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How To Tie A Wrap Dress: A Complete Guide To Be Creative With Your Fashion Statement

Can you think of your closet without a wrap dress? I can’t! This outfit is versatile, fitting all the occasions I need to attend.

These outfits can also flaunt different styles, and you can even be creative with how you tie the outfit. So, do you want to know how to tie a wrap dress? 

Here’s a complete guide for you. I will also share some styling tips so that you can look your best in a wrap dress.

How To Tie A Wrap Dress? The Standard Technique 

Sometimes, a wrap dress will be ready to wear with the front of the outfit mimicking the wrap style. However, if you need to tie the dress yourself, it will always come with a tie-up fastening.

The flap of a wrap dress can be on your right or left side. Nevertheless, here is the standard practice of tying a wrap dress.

Put On Your Wrap Dress

At this stage, be very sure that you adjust the outfit well against your body proportions. If you are not getting it right in the beginning, the dress will not look flattering once you tie the knot. 

To explain further, make sure that the stitch of the waistline and sleeves are offering you a perfect fit. A proper fit is always a priority. It does not matter whether you wear a wrap dress or a jumpsuit

Cross The Flaps And Wrap 

Your wrap dress (that needs to be tied) will have a flap on your left or right side. You need to cover your body diagonally with the wrap.

Based on the length of the wrap, it will reach the opposite side of your body or extend to the back. When you cover your body with the flap, you usually get a V-shaped neckline. However, you will find many other variations in the necklines of wrap dresses.

Tie The Knot Of Your Wrap Dress 

Based on the design of your outfit, you will need to tie it using a knot, or you will have to fasten the flap with a drawstring stitched on the other side of your dress. 

If you need to secure your wrap dress with a drawstring on the other side of your dress, you will have to first fasten a tie and then make a knot.

Make Sure That The Fastening Flatters Your Body 

A wrap dress will suit you, irrespective of your body type. However, while tying the knot, make sure that your bust area is adjusted properly and the overall appearance is flattering.

To explain further, make sure that the knot offers you a snug fit and enhances your bust line. However, you should not fasten the knot too tight to ruin the appearance or your comfort.

It may take you a few minutes to perfect the tightness of the tie. It’s best to go for the trial in front of a long mirror, giving you a complete view of your silhouette as you tie the knot of your wrap dress.

How To Tie A Wrap Dress In Creative Ways? 

If you explore the fashion trends of 2023, you will understand how wrap dresses are huge this season. These are so popular because of their versatility and how they can adapt to different body types. 

So, why not be a little creative with the way we tie a wrap dress? Here are some tips for you.

Tie Your Wrap Dress In Kimono Style 

If you want to keep the style of your outfit cool and casual, you can always go for a kimono-style fastening. 

Unlike the standard method of tying a wrap dress, here you don’t need to care about the snug fit or flattering look. Here’s how to try this style.

  • Take the fastening belts stitched to the two sides of your outfit.
  • Tie them. At this stage, be careful that you are covering your body properly and that things are not uncomfortable as you make movements. 
  • Now, wrap the belts around the back and tie a bow with the ends of the belts at the front. Make sure that the bow is placed properly. Otherwise, your bust area will look unflattering. 

The kimono style is a comfortable way of tying your wrap dress. In this way, you can also use it as a layering element for a slip dress or a top and jeans combination. 

How To Tie A Wrap Dress In The Plunge Way? 

If you want to know how to tie a wrap dress in the sexiest way, you will have to try the plunge style. 

The style is simple, and here is a step-by-step guide for you.

  • First, tie the fastening belts stitched to both sides of your outfits at the front.
  • Now, let the belts pass through the loops for a more secure fit.
  • Then, wrap the belts around the back.
  • Bring the remaining length of the belts to the front.
  • Wrap the belts again around the back.

By fastening the belts in this way, you will be able to create a plunging effect for your bustline. However, avoid fastening the belts too tightly to maintain the air of intrigue or mystery in your appearance. 

How To Style A Wrap Dress?

A wrap dress has an inherent stylish look. So, you do not need to do too much brainstorming to amp up your fashion game in this outfit.

Play with colors and patterns as you pick your favorite wrap dress. 

However, if you want to elevate a wrap outfit or make it suitable for a formal or special occasion, try layering it with a blazer or cardigan.

Wrap dresses go well with different styles of footwear. However, the best choices for wrap dresses will be a pair of espadrilles, wedge sandals, or casual sneakers.

Keep your choice of jewelry minimal if you are accessorizing a wrap dress. Go for sleek necklaces and earrings to complete your evening look in a wrap dress.

Final Words 

I hope this guide on “how to tie a wrap dress” has been very helpful for you. To reiterate, you can go for the standard style of tying the dress. Also, you can explore the more creative kimono or plunging styles.

Do you know of any other style of tying a kimono dress? Don’t forget to share.

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