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Is Minimalist Fashion Budget Friendly (Means To Make It Budget Friendly – An Ultimate Guide) 

The craze with minimalist fashion is difficult to ignore. It is everywhere, from the TikTok for your pages to the shiny Leafs of Vogue.

We often hear terms like “quiet luxury” or “old money fashion” associated with this style.   


Then comes an unfortunate realization or assumption (per se) –  

No matter how much I love the monochromes of this aesthetic, I can never afford it… Sofia Richi looks great in her new minimalist era because she is wearing the latest Ralph Lauren collection. So, no way in h**l can I afford it!  

But are all your minimalist capsule wardrobe dreams gone?  

I would have to say no!  

Being a personal fan of this style movement, I am here to tell you that minimalist fashion isn’t limited to the allure of monochromatic style statements, timeless blazers, and gold jewelry.

It is also a movement towards sustainable fashion and versatility. The exact opposite of what we popularly call hoarding behavior.  

Therefore, there is still hope for you to get that minimalist fashion without breaking the bank.  

Are you looking for tips on how to find high-quality clothes that will last you longer in a minimalist fashion? Also, are you wondering if minimalist fashion is always budget-friendly?

Finally, do you want to know how to achieve a female minimalist wardrobe without chasing labels? Then you have reached the right place! 

We plan to decipher all your confusion regarding this fashion movement in this excerpt below. Most importantly, they give you tips to break from the compulsion of big fashion labels and find good quality clothes that serve you longer.  

So, without any further ado, let’s get in the excerpt!  

What is Minimalist Fashion?  

What is Minimalist Fashion

Minimalist fashion is a style statement of simplicity & elegance. It involves an array of muted colors and functionality.  

Regarding this fashion genre, there are fewer chances of finding a “useless” item bought just to appease a trend.  

This is why it often gets the title of sustainable fashion. Additionally, these types of fashion statements are timeless in nature. Check out 90s minimalist fashion and how it finds ways to influence the modern version of the aesthetic.  

The concept remains the same, but there might be a few geographical changes depending on the location. For example, Korean minimalist fashion is different than vintage Hollywood 80s minimalist fashion. 

Is it Cheap or Expensive? The Age-old Debate  

Is it Cheap or Expensive

Now, we come to the age-old debate of whether you can afford this style statement.  

A short answer would be “yes.”  

The long answer requires clearing some confusion.  

Although brands like Dior, Ralph Lauren, Burberry, and United Colors of Benetton are the epitome of minimalist fashion, they are not the definition.  

We all want to earn enough to afford one (or all!) at some point in our lives, but let’s set that vision aside for now.  

Before you ask whether it is budget-friendly, understand the fundamental principles of this fashion.  

  • It defines simplicity & functionality in terms of fashion. An advocate for minimalist fashion will not spend thousands on a bag that barely fits anything (if you know, you know!).  
  • This type of fashion also explores versatility with a few selected items, such as utilizing one shirt to create different looks.  
  • Sustainability is also a major factor in minimalist fashion. As an advocate for this style, I prefer to buy high-quality clothes and wear them longer.  
  • Such a fashion statement also advocates hoarding clothes you haven’t touched for years.  

So, tell us which part of this principle conceptualizes spending too much to get that perfect minimalist wardrobe.  

Now, many might ask!  

Then why the hype of luxury?  

To understand this, let’s first understand the meaning of quiet luxury and its association with this type of style.  

Is Minimalist Fashion a Synonym for Quiet Luxury  

Is Minimalist Fashion a Synonym for Quiet Luxury

When we think minimalist, a few things come to mind! One of them is the new wave of luxury or old money.  

The correlation is clear!  

Think Maude color suits, beige pants, and classic black blazers. However, when the term luxury is associated with a fashion trend, many get confused (…and rightfully so). But, before we get into that, this is a simple definition of quiet luxury.  

This fashion genre is the opposite of flashy labels. When you dress wealthy rather than showcasing your wealth, you are rich.

Think how the old money never needed to shout from the rooftop that they got wealth; one could always understand that through their styles, which adorn timeless heirlooms and elegant fashion.  

This is like what the modern minimalist fashion movement is trying to emulate. However, there is a catch when we say “luxury.”  

Although we are moving away from the 2016 era of showing too many labels, the underlying commercialization is still present.

Not everyone is buying gaudy labels to show off, but stirring more towards more subtle brands with no expense spared. Sometimes even more expensive than the labeled ones!  

Obsession With Labels?  

Obsession With Labels

This is stirring us away from all the fundamental principles of minimalist fashion. Rather than aiming for functionality, we are reaching out to match the trends.  

This brings us back to the endless loop of emptying bank balances because we want to look “luxurious.”  

However, getting that style is not the issue. You can ace a minimalist look with whatever you have in your wardrobe. It is about chasing that label.  


Many associate luxury and wealth with success. Once you are successful, you will likely be able to afford all the “luxury brands.”  

How about we say wealth can have other factors, too?  

Being wealthy means living a rich life away from the constant chase of fast success.  

It also means knowing your capabilities & limits.  

It also means knowing how to care for your money rather than chasing mindless capitalism.  

Okay, before we get too political with these terms, let’s answer one question first –  

Why can’t we apply the same to our fashion choices?  


If you are worried about style!  


In a short while, I will send you an entire wardrobe capsule that includes all your favorite minimalist fashion pieces and nothing too expensive. We will also give you a styling schedule so that you can rock your new wardrobe every day!  

Is Budget-Friendly Contributing to Fast Fashion?  

Is Budget-Friendly Contributing to Fast Fashion

Before we begin our journey towards building the ultimate wardrobe, let’s tackle one problem first.  

Searching through Reddit, I found this one question that I am often asked:  

Am I contributing to fast fashion if I plan to buy budget-friendly?  

This is not just a matter of minimalist fashion but can be said about any fashion statement.  

The answer is Yes & No!  

We all know the adversities of fast fashion. However, it is not that you buy from fast fashion chains, but the alarming frequency & quantity with which you buy. Here is how you can stop contributing to fast fashion:  

  • Try to find small businesses and local boutiques that source clothes from ethical sources.   
  • If you buy from fast fashion chains like H&M and Forever 21, it is better to go to the stores and buy clothes of good quality. This way, you can increase the shelf life of your clothes, ensuring you are not buying or discarding clothes at an alarming frequency.  
  • Investing in blank garments can help you create more versatile combinations. 
  • The best way to break the chain of fast fashion while remaining budget-friendly is thrifting. Take a day out to check out the best local thrift stores in your area. With enough time and detailed looking, you can find some real gems. If donning an outfit and leaving your house on a lazy Sunday afternoon feels too much for you, why not bring the thrift to your bed? Yes, I am talking about the queens of all thrift stores: ETSY and eBay!  

Why You Shouldn’t Use the Word Cheap  

Why You Shouldn’t Use the Word Cheap

Many times, when we shift from the ideology of labels and big brands, we find ourselves using these two words!  

Cheap & Dupes. Psychologically, we conclude the product does not hold much quality.  

Not buying designer doesn’t always entail buying dupes. Neither does it entail lowering the overall quality of your clothes. Zara is one of the top conglomerates, and it is a luxury fashion for many incomes.

However, did you know Zara is guilty of duping design copies of other brands like Nike and Ralph Lauren?  

Therefore, when buying budget-friendly minimalist fashion, you do not have to compromise on quality to dress well.  

You would want to buy poor-quality items and discard them too soon. The art of minimalism is getting the most out of functional and limited items while looking great while doing so!  

Budget-Friendly Minimalist Fashion Capsule  

Budget-Friendly Minimalist Fashion Capsule

If you are confused about your minimalist capsule, don’t run on a shopping spree right now. If you want your minimalist fashion wardrobe capsule to be sustainable for the environment and your pockets, first do this-  

Check whether you have the following in your wardrobe already.  

Minimalist fashion capsule creation is about understanding what timeless pieces of clothing suit well. Plus, they complement each other to compose many enjoyable outfits.   

Here’s a list of 20 essential items that can form the foundation of your wardrobe, allowing for over 100 unique combinations:   

  • White button-down shirt  
  • Black crewneck sweater  
  • Gray t-shirt  
  • Black blazer  
  • Dark wash denim jeans  
  • Black tailored trousers  
  • White tailored blouse  
  • Denim jacket  
  • Black shift dress  
  • Neutral-colored midi skirt (such as beige or taupe)  
  • Black ankle boots  
  • White sneakers  
  • Nude pumps  
  • Black leather belt  
  • Classic trench coat  
  • Striped long-sleeve shirt  
  • Black leather crossbody bag  
  • Silk scarf (in a versatile print or solid color)  
  • Oversized sunglasses  
  • Minimalist gold hoop earrings  

Go ahead & mark the items you already have. Then, you can strategically make a list of items you will need.   

Such clothes will not only make it easy to create a collection of attire appropriate for different events but also allow you to mix in versatile patterns.  

For example, I matched the white button-down shirt with a dark-wash denim jean, which contributed to a simple look.

But I could also layer it with a shift dress and a striking blazer, which adds elegance. Try out different combinations that look great!  

However, if you want a readymade one, we created one for you.  

The Art of Versatility  

The Art of Versatility

So, you have twenty items and are wondering what to do with them.  

White Button-Down Shirt  

White Button-Down Shirt

The epitome of all minimalist fashion is a white button-down shirt!  

  • White button-down shirt + Dark wash denim jeans + Black ankle boots: A button-down shirt that can be tucked is a great pairing for jeans and boots.  
  • White button-down shirt + Black blazer + Black tailored trousers: Go with a blazer and match classic black trousers.  
  • White button-down shirt + Denim jacket + Neutral-colored midi skirt: To style a sweater, layer it with a jacket and pair it with a skirt.  
  • White button-down shirt, Black shift dress, and nude pumps: To get the look, wear a dress and put it over. Pair with pumps.  
  • White button-down shirt + Striped long-sleeve shirt + Dark wash denim jeans: Wear the bold striped top under the leather jacket with a pair of jeans.  

Black Crewneck Sweater  

Black Crewneck Sweater

The minimalist must-have for a late winter day as we welcome Spring!  

  • Black crewneck sweater, Dark wash denim jeans, and white sneakers: Put the sweater on, wear your favorite jeans, and finish the outfit off with sneakers.  
  • Black crewneck sweater, Black tailored trousers, and nude pumps: Match your striped shirt with blue jeans and wear those pumps.  
  • Black crewneck sweater, Denim jacket, White tailored blouse: Layer under the jacket and wear a blouse with it.  
  • Black crewneck sweater + Black shift dress + Black ankle boots: In spring, layer the crewneck with a dress and short boot.  
  • Black crewneck sweater + Classic trench coat + Neutral-colored midi skirt: Layer it with the trench for a gorgeous combination, along with a skirt.  

Gray T-Shirt 

Gray T-Shirt

Coming to the gray shirt!  

  • Gray t-shirt + Dark wash denim jeans + White sneakers: Matching a tee with jeans and closing the deal with sneakers.  
  • Gray t-shirt + Black blazer + White tailored blouse: Layer the blazer over the blouse to have a blazer style.  
  • Gray t-shirt, Denim jacket, Black ankle boots: This outfit, worn with a jacket and sneakers, will also fit perfectly with ankle boots.  
  • Gray t-shirt + Neutral-colored midi skirt + Black leather belt: A skirt and a belt nicely for a highlighted torso.  
  • Gray t-shirt + Striped long-sleeve shirt + Dark wash denim jeans: Put on a short-sleeve shirt underneath and pair with jeans.  

Black Blazer  

Black Blazer

Whether for a corporate look or a night out, there are many ways to wear a black blazer.  

  • Black blazer + White tailored blouse + Dark wash denim jeans: Layer on top of blouse; go with jeans will be the perfect combo.  
  • Black blazer + shift dress + Nude pumps: Put over top of a girl’s dress, and she can pair them with heels.  
  • Black blazer, gray t-shirt, and black tailored trousers: Be creative, try different styles of shirts, and add pants.  
  • Black blazer, Neutral-colored midi skirt, White button-down shirt: Wear your white button-down with a black blazer and neutral-colored mini skirt.  
  • Black blazer, Denim jacket, Striped long-sleeve shirt: For a layered outfit, wear a jacket underneath and a striped shirt.  

Dark Wash Denim Jeans  

Dark Wash Denim Jeans

If there is any denim you should include in your minimalist wardrobe, it is dark denim jeans!  

  • Dark wash denim jeans, White button-down shirt, Black ankle boots: Wear the shirt with jeans and add boots.  
  • Dark wash denim jeans, Black crewneck sweater, and white sneakers: Pair the sweater with the jeans, then slip on those sneakers.  
  • Dark wash denim jeans, gray t-shirt, and denim jacket: Mix a tee with jeans and embellish outfits with a jacket.  
  • Dark wash denim jeans, Black tailored trousers, and a black leather belt: Coordinate trousers with jeans and add a belt to complete your outfit.  
  • Dark wash denim jeans + Striped long-sleeve shirt + Black leather crossbody bag: To make it look amazing, team with a crossbody bag.  

Black Tailored Trousers  

Every minimalist fashion lover needs to have black trousers in their wardrobe!  

  • Black tailored trousers, White button-down shirt, Black blazer: Wear a shirt with trousers, and coat up your blazer.  
  • Black tailored trousers + Gray t-shirt + Denim jacket: Match tee with pants, with the jacket as the layer.  
  • Black tailored trousers + Neutral-colored midi skirt + White tailored blouse: Style blouse with trousers or a skirt.  
  • Black tailored trousers, Black shift dress, and oversized sunglasses: Sunglasses can be a perfect accessory for trousers and dresses.  
  • Black tailored trousers + Striped long-sleeve shirt + White sneakers: Finish by layering under striped shirt, match with sneakers.  

White Tailored Blouse  

White Tailored Blouse

 A button-down & a tailored blouse are enough to create every combination you love.  

  • White tailored blouse + Black blazer + Dark wash denim jeans: Layer under blazer, style with jeans.  
  • White tailored blouse + Neutral-colored midi skirt + Black ankle boots: Wear a blouse with a skirt and add boots.  
  • White tailored blouse + Black shift dress + Silk scarf: Layer under the dress and accessorize with a scarf.  
  • White tailored blouse + Classic trench coat + Nude pumps: Layer undercoat, pair with pumps.  
  • White tailored blouse, Striped long-sleeve shirt, and black leather crossbody bag: Layer under striped shirt and pair with crossbody bag.  

Denim Jacket  

Denim Jacket

 Will your wardrobe be complete without the classic denim jacket?  

  • Denim jacket + Gray t-shirt + Dark wash denim jeans: Layer over tee, combined with jeans.  
  • Denim jacket + Black crewneck sweater + Neutral-colored midi skirt: Layer under a sweater and pair with a skirt.  
  • Denim jacket + White button-down shirt + Black tailored trousers: Wear over shirt, match with trousers.  
  • Denim jacket + Black shift dress + Oversized sunglasses: Layer under dress and accessorize with sunglasses.  
  • Denim jacket + Striped long-sleeve shirt + White sneakers: Layer under striped shirt and pair with sneakers.  

Black Shift Dress  

Black Shift Dress

A shift dress is indeed a staple for the wardrobe. However, it doesn’t always have to be black.  

  • Black shift dress + White button-down shirt + Black ankle boots: Layer underdress, add boots.  
  • Black shift dress + blazer + Nude pumps: Wear an overdress and pair it with pumps.  
  • Black shift dress + Gray t-shirt + Denim jacket: Layer underdress, pair with jacket.  
  • Black shift dress + Classic trench coat + White sneakers: Layer undercoat, pair with sneakers.  
  • Black shift dress + Striped long-sleeve shirt + Oversized sunglasses: Layer underdress and accessorize with sunglasses.  

Neutral-Colored Midi Skirt  

Neutral-Colored Midi Skirt

To understand which neutral color will suit you the best, understand minimalist color theory better.  

  • A neutral-colored midi skirt, a black crewneck sweater, and white sneakers: Wear a sweater with a skirt; shoes are sneakers.  
  • Neutral-colored midi skirt + White tailored blouse + Black ankle boots: STYLE: Blouse with skirt, put boots on it.  
  • A neutral-colored midi skirt, a black blazer, and dark-wash denim jeans are the best combinations. Try the camel coat under the blazer.  
  • A neutral-colored midi skirt, a black shift dress, and a silk scarf are the basics. Put the dress on and pick out a scarf for accessories.  
  • Neutral-colored midi skirt + Striped long-sleeve shirt + Dark wash denim jeans: A striped T-shirt makes a good piece for the bottom layer; team up with jeans.  

Black Ankle Boots  

You will again need this staple in your shoe collection!  

  • Black ankle boots + Black tailored trousers + White button-down shirt: Stick to the pants and boots combo with a fleece on top. This will be your main fall/winter outfit.  
  • Black ankle boots + Gray T-shirt + Denim jacket: The first layer wears a T-shirt, then boots, and the last jacket.  
  • Black ankle boots, Neutral-colored midi skirt, and white tailored blouse: Wear the blouse with the skirt, and add boots to complete the look.  
  • Black ankle boots, Black shift dress, and silk scarf: Dress up in boots and drape a scarf around your neck.  
  • Black ankle boots + Striped long-sleeve shirt + White sneakers: Striped shirt on top of the shirt featuring stripes, sneakers on.  

30-Day Minimalist Fashion Challenge  

30-Day Minimalist Fashion Challenge

To look your best, take up our thirty-day minimalist fashion challenge. Here are thirty combinations for thirty days, which is best for every occasion. 

  • Day 1-5: Casual Everyday Wear  
  • Day 6-10: Workwear  
  • Day 11-15: Weekend Casual  
  • Day 16-20: Evening Out  
  • Day 21-25: Special Occasions  
  • Day 26-30: Travel and Leisure 
1. White button-down shirt + Dark wash denim jeans + Black ankle boots: Casual outings or running errands. 2. Gray t-shirt + Dark wash denim jeans + White sneakers: Comfortable attire for a day of leisure. 3. Striped long-sleeve shirt + Dark wash denim jeans + Black leather crossbody bag: Stylish yet casual for a coffee date or shopping. 4. White tailored blouse + Black tailored trousers + Nude pumps: Sophisticated look suitable for a business casual office setting.  5. Denim jacket + Gray t-shirt + Neutral-colored midi skirt + Black ankle boots: Casual yet chic for a lunch date or weekend outing.  
6. Black blazer + White button-down shirt + Black tailored trousers: Professional attire perfect for meetings or presentations. 7. Black shift dress + Classic trench coat + Nude pumps: Elegant and polished for a day at the office or business event. 8. White button-down shirt + Denim jacket + Black tailored trousers + Black ankle boots: Casual Friday ensemble with a touch of sophistication. 9. White tailored blouse + Neutral-colored midi skirt + Black leather belt + Nude pumps: Professional and stylish outfit for a work luncheon or networking event. 10. Striped long-sleeve shirt + Dark wash denim jeans + Black blazer + White sneakers: Business casual look suitable for a creative workplace. 
11. Gray t-shirt + Dark wash denim jeans + White sneakers + Oversized sunglasses: Effortlessly cool for a weekend stroll or brunch. 12. Black crewneck sweater + Dark wash denim jeans + Black ankle boots: Cozy and stylish for a casual dinner with friends. 13. Denim jacket + Striped long-sleeve shirt + Neutral-colored midi skirt + White sneakers: Casual and trendy for a day of exploring the city. 14. Black shift dress + Silk scarf + Black leather crossbody bag + Minimalist gold hoop earrings: Effortlessly chic for a weekend shopping trip. 15. White button-down shirt + Dark wash denim jeans + Classic trench coat + Black ankle boots: Timeless and sophisticated for a weekend outing. 
16. Black shift dress + Nude pumps + Minimalist gold hoop earrings: Classic and elegant for a dinner date or evening event. 17. White tailored blouse + Dark wash denim jeans + Black blazer + Black ankle boots: Smart casual for a night out with friends. 18. Gray t-shirt + Dark wash denim jeans + Black leather crossbody bag + Oversized sunglasses: Relaxed yet stylish for an evening concert or movie. 19. Black crewneck sweater + Neutral-colored midi skirt + Nude pumps: Cozy and chic for a dinner party or gathering. 20. Striped long-sleeve shirt + Dark wash denim jeans + Black leather belt + Black ankle boots: Casual yet put-together for a night at a bar or pub. 
21. Black shift dress + Silk scarf + Nude pumps: Timeless and sophisticated for a special dinner or celebration. 22. White button-down shirt + Black blazer + Dark wash denim jeans + Nude pumps: Chic and elegant for a cocktail party or evening event. 23. White tailored blouse + Neutral-colored midi skirt + Black ankle boots + Minimalist gold hoop earrings: Stylish and refined for a gallery opening or cultural event. 24. Black crewneck sweater + Black tailored trousers + Nude pumps: Sleek and polished for a formal work function or networking event. 25. Striped long-sleeve shirt + Dark wash denim jeans + Classic trench coat + White sneakers: Effortlessly stylish for a casual outdoor wedding or garden party. 
26. White button-down shirt + Dark wash denim jeans + Black leather crossbody bag + White sneakers: Comfortable and practical for traveling or sightseeing. 27. Denim jacket + Gray t-shirt + Dark wash denim jeans + Black ankle boots: Casual and versatile for exploring a new city or town.  28. Black shift dress + Classic trench coat + Nude pumps + Oversized sunglasses: Chic and sophisticated for a day of shopping or sightseeing in a fashionable city. 29. Gray t-shirt + Dark wash denim jeans + Black crewneck sweater + White sneakers: Cozy and relaxed for a day of leisurely activities or lounging.  30. Striped long-sleeve shirt + Dark wash denim jeans + Black leather belt + Black ankle boots: Effortlessly stylish for a day of exploring local markets or cafes in a trendy neighborhood. 

How to Create More Versatile Styles with Your New Wardrobe 

How to Create More Versatile Styles with Your New Wardrobe

After years of surrendering to commercialization & blind capitalism, we are finally at a breaking point! The concept of minimalist fashion could be the torch bearer of sustainable fashion. 

Upon learning the art of versatility, I realized how much I was spending on buying new clothes every day. Plus, how much I could have saved for better investments.  

Being mindful about whether you really need that clothing item, or you have a similar one in your closet, right now! 

When can you discard? 

  • When you have worn it for quite a few years, and the seams are losing at the edges. 
  • There is a visible tear on your clothes due to heavy-duty wear. 
  • Sometimes you just want to wear something trendy while you still have loads of items in your closet. Because I do too! 

But if you still want to hold to that minimalist fashion principle while appeasing your inner fashionista, you can always: 

  • Discard one item and buy one to create a sustainable balance (…and to ensure your wardrobe is not overflowing).  
  • If you have clothing items which are in good shape, donate them to charity. This can be a treat to your conscience. Plus, it will help you get that extra space for all your new clothes.  

Are you inclining towards minimalist fashion too? Did you try our combinations? Do send us your minimalist fashion inspiration over social media and give your own fashionista tips in the comment section below. 

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