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Join the Nail Art Excursion!

Over the last decade, the nail artistry has become a contemporary cultural approach, screening up all around from the red carpet, runway fashion shows, events, occasions, festivities to the different seasons. The designers have taken time to get more into the hot trend. The experts are pertinent to the bright and the evolving future of nail art.

Let’s talk about the history of nail art first. In the 1980s, long and acrylic nails were as popular as bold eyeshadow. This is the decade when Nails Magazine was launched which is ardently dedicated to manicure and nail art designs; it is (still) highly prevalent across today.

It is in the early 1990s when celebrities started adopting the nail art culture. They wore long nails with a dash of nail art. It broke down the conventional look of the celebrities.

They used stripper paint and glitters to embellish and enhance the appearance of nails.

In 1996, the trend takes a significant leap with the advent of CND nails. It is the company known for creating and presenting extreme nail art designs during fashion shows. The sense of style displayed beautifully before the fashion people. And it motivates the women to style up their (otherwise overlooked) nails.

Without a doubt, nail art got an architectural edge in the mid-2000. With incredibly long shaped and appliques, the nails are now transformed from a flat canvas to the more elevated masterpiece. The bejeweled nails became the center of attraction during this era. Embossed textures and 3D art became the sizzling concept to express themselves through nail art designs.

The very famous Nail Wraps were launched in 2010, making the nail art easier and simpler for the newbies. Applying a sticker matching to the outfit color was the coolest way to decorate the nails. For those who didn’t have the patience to paint all those intricate designs rejoiced the innovation as now, they could have nail art in less than a minute. The nail wrap industry is still growing by leaps and bounds.

Perchance the zenith of nail art was in 2012 when the leading designer brands showed an enchanting take on the hot trend during the couture shows. This epoch was the beginning of the clean and linear shapes which we’re seeing today as well.

Okay, in 2014 the nude nails ruled the runways, bringing the style to a cessation in high fashion. But professionally, it was still a pretty vast.

Talking about the present situation, nail art has evolved significantly. Each day new concepts and ideas surface to adorn the nails. You can decorate, embellish, and enhance your nails with stamping nails, acrylic paints, gel nails, airbrush technique, Aztec nail designs, glitter nails, coffin nails, French nails, matte, Ombre, crackle, rainbow, zebra, tribal designs and much more.

The online portals are here to help in learning the beautiful art of designing your nails. MsMee.com is the leading name that provides its customers with all-around information on nail art designs. It offers tutorials; blogs and related videos know the quintessence and various techniques of nail artistry.

In short, the nail art future is more elegant and brightening. It is heading remarkably towards modern aesthetic employing beautiful nail colors and designs. A lot more coming up to prettify your nail bed. And the definition of nail art will continue to progress with each passing day. The 3D jewels, geometric prints, bold colors, and intricate designs are here to stay. In the meanwhile, pass over that bottle of paint!

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