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How To Cut Curtains Bangs

Raise your hand if you have folded your locks on your forehead to see how you would look with curtain bangs!

Because touche!

Call it a change of monotony or simply a circumstance of boredom, cutting our own bangs have been our personal dreams and nightmares at least once in our lives. Or, at times more than once (I am not proud of it).

However, through so many nights of experiments and watching endless Brad Mondo, there are a few things or two I have learned when it comes to how to cut curtain bangs.

Pandemic is making all of us self-dependent, therefore why not implement the same for our hair. So, sit back as I explain how to cut your own curtain bangs

How To Do Curtain Bangs?

How To Do Curtain Bangs

Although the last five years were mostly about long lustrous locks, curtain bangs have held their position in the limelight as well, especially in the age of Instagram. Seeing all those women flaunting the perfect falls of their curtain locks made us all envious.

But, don’t worry if you don’t have the time or are too broke to go to a high-end salon. Because I have brought you the ultimate DIY curtain bangs guidelines.

1. Are Curtain Bangs Hard To Cut? 

They are easier than any other fringes and they can help you get a much effortless look. Follow the steps to see how you can achieve curtain bangs with just a few simple methods.

2. Put Back Those Kitchen Scissors

First of all, no matter how sharp your kitchen scissors are, you cannot use them to cut your hair.


First thing first, your kitchen scissors shouldn’t touch your hair. Because keeping the sanitary violation aside, it will make you look like you cut your bangs at home.

I know that’s the irony, but that is the irony we have to avoid!

You need to buy some shears which are specific scissors used by professional hairdressers. They will give you a much sharper trim and the entire appearance will be clearer. Along with the sheers, make sure to buy a fine-toothed comb before you start the process finally.

If we are doing curtain bangs 2020 we are going all in. No cap!

3. Research, Research & More Research

Yes, as a matter of fact, we all know what curtain bangs look like. However, if you are serious about learning how to cut curtain bangs then knowing exactly what kind of bangs you want, and which kind would suit you the best is crucial.

Scout through pictures and references, talk to friends about the kind of curtain bangs you would like to have. Are they long middle-parted or side-parted? because the haircut will go accordingly.

Remember that cutting curtain bangs is a learning process and shouldn’t be done in haste. Because it is another six months before you get all that hair back!

Now, that you have your equipment and your reference photo, we can go to the most important part of our task. 

  • What Face Shape Is Bad For Bangs?

To all my square-faced beauties out there, I am really sorry to say but curtain bangs might not look very flattering on your face. 

How To Cut Curtain Bangs At Home

How To Cut Curtain Bangs At Home 

Make sure to shampoo your hair and let it dry naturally, or with a blow dryer. Comb your hair properly to get rid of any tangles, and then begin with the following steps. 

1. Part Your Hair Right At The Centre

When your cutting curtain bangs, no step is less crucial. From parting your hair you are planning your final look. Therefore, part it according to the length or density of hair you would want your bangs to be.

If you are not a fan of the middle part then don’t worry since it is advisable to part your hair according to your original pattern. Don’t try to experiment at this stage unless you are very confident.

  • Can Curtain Bangs Be Parted On The Side? 

Although GENZs has popularised the middle part, It is not necessary to part in the middle. You can part it on either side just make sure that the bangs are cut accordingly.

2. Create A Triangle At The Front

Use the rattle comb [the one that has a sharp pin behind], yes that one!

Now comb the entirety of hair which you will potentially be turning into curtain bangs, at the front creating a triangle. Now, this part is a little tricky, but nevertheless easy.

You have to draw a slanting part from the middle part to the point of the desired length of your bangs with the rattle comb.

The width of the triangle decides the thickness of your bangs and vice versa. Once the triangle is sectioned then you can definitely start with the middle which is going to be the shorter frontal part of the curtain.

Outside the triangle, you should secure the rest of the hair to make sure there are no accidental cuts. 

3. Before Placing Your Scissor, Determine The Length 

Now, you have to place the separated triangular part on the face to understand the exact length of the curtain bangs that you desire.

This is one of the most important steps of how to cut curtain bangs because this is the last step before you finally start cutting your hair, and there is no return from this point.

4. Start Cutting…But Carefully 

Make sure that when you start cutting, you start small. You can always have a longer bang, but you cannot bring back the hair that is cut off.

Cut with an imaginary guided line.

Comb the section down properly and put it forward in the thin section before placing it on the point of your desired curtain bangs. You can start cutting from the point of the chin and then go above eye level if this is what you desire.

Once you are done with the desired middle section which is the thinner one, this is the time for your curtains on the other two sides. Place the hair section between your index and middle finger slanting it slightly upwards and then start cutting it carefully in slower movements.

  • What Angle Do You Cut Curtain Bangs?

You can use the arch of your eyebrows as a guided angle to cut the curtains. You should hold your fingers parallel to that angle, making it a little downward. Start Cutting from just below the fingers. 

5. The Final Touches 

Now that the first part of your cutting is done, you should end up with cute curtain bangs. However, if you still are not having that desired look then you can go back with your sheers again and do some final nip and tucks. 

Don’t worry, curtain bangs are very easy to maintain and style. Therefore, if there is a tiny part not fitting with your desired style, you can hide it behind the other locks. 

Curtain bangs and straight hair are a little more difficult to maintain. However, if you think about it, it is not rocket science. You just have straightened the bangs at an angle from time to time. 

  • How Long Does It Take For Curtain Bangs To Grow Out?

If your hair has good growth, then it will take a minimum of three to four months for the curtain bangs to grow out. 

How To Style Curtain Bangs

How To Style Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs technically look good on every face type. It is a great attire for a tall face and at the same time can perfectly match a round face.

You can either have thin streak curtain bangs which will look great for a long face. On the other hand, if you have much of a rounder face then the curtain bangs should be denser and almost cover the eyes. 

You can also blow dry your curtain locks by wrapping them around a round comb. It is also suggested to wave your entire hair loosely to get that light messy yet elegant look. 

How Can I Get Curtain Bangs Without Cutting Them?

It is one thing to ask how to cut curtain bangs, but this question seems a little outlandish doesn’t it?

Well no, you can get curtain bangs without cutting them with little styling tips. 

If you want to get long curtain bangs then you can start with sectioning your hair and then blow-drying the sections forward. Then you can lightly curl the strands upwards to create an illusion of the curtain bangs.

But if your locks are too long then this might not be a very appropriate option. At times like this, you can create fake bangs by tying the hair into a ponytail. Then grab the end and comb it properly straightening the end of it.

Gather the entire ponytail and then tie it around your head into a bun but not entirely. When the end of the ponytail is near the forehead, this will be your fake bangs and you will now style it according to the curtains you desire.

These are for the purpose of one day because they won’t last, and neither can you keep your hair tied for days’ end. 

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, we have been able to answer your question about how to cut curtain bangs. It is not rocket science. 

All you have to do is take care of two things:

  • Length
  • Angle 

Oh and yes of course confidence! Because you can do it!

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