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What Is Indie Sleaze Makeup? Things You Need To Know About This Y2K Makeup Trend

Indie sleaze makeup is the latest trend to take over TikTok. An improved successor of the hipster style in the early 2000s and 2010s, indie sleaze also takes inspiration from grunge and twee aesthetics. 

This makeup is about flaunting who you really are. The smudged eyeshadow and the messy eyeliner give you the worn-in effect. It’s like you may cry with your eyeliner on, and it can get messy. There is no shame in wearing it. 

In recent times, Emerald Fennell’s Saltburn has been a prominent reference point for wearing your messy eyeliner and smudged kohl right. 

Are you ready to enter the Y2K makeup trend revival scene? Let’s start!

What Is Indie Sleaze Makeup?

Indie sleaze makeup is a contemporary take on the grunge aesthetic. It has the perfect messy party girl vibe, and it also comes with the edginess of a rockstar look. 

If you try to decode the trend, you will find how the best smokey eye makeup marries a smudged-out look. Further, there is much emphasis on bigger and bushy eyebrows. 

There is also an inclination toward darker lip shades. You will often notice a vibrant touch of red or brown in the lip makeup. 

Further, this makeup trend is about breaking stereotypes. So, some of the indie sleaze makeup looks, especially the heavily grungy ones, may appear androgynous to you. 

Tracing The Origin Of Indie Sleaze Fashion

This makeup trend comes from the 2000s and 2010s. It was inspired by the relaxed vibe of the hipster style. However, it also adopted some edginess from the grungy looks. 

However, you need to delve deeper into the looks designed by heavy and messy eye makeup and untouched brows. This might take you back to the rock-n-roll era. This era gave us many music muses, and they were also fashion icons. 

We had Joan Jett with her raven mullet hairstyle with black eyeliner, Debbie Harry with smokey eyes and a red pout, and Tina Turner with her dramatic makeup. 

Why Is This Y2K Makeup Trend So Special?  

This Y2K makeup trend is special because of how it beautifully fuses contradictory elements. It has the angst of grunge, the opulence of the rock-n-roll era, and yet the feminine touch of twee. 

Being hyper-curated, this makeup trend always allows you to go for customization. To be more specific, you can apply the rarest shade of pink or lavender eyeshadow while doing your eye makeup. The idea is to take the core essence and then improvise it to tell your own story. 

Further, in the last few years, makeup trends have been about precision and getting ready for selfies. Indie sleaze makeup takes you to the time when you could be more “free” about designing your looks. Even the celebrities did not live in the fear of being papped and criticized for their styles. 

So, this makeup trend allows us to take a more carefree and expressive approach to how we do our everyday makeup

Things You Need To Rock Indie Sleaze Makeup 

Indie sleaze makeup is easy. Let’s find out the elements you need to build the perfect indie sleaze beauty kit.

Intense Creamy Black Eye Pencil 

In perfect indie sleaze makeup, your eyes will look like you slept the last night with the makeup on. Choose a creamy black eye pencil with intense color pigmentation to create the effect. 

The intense color pigmentation of the eye pencil will create the perfect bright and grungy look. Further, the creamy formulation will ensure a seamless blending. 

Apply this eye pencil and use a soft brush or even your fingertips for the smudged effect or halo you want. 

Glossy Black Eyeliner 

Don’t be afraid to add some drama and intrigue to your makeup. For the perfect winged effect or the grungy vibe, you will need a glossy black gel eyeliner. You can use this eyeliner for all the fine touches while the black eye pencil sets the eye makeup right. 

Glitter Eyeliner

How can you avoid the allure of glitters when trying Y2K-inspired makeup? Can you imagine Tina Turner or David Bowie without those dramatic and glittery looks? 

So, choose a glittery eyeliner with silver, rose gold, or golden flakes and create an iridescent effect. 

Dark Red Lipstick 

A dark red lipstick with a matte finish can be the hero of your makeup kit. It will add the much-needed boldness to your look. 

You can keep the edges of your lips a little blurred to create the lived-in effect perfectly. 

Cheek And Lip Tint 

Do you want to give your lips a diffused finish? You must choose a cheek and lip tint instead of lipstick. You can easily apply this tint with your fingertips or makeup sponge. 

However, be a little careful with the use of blush. You cannot go overboard with it if you want to align with makeup in the Y2K era. 

Temporary Hair Color Spray 

If you want to be creative with your indie sleaze makeup and create the perfect 2000 charm, you can experiment with your hair color. 

Get a temporary hair color spray. This color will go away with a single wash. So, it’s time to add the funkiest red, blue, or purple to your hair. 

Best Ways To Try The Indie Sleaze Makeup Trend 

The beauty of indie sleaze makeup lies in its versatility and how it pushes you to be creative. Here, I have curated some exciting makeup ideas for you.

1. Smokey Eyes With Glitter Tears

It’s time to take some inspiration from Euphoria and wear some glitter tear makeup. Keep it easy by applying glittery silver eye pencil along your lower lash lines. Draw a thick line.

Use the same eye pencil to draw tears below your eyes. 

2. Sweaty Smokey Eyes With Red Lips

To create a sweaty effect on your eyelids, you can apply a liquid eyeshadow on your lips. Now, cover the eyeshadow with a clear eye gloss. 

3. Red Lips And Cat Eyes

It’s time to indulge in some serious retro fun with cat eye makeup. Take your eyeliner and create a sleek triangular shape by outlining your inner eye corners and covering a little of your lower lash lines.

Now, around the outer corner of your eyes, create a bold winged effect facing upward. Cat eye makeup looks excellent with bold red lips. 

4. Winged Eyes And Dark Lips

Are you in a hurry and want to wear an indie sleaze look? Just draw winged eyes with black gel eyeliner and paint your lips with a dark shade of red to get ready. 

Don’t forget to apply a touch of soft black along your lower lash line. 

5. Smokey Lids And Bleached Brows

If you want the makeup to be less dramatic, you can do without the smudgy effect under your eyes. Get your eyebrows bleached and define your eyes using a black eye pencil.

Now, take your black eyeshadow and create a smokey effect with it on your upper eyelids. For a touch of glam, you can even wear glittery silver eyeliner. 

6. Smokey Eyes With A Blushed Makeup

How about fusing the soft girl and indie sleaze ways of makeup together? You can simply do that with smokey eye makeup and gorgeous red lips. 

Add a touch of blush on your forehead, cheeks, and nose tip to lend some softness to your indie sleazy look.  

7. Minimalist Indie Sleaze Look

You can be the minimalist in sporting an indie sleaze look. It may sound like an oxymoron, as maximalism is the core essence of the indie sleaze style.

However, you can always keep it simple by applying a soft black eye pencil on your lash lines. Wear a matte red lipstick once you are done with your eye makeup, and you are all set! 

8. Smudged Eyeliner And Bleached Brows Look

If you want to keep your eye makeup softer without compromising the indie sleaze vibe, you must try this look.

Use a gray or soft blue/green eyeshadow to wear the makeup right. 

9. Racoon Eyes And Bleached Eyebrows

It’s time to further spice up your usual smokey eye makeup. Keep it edgier by wearing raccoon eye makeup. 

Use a dark black eye pencil and draw thick lines along your lower and upper lash lines to get the base right.

Now, create a smudged effect by mixing and matching black and grey eyeshadow on your eyelids and around the corners of your eyes. 

10. Glammed-Up Indie Sleaze Look

Do you want to glam up your regular indie sleaze look? It’s time you get your eyebrows bleached. Also, infuse the charm of brown into your makeup.

Create a layered look on your eyelids by combining brown and black. Try creating an ombre effect on your eyelids with different shades of brown and give that a final finish with a touch of black eyeshadow.

Try creating a winged effect around the outer corners of your eyes. Once you are done with your eye makeup, go for a brown gloss for your lips. 

11. Slept-It Smokey Eye Look

Slept-in eyes are loved in indie sleaze makeup, and they are probably the smudgiest version of smokey eye makeup. 

Donni Davy, the head makeup artist of Euphoria, says that the slept-in smokey eyes work as they have the beauty of the imperfection, and they are grungy.

Her instagram profile is like a guidebook for makeup enthusiasts who want to go limitless with eye makeup.

To get the slept-in smokey eye makeup right, you will need gray and black eyeshadow. Create a softer hallow under your eyes with the touch of gray, and on your lids, you must go for a mix of black and gray. 

12. Indie Sleaze Makeup With Blue Eye Makeup

Are you a fan of Kate Moss? She has been a fashion and beauty icon for many generations. She could actually nail every makeup look with that killer jawline. 

Nonetheless, here, you need to take a cue from Kate Moss’s blue eyes from the 1996 Gucci Spring/Summer show.

Her eyes were defined with soft black lines, and the blue eyeshadow smudged around her inner eye corners elevated their appeal. 

Long mascara-lad eyelashes and peachy lips perfectly complemented the look. 

13. Dramatic Indie Sleaze Look

Are you in for a psychedelic effect in your makeup? You can mix and match multiple metallic eyeshadow shades like green, purple, golden, and silver. 

Define your eyes with a gel black eyeliner and keep the eyelashes fluttery with a touch of mascara. 

14. Green Eyes Indie Sleaze Makeup

Do you want to keep your indie sleaze look a little softer? A touch of green eyeshadow will give you the perfect indie sleaze appearance. 

You can choose a shade of pastel or green eyeshadow for a casual look. To get ready for a party, you can apply a metallic green eyeshadow to your eyelids. 

15. Indie Sleaze Look With Stone Stickers

How about infusing some quirky charm into your indie sleaze look? Complement your bold and smokey eyes with some stone stickers strategically placed under your eyes. 

Finish your lips with a touch of dark red or wine lipstick to let the drama come through. 

16. Vibrant Indie Sleaze Look 

There is no stopping in being creative with the way you define your eyes in an indie sleaze look. To get a vibrant finish, you can create a melange of eyeshadow on your eyelids. 

First, define your eyes with a dark black eye pencil and smudge it a little. Then, create a winged effect with a gel black eyeliner. Next, apply a mix of glittery red, golden, and lavender eyeshadow to your eyelids for a vibrant look. 

Final Words 

The indie sleaze makeup stands as an escape mechanism or a bridge to connect to the makeup trends of the 2000s and 2010s.

Makeup in that era was more about self-expression, and people could be carefree in their looks as selfies and being papped were still not as huge as today.

Black and bold eyes with a smokey effect, dark red lips, and unkempt eyebrows are the signatures of this makeup trend. However, you can always add pops of colors and a touch of drama the way you want. 

Do you want to try indie sleaze makeup looks this season? You can explore the makeup ideas I have discussed here. Also, if you have other insights about this Y2K-inspired makeup trend, don’t forget to share them with us!

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