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Everything You Need To Know About Chain Necklaces

If you’re looking for ways to upgrade your everyday wardrobe, you should check out chain necklaces. They’re a simple yet impactful way to create effortlessly cool fashion statements. Chain necklaces are an accessory style that is taking the men’s fashion industry by storm, and for good reason.

They can add a sense of sophisticated flair to an otherwise simple look. However, it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to finding the right chain for you.

If you’re new to the accessory game and you’re curious about adding some pieces to your collection, there are resources to help you determine your perfect chain. If you’re ready to update your own personal style, keep reading for a full breakdown of everything you need to know about chain necklaces.

What Is a Chain Necklace?

A chain is more than just your average necklace. It comes in all shapes, sizes, and designs that can help you elevate your everyday style. In general, a chain is a type of necklace that’s made of durable metal.

This most often includes steel, gold, or silver, which each offer their own unique look and feel. Chain designs consist of small circular pieces that are all linked together to form the larger necklace piece.

The result is a fresh, sophisticated jewelry piece that makes for an excellent addition to every outfit. Since there are a variety of different designs and styles of chains, it’s easy to find one that fits any style preference. So, what are the various types of chain necklaces?

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What Are the DIfferent Chain Types?

There are many types of chain necklaces that appeal to a diverse array of people. Whether you’re looking for layering pieces, you want to stand out from the crowd, or you want something in between, there’s a chain style for you. Read on for a breakdown of each chain option, including its design, aesthetic, and materials used.

»Cable Chain:

This is the most common type of chain necklace. A cable chain is formed by interlocking round links in a uniform pattern. It’s best for a simple, clean, and classic look.

»Box Chain:

Just like the name of this variation sounds, box chains are created with a series of cubed links. These are typically made with round wires that are flattened and formed into a cube shape. This style makes for a unique aesthetic and cool, laidback style.

»Cuban Chain:

A Cuban chain can be on the pricier side for its bold, standout design. It consists of oval links that intersect to create a rope-like pattern. The twisted cable design provides a daring upgrade to a traditional look.

»Figaro Chain:

A Figaro chain is an eccentric design consisting of two to three small circular links followed by one longer oval link. This pattern is repeated to form the full chain necklace. This design is ideal for someone who wants to try something out of the ordinary.

»Rope Chain:

Just as the name insinuates, this chain style gives the appearance of a rope design. It’s made with a series of several small links that create a fresh piece for layering or wearing alone.

»Rolo Chain:

Rolo chains, compared to classic cable chain necklaces, are usually made with smaller yet thicker link pieces that create a more chunky aesthetic.

»Ball Chain:

This type of chain is made out of round beads or metal balls that are fixed along the chain itself. A ball chain isn’t typically worn on its own, but it can be great for creating layers or adding pendants to your look.

»Snake Chain:

Like a snake’s skin, this chain style appears smooth and sleek. It’s made by tightly weaving plates together creating a flat, shiny aesthetic. This look makes for another great layering piece.

How to Style a Gold Chain

Considering that there is a diverse range of chain styles, there is also a great number of ways you can style your chain necklaces. For starters, the chains themselves can be worn alone for a classic and clean look, or you can layer different styles together for a more dynamic appearance.

When it comes to layering, it’s a good idea to combine a variety of lengths, girths, and designs. You’ll want to limit the number of chains you wear to only a few pieces – two to three is ideal – as to avoid going overboard.

In terms of actual clothing, chain necklaces always look great with a classic T-shirt and denim pants combination. You can also stack chains over a sweater, or style them with a collared shirt and jacket for a more upscale ensemble. The styling options are truly endless with chain necklaces.

Overall, chain necklaces are excellent additions to any man’s closet. They can instantly transform your look and elevate your vibe to the next level.

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