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The Layering Fashion Trend: How To Turn A Look Into A Lewk!

“Rather than removing clothes, layering is much more sexier.” 

When you are wearing something like blue jeans and a white button-down, it will seem quite uninspired and not at all a head-turner. But if you are pairing a denim corset and a jacket over the shirt, then the whole outfit will change into something else. 

The trend of layering has been going on for a few years now, but now, in 2023, the trend is at its peak hype. If you are trying to layer pieces of clothing, it is not a big deal since you can just throw something on, and there you go, a look is complete. 

But if you wanna know more about how to layer clothes perfectly, then you are at the right place, and all you need to do is keep on scrolling through this article. 


The Trend Of Layering: How To Style Your Winter Outfits?

The trend of layering. How to style your winter outfits.

“Too much isn’t applicable when it comes to maximalism.”

According to Sherri McMullen, the CEO and Founder of the luxury fashion retail McMullen, “Maximalist layering is a great way to incorporate season clothing during the winter months.” 

“You can layer tops under jackets and sweaters or a look that will ensure warmth, but choosing the unexpected can lead to a more interesting outfit overall. Clothes you’d normally wear in the spring or summer don’t have to be overlooked when scanning your closet in the morning. For a maximalist look with summer pieces.” McMullen further explained. 

Now, you might be asking why layering is such a big deal every year, and for that, there are a few good reasons. 

  • Layering Is Perfect For Winter

Layering Is Perfect For Winter

Beat the chill of winter with a little extra (stylish!) coverage.

  • Layering Is Sustainable

Layering Is Sustainable

Layering to create new outfits extends the life of your pieces, leading to a longer lasting wardrobe. While some of these layering styles borrow direct inspiration from all too familiar 90’s and early 2000’s looks, it’s no wonder that sustainability-conscious Gen Z is popularizing the trend.

  • Layering Fills In The Negative Space

Layering Fills In The Negative Space

Layering can add new colors, textures, pattern and contrast to an outfit for added interest.

  • Dress Up Or Dress Down With Layers

Dress Up Or Dress Down With Layers

Adding layers can blur the line between elevated and casual by mixing contrasting shapes, textures and materials.

Maximalistic Layering Techniques This Winter

Sherri McMullen expressed her views on the overwhelming feeling of minimalist layering by saying.

“If the minimalist layering sounds like a lot, that’s because it is, but don’t let the fear of frumpiness stop you from adding on piece after piece. Choosing to withstand the cold for the sake of fashion because you’re worried your heavily layered outfit will be all bulk and no shape is your decision to make, but I promise it doesn’t have to be that way.”

  • Over The Top

Over The Top

To create that perfect layered preppy look, all you can do is wear a vibrant button-down, a stripped vest on top of it, and tie a sweater around your neck. 

This is the most trending preppy look with maximalist layering. This way, you are gonna elevate even the simplest of preppy outfits into a staple outfit. 

  • Around The Color Block

When it comes to maximalist layering, the number one thing that you need to know is to let go of the fear of making things complicated. You don’t have to make your outfit too complex to make yourself stand out from the crowd. 

Around The Color Block

For layering, the way to make a statement is to play with colors and patterns. The easiest way to wear the best color block outfit is to wear a vibrant-colored suit and add a coat of a different color on top of it. Or you can even add a brightly patterned scarf on top of your outfit. 

  • Bottom Heavy Layers

Bottom Heavy Layers

Now that you are getting the hang of dressing in layers, it’s time to take it up a notch or maybe down. Back in the 2000s, if you have seen Ashley Tisdale, she was big on wearing pants underneath skirts on the red carpet; this is a great way of layering that you can try out. 

“Start with a basic outfit of jeans, a bodysuit or tank, and a jacket, then add on a statement mini for something sophisticated and fun.” 

  • Touch Of Tulle

“Adopting a maximalist aesthetic doesn’t mean you suddenly have to wear bright colors and bold patterns—you can still stay on trend with a neutral color palette.” 

Touch Of Tulle

“This look is walking the line between maximalism and minimalism, but the tulle skirt worn over the split-hem trousers pulls it over to the side of indulgence so beautifully. Plus, the light tulle could use some help in keeping your legs warm.”

Look To Lewk Layering!

Here are a few great ways you are going to turn a simple look into an awesome Lewk! So scroll down below to look at all the great layering looks that you can turn into lewks quite easily.  

  • Layering A Blouse Or Sweater Vest Over A Turtleneck 

Layering A Blouse Or Sweater Vest Over A Turtleneck 

“Keep a little warmer in the winter by layering your turtleneck under button ups and sweater vests! We love this added layer for the added texture and depth it brings into an outfit. This look is great for the office or going out! Don’t want your turtleneck bunching up under all those layers?

  • Layering A Turtleneck Under A Dress

Layering A Turtleneck Under A Dress

“We love this look for adding warmth to dresses, and helping to make low-cut dresses more wearable. Finish off the look with tights, trousers or jeans underneath to really round out the look. Try this idea for events, workwear and going out!

  • Hosiery With Slingbacks

“Hosiery creates a sheer, delicate layer that encourages creative ways to fill in blank space. Patterned tights and hosiery in pop colors are great ways to create contrast in your outfit.” 

Hosiery With Slingbacks

“We also love how simple sheer tights can elevate your pieces and create a touch of decadence! Slingback heels suit this trend best, as the shape of the shoe shows off your hosiery from front to back while complimenting sheer stockings with strong, angular shapes.

  • Layering A Dress Over Pants

Layering A Dress Over Pants

“This ultra creative layering trend extends the wearability of your dresses while allowing you a little extra warmth in the winter season. Brace yourself for 5 easy ways to achieve a layered dress over pants look!

  • Converting The Dress To A Tunic

Converting The Dress To A Tunic

“Replace a tunic top with a dress, and pair it with trousers! Thos look is great for work and also works as an elevated look for events.”

  • A Monochromatic Lewk

A Monochromatic Lewk

“Pair your dress with same color trousers for bold head to toe color, or pair the look with likeminded neutrals! Monochrome looks give the perfect opportunity to play with added textures like layering leather trousers underneath for shine, or adding a contrast textured bag or accessory to the outfit!

  • Pairing A Dress With Jeans

Pairing A Dress With Jeans

“If you want to extend the wearability of your dresses, try wearing jeans underneath for a cheeky date outfit! Does your office allow denim? You can also copy this dress over jeans look for an elevated work outfit idea.

  • Replace Your Coats With Button-Up Dresses

Replace Your Coats With Button-Up Dresses

“Replace your duster coat, trench coat or top layer with a long flowing button up dress! This look is fabulous for going out, date night, events and as a work outfit when paired with trousers.

  • Layering Printed And Patterned Dresses

Layering Printed And Patterned Dresses

“Making an outfit with patterned dresses is easy! First, identify the base, pop colors or accents in your pattern. Then, match the surrounding pieces to one of those colors. You can either mimic the pop-color, accent or base in the pieces that surround it, OR choose a color that compliments it.

“A visual example of how it works: The lavender base color of the first dress pairs well with light blue. The middle outfit has a pop of mid-blue in the pattern, which is paired with mid-blue denim. The final outfit has cream accents, which is paired with a cream top, accessory and shoes.

  •  Add Gloves To Your Outfit

“Just like with the tights, layering with gloves is another creative way to fill in negative space with texture and color.” 

 Add Gloves To Your Outfit

“Our favorite way to wear gloves in 2023 is to pair the glove color with your coat, so that the piece looks like an extension of your outerwear! This monochrome approach to gloves adds flawless chicness to your outfit, and warmth, too.

Wrapping Up!

Well, there you go; I hope it is now clear as to why layering is the trend right now and why you cannot go wrong with too much layering. 

So, if you are a fashion enthusiast, then layering is a trend that you need to get into, especially in the fall season and the upcoming winter season as well. 

Now, if you think this article is helpful, then all you need to do is give this article a like and comment down below. 

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