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How to Dress for the Gym Like a Pro

Sweat, tears, and blood may be regular features of the gym in the modern day. But, that doesn’t mean that the people there don’t look amazing whilst doing so. With the right fashion choices, the glistening sweat on their brow appears as just another accessory of their workout routine. Do you know how to dress for the gym?

Dressing for the gym does not have to be a display of your finest Lycra. Instead, add some class and look as stylish at the gym as you do out of it. Below are the best guidelines on how to dress for the gym like a pro.

How to Dress for the Gym Like a Pro

Dress for the Gym

1. Shell Out on Footwear

From weightlifting specialties to running shoes, what you wear on your feet to the gym can have important aesthetic and health implications. Springy with ankle support is best for running, for example, whereas when lifting you need a cushion of sorts to help with the extra weight. Brands like Nike and Le Coq Sportif offer great options to match your exercise and style needs.

2. Invest in a Hoodie

A good hoodie is a great warm-up companion and perfect for going to and from the gym. It should never be worn on the gym circuit. That’s right, if anything is a true fashion piece at the gym then it has to be the hoodie. The most important statement you will make at the gym, you can either don a men’s distressed hoodie and look like a hero. Or choose a shabbier version which suggests a lack of seriousness about your exercise endeavors.

3. No Sweatbands

Is your life a cheesy 80s music video? No? Then sweatbands have no place anywhere near your skin. Use a towel, save your reputation. 

4. Get Some White Noise

What’s a better way to block out distractions at the gym than a pair of headphones? A pair of wireless headphones – perfect for preventing the beautiful arc of your phone as it accidentally dislodges from your pocket mid-treadmill. There are lots of options out there, but for quality Bose is your best bet. 

5. Water Bottle

Water Bottle

Staying hydrated at the gym is essential for a healthy workout and to ensure your muscles do not become tired too early in the workout. A water bottle, therefore, is essential for your routine.

Now, it may seem easy: just pick up a standard water bottle the next time you go to the supermarket for groceries. Yet, there is such a thing as the perfect water bottle. It all depends on the activity you are undertaking. For example, a hiking bottle will be large and hold water for long periods of time, whereas a double insulated water bottle, for running, will be light and compact for easy carrying.

Decide on your optimal use and then choose the right bottle for you accordingly. With so much choice in the water bottle world, a stylish and functional bottle is within easy grasp!

6. Track Everything

Everyone and their grandma seem to own a FitBit in 2017. It’s not hard to see why they help you keep track of your workouts and can be a great tool for upping your workout game. Sleek and modern, the design also makes it an accessory that fits into your everyday and not just your gym gear. If you want to simply track your steps each day there are cheaper options out there. But, for all those that are serious about their gym goals? Strap one of these on your wrist and you won’t go wrong.

7. How to Dress Outside The Gym

Here’s a bonus tip that people often overlook while considering how to dress in the gym, how to dress out of it too! You have the physique to wear body-hugging clothes while working out but when you go back to the office what do you do? Do you wear a standard slim-fit shirt that doesn’t fit your muscular body as it should? In recent years a new brand called Tapered Menswear has emerged with their own unique cut of Muscle Fit Shirts. These were designed for bodybuilders and muscular guys to highlight your physique much like dressing in the gym would do.

Here You Go!

How to dress for the gym is a common question that rotates on every builder’s mind? So, there you have it. Turn up to the gym with one or more of these accessories to keep your style game on point no matter if you’re sweating or not. After all, what’s the point of getting fit if you can’t look good whilst doing so?

Gym clothes improve performance and wearing them can help you avoid some injuries. Oxyfit are a great example of an activewear brand that helps you not only look good while working out, but also helps improve performance and productivity at the gym.

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