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Kim Taehyung, Or V Of BTS, Becomes The #1 Fashion Influencer In 2023

Lefty’s 2023: A Year in Data report revealed on 7 December gives Kim Taehyung or V of BTS the laurel of #1 male fashion influencer in 2023. This popular singer has proved his dominance and power in shaping recent fashion trends.

Taehyung has a comparatively new Instagram account. Further, he has an Instagram follower base of 62.7 million. The engagement rate for his Instagram account is 20.6%, which is an impressive number you must know.

Overall, his estimated media value of EMV is 265. However, V’s laurel of the undisputed number 1 male fashion influencer of the year does not come only from his social media engagement rate and follower base.

This popular member of BTS has been featured on the front page of many esteemed magazines. Among the magazine covers graced by Kim Taehyung are Elle Korea, Pop Magazine, W Korea, and Arenna HOMME+ Korea. His presence on the cover pages was highly appreciated, and his followers took fashion cues from his appearances on magazine covers.

In addition, Taehyung has been the brand ambassador of popular brands like CELINE and CARTIER. His association with these brands further reinforces V’s marketability as a male fashion icon. So, this talented young artist has excelled in multiple channels to make a fashion statement and inspire others.

The world of fashion is dynamic, with new trends and fashion icons emerging every other day. Further, fashion influencers eagerly wait for Fashion Weeks and other gala runway shows to steal the limelight.

However, V has definitely achieved his success by taking the path less trodden. He did not appear for any of the big Fashion Weeks this season. Still, he managed to snatch the number one position with his power in shaping fashion trends.

In Addition, the 20.6% engagement rate of V’s Instagram Account is a matter of study for social media experts. V does not come up with regular posts. In his three-year-old Instagram account, you will only see 38 posts and a few Insta stories. However, it’s victory time for V. So cheers to him and his followers!

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