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If you want others to take you seriously, then you must dress the part. You should pay attention to every detail because they have the capability to make or break your whole wardrobe. Socks are an essential piece of clothing in our OOTDs. It can provide us comforts by protecting our feet from abrasion, in absorbing the sweat on our feet, and in fitting our feet perfectly to our shoes.

But did you know that socks are also the most overlooked piece of clothing in our fashion get up? Yes, we wear them every day wherever we go, to our workplaces, to a party, or to a friend’s wedding. But only a few of us give much thought of how can this small piece of clothing affect our overall fashion taste, either in good or bad ways.

If you are someone who cares about what you wear, it’s certainly high time to kick up your sock game. Here’s some guide for men on what socks to wear to complement their outfit of the day and in different occasions.

Socks for Sporty Men


Are you someone who loves to go to the gym to do some physical activity? You must go with low-cut sports/ankle socks.

Low-cut sports socks or ankle socks are ideal to wear to do sports and athletics. This type of socks is specially cut below the ankle to give added strength to the bridge of the foot when you are engaged in some physical activity.

Choose the wool and nylon mix for the material as it is best in absorbing sweat on your feet. Concerning with the color, gray, yellow-green and orange is the more popular.

Socks for Formal Attire


Mid-calf socks are perfect to complement with your formal attire as it prevents a distracting show of skin when you are at a party or in the office. Stick to darker colors such as black, brown, and medium gray if you are wearing a black suit. On the other hand, lighter shades such as tan are perfect to complement with light-colored clothing. Do not wear super bright-colored socks during formal occasions.

Patterned socks in formal occasions are also good to go if you are confident enough to wear them. The most familiar pattern is Argyle. Always go for cotton, silk, or cashmere as these types of material for socks are comfortable on your feet.

Colorful and Bright-Colored Socks for Fun-Going Types

Colorful socks have emerged recently as a fashion trend. Not only that it accentuates your ordinary outfit, but socks with bright and varied colors are also attention-grabbers because it creates a sense of lightheartedness to your overall aura.

When you are not in formal occasions, you have the option of going bright or colorful. Just keep in mind, though, to do it the right way so as not to look like you just come out of the circus. To keep you on the go, here are some rules in wearing colorful and bright-colored socks.

Go Classic

There’s nothing more classic when it comes to socks than the argyle-patterned ones. Argyle is also considered the simplest under the colored socks category. Perfect colors for argyle socks are blue and purple.

Complement the Colors with Another Detail of Your Outfit


When you have a tie, pocket square, or bow tie, you can complement the color of your socks to the color of these accessories. Choose a color from your T-shirt pattern and prefer socks in the same shade to go with it. Just make it sure that the color of the socks does not overpower the color of your accessories.

Go with The Right Contrast


Keep the contrast in check, no matter what you are wearing. Don’t go for bright-colored socks if you are wearing subtle and low-contrast color for your upper outfit.


Socks are essential not only for several comforts that it provides to our feet but also to the impact that it gives to our fashion statement. One small mistake in your sock game can destroy your overall outfit. Therefore, it is important to level up your sock game if you care enough about what you are wearing.

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