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Top 10 Lavender Hair Color Suggestions To Try Right Away

The color lavender is going to be one of the trendiest colors of the new year, so if you are thinking of changing your hair color, then why don’t you try out the this color this time? 

Lavender is a very sweet color that can both stand out and mute down depending on the shade of color you are using. You can even make it even more beautiful by mixing lavender hair color dye with other similar colors.  

So if you are looking forward to getting a beautiful lavender shade hair color then you might wanna scroll down below, we have the best lavender hair color that you can try out.

1. Silver Toned Lavender Ombre

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The lavender color goes really well with the color silver, so mixing these two colors together is going to look really beautiful and almost mystical in a way. 

So if that is the vibe you are going for then try out this beautiful color combination for yourself with the silver lavender hair color. 

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2. Dusty Lavender Ombre

  • lavender hair color

The beautiful shade of dusty lavender and the dusty rose lavender is a beautiful color and great if you are looking forward to getting an ombre shade of lavender hair color. This hair is going to suit you greatly if you can get the color just right.

3. Top To Bottom Lavender Ombre

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The ombre technique of coloring your hair is very popular if you are using colors like lavender and similar colors. 

So to create an ombre shade of dyeing your hair, you should use darker and lighter shades of lavender to create the color you want.

4. Dip Dyed Lavender Ombre

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The dip dye is a technique where you only dip the ends of your ends in the hair dye. This is a very unconventional yet popular way of dyeing your hair if you are an amateur in coloring your own hair.

5. Pink To Lavender Sombre

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The ombre effect of lavender hair color looks even more beautiful when you add pink to it. 

The gradual gradient from pink to lavender or the reverse lavender pink is just gorgeous. So if you are capable of doing your own hair then you can easily try it.

6. Silver Fox Lavender Ombre

  • lavender hair color

Giving your hair a dual-toned effect with the lavender silver hair color is only going to make your hair look mystical and magical, and give it a unicorn effect.

7. Candyfloss Lavender Ombre

  • lavender hair color

Have you ever seen candyfloss, all that bright outburst of beautiful colors? Now imagine all those colors on your hair at once. 

The beautiful blend of the soft pastel colors of lavender, pink and blue, is something everyone would love to have at least once in their life. Maybe this is the year you try it out.

8. Dark Lavender Ombre

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Lavender is normally a bright color, but if you are not looking for something so bright then too he has something for you. Try out the dark lavender ombre shade that way, your hair will be the right amount of understated as you want.

9. Icy Lavender Ombre

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If you have icy blonde hair like Elsa from Frozen and you want to add some color then the perfect color for you is light shades of lavender. 

You can add the lavender as a balayage or as highlights, either way, you are going to look beautiful, like a Gothic Elsa.

10. Dark To Light Lavender Ombre

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To get a full hair beautiful lavender hair color then get the whole package, from dark to light shades of ombre color. 

If you are competent in coloring your own hair, then great or else go to a hairstylist and get it done just right. The colors from dark lavender hair color dye to light are going to look beautiful. 

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Wrapping Up!

There you go, the most beautiful ideas for lavender hair color ideas that you can try out this year. The color is on its own a beautiful color, but if you add a few more similar colors with it, then your hair is going to look even more beautiful and perfect. 

So if you liked this article and the lavender hair color ideas, then give us a like and comment down below this color you loved the most.

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