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How to Wear Men’s Leather Pants

If you’ve grown weary of wearing a pair of jeans every day, perhaps it’s time you invested in a pair of leather pants. Made from high-end material, you’ll discover it’s the ideal alternative for a casual pair of denim.

Unless you’ve shopped previously for leather pants, you might struggle to locate the right pair. Knowing more about leather pants for men can help solve this problem. You should be able to find the right pair that matches your personality.

If you’re thinking of changing your look with this attire, you must know how to pull the look off. This invaluable guide offers tips on how to wear leather pants for men.

How to Select the Right Pair:

The Purpose

While shopping for men’s leather pants, you must consider the function. For instance, motorcycle riders frequently favor this attire over a pair of jeans and other styles. You’ll discover that the thick material provides an extra protection level against injury.

While it isn’t an alternative to wearing riding armor, a pair of leather pants for men can protect riders against a road crush and other types of motorcycle-related injury. Alternatively, some even wear them to make a fashion statement.

The Cut

The same way jeans are available in various cuts, so are leather pants. For instance, boot-cut leather pants have a characteristic broader opening around the bottom, permitting you to wear them over boots.

Such boot cut leather pants are especially popular during the winter since countless men exchange their sneakers for boots. Nevertheless, a boot cut is simply one of the several cuts from which to select.

Zippers or Buttons

It is sensible to consider the kind of zipper when selecting leather pants. Almost all leather pants for men comprise buttons or zippers.

You’ll find apparent differences between the two. Nevertheless, neither is better over the other. It simply depends on your style and if you favor pants with buttons on the front side or zippers.

Complex or Basic Style

Some pants are basic in style, comprising no more than one color without visual elements. Others, on the other hand, are more complex in style. For instance, the electric zipper blend features over half the various zippers, with two positioned on the knees directly.

The distinct style is certain to draw attention and make you unique. Therefore, you might want to consider this style if you want to make a bold statement.

Tips for Wearing Men’s Leather Pants:

You can’t go wrong with Black

While leather pants come in various colors, black is neutral. Therefore, you can match it with practically anything. Moreover, it’s more versatile than any other color. Therefore, if you only plan to have one pair, it should be black.

Examine the Fit

Baggy men’s leather pants are the bane of elegance. Your pants should fit close to the skin. Ensure you select jeans cut for optimum versatility. Just ensure they aren’t too tight.

It should allow you to sit down and bend down in comfort. The softer the leather is, the better. Just remember, that you’ll pay for it, although it’s worth it.

The Sweater

You can pair these pants with a V-neck pullover. This look is appropriate for a subdued occasion. The look will portray you as a well-rounded man who’s fun.

The Shirt

A drapey shirt gives an element of subtle sophistication to the outfit once paired with some leather pants. The color of the shirt should be any other besides black. You can opt for white, purple, or deep red-whichever matches your complexion.

You could even go for green, blue, or yellow. Preferably, you should go for something in silk although high-quality linen or cotton is equally acceptable.

Outfits to Pair with Men’s Leather Pants:

Outfits with Sweaters and Turtlenecks

An ideal look involves the combination of a classic black t-shirt with straight pants (black). As another option, you should opt for a black zipper and ankle boots (black leather). This will give you an excellent, comfy, and casual daily outfit.

If you desire a sporty and chic look, you can wear a gray sweatshirt and pair with red and black sneakers along with loose pants. You could even pair a red and black button-down shirt with black jogger pants (leather).

Outfits with Coats and Jackets

If you want to go for something chic and sophisticated, consider a blend of a white button-down shirt with black leather pants, navy blue blazer (suede), and lace-up boots. Pair this with a scarf, leather jacket (black), and patent leather boots.

What to Know when Choosing Leather Pants:


The style is perhaps the most important aspect to consider when selecting leather pants. The right style will depend on your preference, how you plan to wear them, and when. The conventional leather pants are a great choice when seeking all-around attire.


If you’re like some people, you probably presume that leather pants are merely available in conventional tan and brown colors, which isn’t the case. While these natural colors are the most popular options, you’ll find leather accessible in various colors, including white, red, and more.

If you’re having a difficult time selecting your pant’s color, consider the top or shirt you’ll wear it with. For example, you know that a black is a popular option. In this case, match the pants with a differently colored shirt to prevent an awkward appearance.

Leather Pants Aren’t Similar:

You’ll find that the quality of leather can vary across brands. This is mostly because of the different kinds of leather that are available. For instance, full-grain leather offers the highest quality.

This type hasn’t been buffed or sanded, resulting in a durable fiver that’s especially efficient in garment construction. The corrected-grain is among the lowest leather types, which denotes any leather type that has undergone the application of an artificial grain. When shopping, you’re better off with a reputable brand that offers quality leather.

The Cut

The cut is one of the initial things to consider when selecting leather pants. Similar to jeans, which have various cuts to choose from, so do leather pants.

A pair of men’s leather pants are an excellent addition to whichever outfit. You just need to combine it with the right accessories, clothing items, and shoes. You’ll also need to determine the type of look you wish to make.

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