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Top 12 Best Knit Tops Styles For Women To Wear This Summer

Whenever you think about summer wardrobe trends, knit tops are probably the last thing on your mind. And why should we even consider them? Knitwear is usually kept for cooler weather conditions and locations, making them an unpopular choice for summer or spring.

However, in a surprising turn of events, summer knit tops patterns are suddenly trending, and it seems like knitwear will be back this summer. And don’t you worry because we will show you how to beat the heat with some sexy knitwear this summer!

Scroll down and find out all your need to know about wearing a knit-top this summer!

What Are Knit Tops?

Knit tops are a terrific addition to your summer closet. These cute tops are trendy, cool, and different from whatever everyone is planning to wear during summer. From knit crop tops to converse knit high tops, you have got plenty of alternatives to choose from.

The primary concern of most people is: how do we wear knitwear in summer? Keep reading to find out 12 proven methods of rocking knit tops this season without getting affected by heat.

Top 12 Best Knit Top Styles For Women To Wear This Summer

Best Knit Top Styles For Women

In this listicle, I have mentioned 12 ways to wear a knit top – from super cute brunch outfits to daily wear, there is a little of something for everyone reading. Additionally, it is interesting to note that many of these styles can be flaunted on a rainy day and when you are spending time indoors.

Without wasting any more time, let’s get started!

1. Knitted Summer Top Plus Jeans

Knitted Summer Top Plus Jeans

One combination that can never go wrong is opting for a whitewashed pair of denim and any of your knit tops. Then, pair the outfit with a crossbody bag and a couple of espadrilles before stepping out of your house in this chic evergreen combination. After all, you know you can never go wrong with jeans!

2. Cropped Summer Sweater Cardigan

Cropped Summer Sweater Cardigan

Yes, we can understand how oxymoronic wearing a sweater might seem like summer. But have you considered wearing cardigan-like knit tops for the evening when the temperature cools down, and it gets all breezy? Additionally, you can pair the look with white pants and wear them to college or your workplace.

3. Plus Size Knit Tops

Plus Size Knit Tops

Plus size knit tops are so underrated, but they have several benefits. For instance, these knit tops look great on plus-size women, but you can still wear them if you are thin. Beat the heat with a loose plus-size knit top and enjoy summer without worrying about heat strokes or the harsh effects of the sun.

4. Knit Tops With Denim Shorts

Knit Tops With Denim Shorts

We love rib-knit tops and how they look when paired with denim shorts. Wondering what to wear for that impromptu casual hang out with your boyfriend? Ditch your regular summer wear and opt for your denim shorts and pair them with a rib-knit top – accessorize with a sling bag and beads necklace to complete the look.

5. Accessorize Your Knit Tops

Accessorize Your Knit Tops

Accessorizing knit tops are such a crazy thing to do, considering you have so many options – from liquid knit tops to women’s 3 4 sleeve knit tops, you can accessorize all of them! Our favorite accessories, in this case, would be straw hats, bandana scarfs, any jewelry with beads, oversized earrings, or a statement wristlet.

6. Backless Top And Crisscross Waist Shorts

Backless Top And Crisscross Waist Shorts

This one’s a trending look on Pinterest, and we can’t seem to have enough of it. If you are worried about the heat, just ditch those regular knit tops and opt for a backless one. Now simply pair your backless knit top with a pair of crisscross waist shorts – you will feel fresh and cool throughout the day!

7. Knit Tops And Linen Pants

Knit Tops And Linen Pants

Every summer, working women survive on easy-breezy linen pants and cotton palazzos for surviving the heat during the day. Thus, you can easily opt for a comfortable look if you choose to pair your flowy pants with women’s knit tops 3 4 sleeves or a more simple sleeveless one – whatever you choose will go with the outfit. But, of course, don’t forget your sandals and those oversized pair of earrings!

8. Wear It Like A Crop Top

Wear It Like A Crop Top

We can’t imagine surviving the summer without crop tops. What if we told you you could wear knit tops like crop tops? Switch those conventional versions with the knitted variety, and you are all set to rule the season. The best part? You can pair them with high-waisted bottom wear to be safe or low-waisted ones for a bit of boldness.

9. Wear It Like A Vest

Wear It Like A Vest

If you are tired of typing ‘knit 3 4 sleeve tops’ on Google, you must move on because there’s so much to explore! Simply embrace the trend of wearing sleeveless knit tops like a vest over a button-down and pair it with some flowy pants or some tight high-waisted shorts. Complete the looks with some trendy shoes, and you are all set for brunch.

10. Button-Down Knit Tops And Skirts

Button-Down Knit Tops And Skirts

What’s a summer without a skirt? We love skirts and encourage readers to live of skirts during summertime. We would usually ask our readers to opt for a crop top for the look. But it’s the season for knit tops! Pair a criss-cross back bodysuit with your pleated skirt and add the button-down knit top to the look – wear it like a shrug with the buttons open!

11. Summer Dresses And Knit Tops

Summer Dresses And Knit Tops

Again, what’s summer without solid colors, floral patterns, and summer dresses? Then again, you can’t always rely on summer dresses to save your fashion dilemma. Instead of just wearing your short floral dress to the evening beach party, add your button-down knit top and wear it like a shrug.

12. Formal Knit Tops

Formal Knit Tops

The seasons may come and go, but our offices shall continue to demand more of our time. And what’s better than looking good when you are losing out on time any day. Have you seen those QVC Susan graver liquid knit tops clearance? Yes, you will find a variety of formal knit tops online. Pair them with your a-line skirt or formal trousers and turn some heads at work.


The knitwear trend is having a global fashion moment, and there’s no way knit tops are not going to be a part of it. So instead of investing in those same old clothes, spend some money on knitwear fashion and be on top of trends this summer!

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