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Best Lilac Hair Color Trends For Women In 2023: Top 10 Ideas

Now that the new year has started, it is time to change your whole look, so first, let’s start with our hair. Changing our hair color is the best way to express ourselves and our personality. Find Out the best lilac hair color trends.

The trendiest hair of the new year is going to be the beautiful lilac hair color. You can easily deepen and lighten depending on the color you want. 

There are many different variations of the color lilac, if you want, you can even try out an ombre shade with different shades of the color lilac. So if you wanna try out this style, then we have beautiful shade ideas for you to try out.

1. Medium Ash Purple Hair

  • lilac hair color

This ashy shade of purple does look great with your hair, as the color is really going to stand out more than any lighter shade of purple. In addition, the grayish-purple shade can be done in an ombre highlighting technique.

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2. Ash Purple Hair To Blue

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Now that you know how to get a beautiful shade of ash purple, then you can easily give it a beautiful shade of blue to give a beautiful dark and light shade. To give it a cool too, give it a gradual gradient of cascading colors like a waterfall.

3. Violet Hair

  • lilac hair color

Violet is just a deeper version of the lilac hair color dye that is just going to give your hair beautiful highlights that will look beautiful both day and at night. If you are bold enough, then you can dye your hair in full violet or dark lilac hair color.

4. Purple Balayage

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The balayage technique of lilac purple hair color is a very tricky hair coloring technique where you color the lower portion of your hair. Although you can do this balayage technique with any color you want, you should definitely try it with the color purple or use different shades of purple as well.

5. Indigo Hair

  • lilac hair color

The indigo-blue color is a very vibrant color that will make your hair pop and shine brighter than ever. So if you are ready for a summer hairdo, then try out the indigo blue color with different other shades of blue with it.

6. Lavender Hair Color

  • lilac hair color

Lavender lilac hair color is a color that is quite the rage right now, it is going to be one of the trendiest colors of this year. So if you want to stay ahead of the trend, then before spring, dye your hair a beautiful lavender lilac hair color.

7. Lilac Hair Color

There are many different shades of lilac hair color dyes that you can try out this year. You can do a mixture of darker roots and lighter ends, or you can do the same lilac color all over your head without any highlighting. But it is always good to add a little shade along with the lilac hair color.

8. Purple Split Hair Dye

  • lilac hair color

Slit dying your hair is the trendiest way of dying your hair, and it will be like that throughout next year. You can easily choose your favorite colors to dye your hair, and one of those colors can be lilac hair color.

9. Dusty Purple

  • lilac hair color

The color dusty purple is more gray mixed with the purple than you want. But that shade, too, will make you stand out from the crowd. The dusty purple hair color is quite elegant and chic, and you can dye this color in any technique you want.

10. Dark Purple Hair Highlights

  • lilac hair color
  • lilac hair color
  • lilac hair color

It is possible that you want a subtle shade of purple in your hair, well, in that case, you can get a darker shade of lilac merging with violet shades of hair color. That way, the color doesn’t have to stand out from the crowd but mixes well with the crowd.

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Wrapping Up!

The lilac hair color is becoming a very popular choice of hair dye for most people now a days. This is because the color is both muted and bright, depending on the quantity you use. You can mix many different shades of color with it to make the style stand out more.

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