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Martin Scorsese’s Killers Of The Flower Moon Stirs Ripples Before Release: Celebrates Traditional Osage Design

The cast of the movie is legendary, to say the least. It has Leonardo Di Caprio, Robert De Niro, Tantoo Cardinal, Lily Gladstone, and many other stalwarts. It cannot get bigger and better than this.

Jacqueline West has been the costume designer of the movie. She had a tough job at hand as she had to recreate an era gone by and make everything look very convincing.

To get all the Osage elements on point, this costume designer of the Killers of The Flower Moon collaborated with Osage consultants. Julie O’Keefe worked as an indigenous consultant with her. 

The success of this collaboration is visible in each frame of the trailer. Further, West and O’Keefe built a group including Osage artists like Moira RedCorn, Jennifer Tiger, Kugee Supernaw, and others to work on special sequences of the crime thriller movie. 

In an interview, West said,

“They contributed so much. I couldn’t have done this movie without [them]. We wanted to make sure that we got it right because it’s such an incredible story that needs to be told properly.”

The narrative attire of the Killers of The Flower Moon is surely aesthetic and noteworthy. West further added that she found the range she found while taking photographs of Osage people of that era was “expansive.” Some people were traditional in their choice of outfits. Others brought to the table a deep impact of evolved French fashion. 

If we talk about the elements of Osage fashion in the movie, the most prominent thing is the blanket. The costumes of all the indigenous sisters include blankets, and they wear the blankets in different styles. The striped blankets the characters wear look very much like armor, as they were seen in Osage fashion back in time.

The wedding ensembles of Ernest and Mollie are another element that shows how detailed the fashion design has been. Regarding the wedding design, West said,

“The irony is that it takes something that represents the white man’s power and makes it something joyous and celebratory for an Osage wedding.”

The Stetson hats, handmade moccasins, and beaded chokers are some of the other examples of celebrating traditional Osage fashion.

However, West has made sure that the costume does not distract viewers from the story. That’s true! The costumes From the trailer look like they are a vital part of the movie. 

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