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Do You Want To Know About The Best Jumpsuit Types (8+ Styles And Tips According To Body Type)

Do you want to strike the perfect balance of style and comfort into your daily dose of fashion? What can be better than a chic jumpsuit?

From Pamela Anderson and Kim Kardashian to Rihanna and Kristen Stewart and Rihanna, all the celebs are flaunting their jumpsuit looks this season.

So, if you want to ace your fashion game, you need to have an idea about different types of jumpsuits.

Also, if you want to find jumpsuits that look great on your body type, here’s a complete guide for you.

Choosing Different Jumpsuit Styles According To Your Body Type

It does not matter whether you have a rectangular or apple body shape. A jumpsuit will flatter your body type if you style it well. So, here are the tips and tricks to look best in a jumpsuit. 

Best Jumpsuit For Rectangular Body Shape

If you have a rectangular body shape, you need to wear a jumpsuit that creates the right balance by enhancing your bust area. 

Also, choose a jumpsuit with a V-neck, and some ruffles or lace detailing around the neckline will be a great choice.

Jumpsuit For Hourglass Body Type

You are blessed! All types of jumpsuits will look great on your body type. However, make sure the one you pick accentuates your curves.

Jumpsuit For Pear Body Shape

If you have a pear body shape, you have to keep a couple of things in mind while picking your jumpsuit. 

First of all, the jumpsuit needs to adjust your narrower bust line. So, you can go for an off-shoulder variation or one with a sweetheart neck type. Sleeveless jumpsuits also look great on these body types. 

There is another trick you can follow to flatter your figure in this outfit. Make sure that the top part of the outfit is in a lighter shade than the bottom part.

Jumpsuit For Apple Body Shape

You can look sexy in jumpsuits even if you have an apple body type. Go for the outfits with prominent vertical stripes. Those stripes will give your figure an elongated look.

A V-neckline works great if you have an apple body shape. However, make sure that there is minimal or no detailing along the neckline. In addition, avoid wearing the belt to enhance your figure.

Best Jumpsuit Styles You Must Add To Your Closet This Season 

Today, jumpsuits being the staple casual outfits for many, are available in different styles and patterns. Let’s find out what the styles in vogue are.

1. Floral Jumpsuits

How can you avoid the allure of floral prints on a jumpsuit? The floral print is feminine, and it adds a vivacious touch to an outfit without much effort.

You can pick a jumpsuit in a dark or lighter shade with floral prints for casual occasions or even as party outfits.

If you have a slender silhouette, go for illustrious floral prints. However, if you have a broader structure, pick subtle floral prints.

Team your floral jumpsuit with a metallic belt or jewelry and a pair of espadrilles to complete your look.

2. Culotte Style Jumpsuits

These culotte-style jumpsuits are very much in trend now. Inspired by the groovy fashion of the 70s, this style of jumpsuit is a very comfortable option for your casual outfit.

It also looks very chic if the top of the outfit is sleeveless or has an off-shoulder neckline. However, this style does not flatter all body types.

Choose this style if you have an apple or pear body shape. Team the outfit with a sling bag and a pair of heels to put your best foot forward.  

3. Formal Blazer Jumpsuit

Are you looking for a jumpsuit for formal occasions? Go for a blazer style, especially with a double-breasted design.

You can team it up with a pair of heels and minimal accessories to complete your formal look.

4. Boiler Style

The boiler style of jumpsuits has a vintage vibe. These come with pockets and a cinched waist. You will feel comfortable in these outfits, and they also impart an empowering feeling.

Team this style of outfit with a pair of sneakers or espadrilles to keep the minimalistic charm intact.

5. Bodycon Style Jumpsuits

Do you want to pick an outfit that will feel like your second skin? Go for a bodycon jumpsuit. The body-hugging feature of the outfit will enhance your curves. 

You can wear this style while heading to the gym, jogging, or any other time when you just want to flaunt your figure.

6. Straight-Cut Jumpsuits

Straight-cut jumpsuits are great for giving your silhouette an elongated look. The wide straight legs of the trousers are the best feature of this style.

Straight-cut jumpsuits are available in different patterns. So, there is a variation for everything from a casual hangout to a formal party.

7. Sweatshirt Jumpsuits With Tapered Ankles

This is a transitional style if you talk about different types of jumpsuits and rompers. This style has a sweatshirt as the top.

Further, the tapered ankles create a balanced and cozy appeal to the outfit.

Pick a sweatshirt jumpsuit with a drawstring at the waist. You can adjust it for a perfect and comfortable fit.

8. Lounge Jumpsuits

Do you want to pick the most comfortable jumpsuit? Go for a lounge style. A lounge-style jumpsuit features a shirt style on the top.

If you are relaxing at home with your favorite book or coffee or rushing to a shopping mall for some household chores, you can choose this style of jumpsuit.

This style of outfit is usually tailored with soft and organic material. Further, they come with a regular fit. 

9. Jumpsuits With Flared Sleeves

If you want to wear jumpsuits for a party or any other special occasion, you can go for the one with flared sleeves. The opulence in the sleeve design will make you stand out without putting much effort.

Another element that can make a regular jumpsuit a partywear is a high slit. Team it with minimal accessories and a sparkling pair of heels or stilettos to complete your party look.

Final Words

A jumpsuit is comfortable and smart and suits different body types. It also needs minimal accessorizing, and the range of styles makes it ideal for wearing on different occasions. 

I have shared here the best styles of jumpsuits you can procure this season. Which one is your favorite among the variations I have shared? Or do you have any other style in mind? Don’t forget to share!

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