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Incredible Ethnic Outfits That You Should Get Your Hands On This Eid!       

Here comes the time of the most important festival for which we can’t even wait to dress up ourselves with the most sophisticated ethnic outfits.

Yes, you guessed right, we are talking about the festival of coming together to meet with harmony and kindness, Eid. Every one like to look good in this festive season. So what to wear which looks traditional ethnic and also look very stylish?

The major sophisticated outfits for this day are Anarkali suits and sharara with a kurta.

These are the only outfits that help you feel comfortable and more attractive on this day.

5 Best Amazing  Ethnic Outfits For This Eid

We are here for you with more amazing ethnic outfits ideas that you should get your hands on this beautiful festival of Eid. 

So come, let’s see what they are!

1. Sharara Suit With Stone Work 

Sharara Suit With Stone Work 

Sharara suits are the most common ethnic outfits which are worn on this day in comparison to Anarkali suits, but today we are here to suggest the hand-embroidered suit.

What you are required to carry this Eid is the hand-embroidered sharara suit that is totally in silk and georgette.

However, the use of this outfit will help you grab the attention of each and everyone, and also, you will look flattering after wearing this.

Don’t worry about your looks; you will definitely have cheerful vibes, which will make you more confident while meeting people.     

2. Glamorous Anarkali suit

Glamorous Anarkali suit

Anarkali suits are the most demanding ethnic outfits nowadays as they will be beneficial for you in taking your look towards the ninth cloud.

Also, people will ask you where you bought it from. But, you know what, you will have a perfect pair of footwear with the Anarkali suits.

Along with this, if you carry effective jewelry and other accessories with it, you will like your look on your own.

Just get ready to listen to all the rainy compliments after wearing the Anarkali suits on this day which will help you in building your personality as well.  

3. Metallic Gold Embedded Ornate Saree

Metallic Gold Embedded Ornate Saree

There is nothing better option than a saree for any festive season or occasion. If the saree is ornate and vibrant, you will steal the overall show in one go.

These ethnic outfits will help you uniquely carry yourself and manage your daily compliments.

You only need to be careful while purchasing a saree, as you should definitely check the purpose and nature of your saree.

Apart from this, focus on the fabric of the saree you are purchasing; it must be very attractive. Not only attractive but also it should bring endless as well as numerous elegance to your look. 

4. Simple Trouser Suits

Simple Trouser Suits

When it comes to any simple, charismatic, and understated thing, the first thing that comes to my mind is trouser suits.

Majorly these ethnic outfits are worn by people at weddings, but if you wear them this Eid, you will get many compliments, and things will work out carefully.

These trouser suits are in the Pakistani style, which helps you in making it regardless of your body as well as age.

On the other hand, these trousers suits are as delicious as the sweets on Eid. Along with it, these are charismatic, which helps you show your charisma. 

5. Moroccan Kaftan With Ornamental Hijab

Moroccan Kaftan With Ornamental Hijab

Moroccan kaftan is a perfect suit for this summer. The single-cut suit with glamorous stone and embroidery works. The dark color Moroccan kaftan is always looking good. For mix and match style, you can add a nice kamrbondh with it.

For creating the layering, you also can wear a jacket over it. The light color chiffon long jacket always looked good with these ethnic outfits.

To add more color to this outfit. You have to wear a perfect hijab. And with the hijab, you have to add a nice ornamental clip to compete with your whole attire. Forehead jewelry with hijab is very trendy now. You can try on this look this Eid.


All of these traditional outfits are perfect for the Eid occasion. But with every outfit, you have to select the jewelry to get a beautiful look. The style of hijab is always unique. So you can explore many styles with it. And do not forget to wear heavy makeup with these outfits. Heavy eye makeup is the latest trendy style statement for this Eid.

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