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How To Wash Brazilian Hair? – All You Need To Know In 2021

Born from the depths of the Amazonian wonders, this ethnicity is undoubtedly known for their exotic beauty. So, needless to mention that their hair resembles the same aura.

Hence, these hair makes few of the distinctive and expensive weaves in the beauty market. We also have several Brazilian hair treatments which allows us to achieve the hair of such Amazon goddesses.

However, such hair refinements come with a price. You have to constantly maintain your wig or hair and wash them at a daily intervals for them to withhold their charms.

In this article, I will be elaborating on the question of how to wash Brazilian Hair.

What Is Brazilian Hair?

What Is Brazilian Hair

As mentioned before, Brazilian hair is one of the most expensive hairstyles. If you wear your extensions with this material or an entire wig built with it, the final look will be gorgeous. All the hairs are made of 100% natural hair.

Things You Will Need To Wash Your Brazilian Hair

Things You Will Need To Wash Your Brazilian Hair


Don’t get scared! You will not need a bunch of products with expensive designer tags. We strive towards making fashion hacks as simple as possible for you. Hence, you will get the best results with just a few products.

Any Coconut Shampoo

It would be best if the shampoo is paraben free. Coconut essence will help to retain the moisture in the weave for a longer time.

Conditioner With High Moisture

Don’t worry about your hair getting oil. You will need it!

Oil [Any Kind]

Apply this for detangling the hair.

A Bowl

For you to infuse the shampoo. 

A Wide Tooth Comb

Brazilian hair generally has a dense texture no matter the style. Hence, you will need a wide tooth comb.


To cut away any extra ruined locks or split ends.

A Towel Or Silk Shower Cap

To tie the hair and dry it afterwards.


To apply after washing.

How To Wash Brazilian Hair [Step By Step]

How To Wash Brazilian Hair [Step By Step]

Here is a step by step elaboration of washing your hair:

Step 1 Comb the hair the night before and apply some oil [optional]. This is both for hair extensions or weaves.

Step 2 – After a few hours when most of the tangles have been untethered it is finally ready to be washed. Take the bowl and infuse a generous amount of shampoo in it.

Step 3 – You have to rinse the hair thoroughly in that water and let it lightly dry.

Step 4 – You take some conditioner that is appropriate for the length and apply it like a mask.

Step 5 – Now you have to comb the hair while the conditioner is setting.

Step 6 – The last step before finally washing the hair would be to tie it with a towel; a shirt; or a silk dry cap for thirty minutes before rinsing the hair thoroughly.

Step 7 – Air dry the hair before applying some moisture retaining serum.

Things To Keep In Mind While Washing The Hair

Things To Keep In Mind While Washing The Hair 

When talking about how to wash Brazilian hair, remember that this virgin natural hair kind is very expensive so you have to keep certain precautions in mind. 

  • Even though they are natural human hair, you shouldn’t wash it that frequently. Whether you get a wig or get extensions attached to your hair, they are not part of your scalp. However, a wig should be washed more than extensions as sweat is trapped in them when you wear it.
  • If they are extensions, you can opt for blow drying your hair however if it is a weave, air drying would be the best process.
  • Weaves have to be washed a lot more thoroughly as they are not part of your own hair and they might attract a lot of dirt due to lesser usage.
  • As they are an extraction of natural hair, split ends are inevitable. So, trim the hair before washing them. 
  • Use warm water with the shampoo solution to retain your hair longer.
  • Although, air drying is good for your hair, don’t expose it to direct sunlight for quick drying. This will cause more damage to the hair.
  • Don’t comb your hair immediately after drying. Let your hair soak in the serum for a good 30 minutes before running a wide tooth comb across the locks.

How To Take Care Of You Brazilian Hair

How To Take Care Of You Brazilian Hair 

Brazilian hair is also known as the human hair weave hence it will be required to be taken care of regularly just like normal hair. 

  • Comb It Regularly. If your hair is a wig and you don’t wear them that often, it would still need combing once in a while to retain its lustour. 
  • Never scrunch your hair and put it together. A Brazilian hair wig should always be hung loose for it to remain untethered. 
  • Although, it is recommended to comb the hair, make sure you don’t comb it too hard. Apply oil if detangling seems difficult and always use a wide tooth comb. It is still a wig and with too much distress the strands might come loose. 
  • If you find it difficult to detangle, especially curls then I suggest starting from the bottom and then reaching the top. This is to make sure that you lose as little hair as possible during the process. 
  • If your weave is still tethered and the hairs look all bunched up, it might be time to throw away that weave. 

It Is Just Like Your Own Hair

When taking care of a Brazilian weave, we have always heard saloon experts tell us that they are just like our own natural hair and the care should be specific to that kind.

Hence, when asked how to wash Brazilian hair, a few common suggestions are to deep condition, oil and let it dry naturally. I have heard some hair stylists even advise customers to bring their Brazilian hair for a spa regularly

All in all if you want to preserve that amazonian wonderment you have to care for it! Because, let’s face it once you get that look it’s all worth it.

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