sea salt solution that is good for rinsing the pierced spot and removing crusts and debris.

You can use cotton balls with the solution spilled on them, but I personally think it will work better if you contain the solution in a container that sprays. Therefore spray it on the exact pierced spot. Because your cotton might be stored in a clean place but your hands are never germ-free.

Spray for seconds on the spot, using cotton can leave fibers on the piercing and can also snag the spot. Do not touch your lip piercing frequently, try to only touch it when you are putting medicines on it.

Clean the outside and inside of the mouth, the spot basically. Skip makeup for a while. Apart from your sterile solution, nothing should come near your newly pierced lip piercing. Kissing has to stop, consider this, please. If you want to kiss your boyfriend forever with that sexy lip piercing. Stop for a while then.

Prevent Piercing Rejection

Prevent Piercing Rejection

When a piercing is done, it has chances for rejection, and to prevent it I have listed 4 ways for you.

  • A large gauge can prevent it.
  • The size of the jewelry helps in preventing it, but a piercer must recommend the size, not you.
  • Aftercare instructions are as always suggested as the first point under keeping a piercing safe.
  • Your diet does affect the healing and rejecting process. Avoid sour foods. 

Final Thoughts

There you go with everything you need to know about lip piercings. This article tells you the process of lip piercing, the aftercare, types.

Other than labret piercing, every other will look good with industrial metal ball studs. Only labrets can look good with rings and metal studs.

Leave a comment down below and share your thrilling experience with us. I hope this article is enough to get you ready for a stunning lip piercing.

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