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Fantastic Footwear: How to Choose Running Shoes Your Feet Will Love

Did you know that close to 50 million people in the United States of America take part in running or jogging in some fashion? Learning how to choose running shoes is almost as important as deciding where you want to start running. There are tons of wonderful trails where you can start trail running or road running.

Once you know how to choose sneakers, finding the right running shoes becomes a walk in the park. Comfort is key since you’ll cover a ton of ground with your new tennis shoes on your feet. If you’re new to running and you don’t know how to choose gym shoes then that is okay.

You’ve come to the perfect spot to learn all about how to choose tennis shoes and get some helpful shoe selection tips. Keep reading this article to learn more shoe shopping tips for your feet today!

What Makes a Great Running Shoe?

There are certain features that you should look for when you decide that the time is right to start running. All running shoes share some similar features that are designed your make your running experience as comfortable and fun as possible.

Knowing what to look for makes a massive difference when it comes down to how to choose running shoes. You want something sturdy but that won’t weigh you down. It is also natural to want running shoes that look good on your feet.

Here is a closer look at the most important features to look for.

Lightweight and Sturdy

You need to make sure that you’re getting running shoes that are both lightweight and supportive at the same time. The best trainers feel like you’re not wearing any shoes, but they still provide you with the stability to run without fear of injuring yourself. Bulky running shoes are a big no-no if you want to maintain the health of your feet and ankles.

Lightweight shoes are great, but you need to avoid compromising the sturdiness of your shoes for shoes that weigh less. The best approach is to find a nice balance between weight and support.

Snug Fit

You also want to make sure that you’re picking out running shoes that have a snug fit when you’re running or walking in them. The goal is to find shoes that contour to your feet in a way that makes you forget that they’re on.

Your legs are bound to get tired when you’re running long distances. Your shoes need to fit like a glove on your feet in order to allow you to cover the distances that you plan on running.


It is also a wise move to look for running shoes that offer a great amount of cushioning to your feet during each stride. If you’re running on pavement then your legs and feet will start to feel the shock of each step without the right level of cushioning.

The amount of cushioning is a matter of preference, but make sure that you have shoes that will absorb the shock from your runs. You’ll find that your running experience is much more pleasant and you can run a lot further when your running shoes have the right level of cushioning.

Common Mistakes With How to Choose Running Shoes

Now that you know the fundamental features to look for in a good running shoe, the next things to consider are the common mistakes that people tend to make when purchasing new running shoes. Little things like buying for looks and failing to ask for deals or promotions could hold you back from having the running experience that you desire.

Buying Because of Looks

There are some amazing running shoe designs and color schemes that are sure to catch the eye, but these shoes might not be the best for your feet or your needs. Fashion is great, but it doesn’t come close to the fit and feel of the shoes on your feet.

You also need to think of the type of running that you plan on doing with the shoes that you want. Trail running requires a different type of running shoe compared to someone that does their running on roads and sidewalks. Get a shoe that performs the way that you need it to instead of one that looks the way that you want it to.

Failing to Ask For Deals and Promotions

Another big mistake that many people make when it comes to learning how to choose tennis shoes is failing to ask for deals, discounts, and promotions. Once you have the running shoes that you want, ask about any discounts or promotions that they’re running before paying.

If you’re shopping for new running shoes at a specialty store then you might eligible for discounts up to 20 percent off the purchase price. This is a great perk to have when you’re looking at getting the best dad shoes, like those at https://www.marcussherman.com/best-dad-shoes/.

You’ll also gain access to different running clubs if you purchase your running shoes through specialty stores. You’ll get to network with other people that have similar interests as you and create new friendships.

Getting Shoes That Are Too Small

It is important that you get running shoes that fit well and act like a glove on your feet but don’t go overboard. Getting running shoes that are too tight on your feet will lead to issues like severe blisters and toenails that fall off. You need to make sure that there is a decent amount of room in the toe box of the shoes in order to allow your feet and toes room to function.

Shop at the Right Time

You need to avoid making the mistake of shopping for new shoes in the morning. One of the best shoe selection tips is to go shopping for shoes later in the day. Your feet tend to swell as the day goes on and they don’t tend to stop until around 4 in the afternoon.

A shoe that you try on in the morning won’t fit as well during the evening. If you plan on going shoe shopping and learning how to choose gym shoes then you need to prioritize shopping in the afternoon for the best fit.

Don’t Assume Your Size

Shoe sizes are not standardized from one company to the next. Assuming your shoe size is a massive mistake because you might wear a size 12 shoe with one company and a size 13 with a different brand. You need to go to the shoe store in person and try shoes on before purchasing anything.

Running shoes are the most technical of all. Getting the wrong fit will not only take away from your running experience but will result in bloody and painful blisters. You’re much better off making sure that you’re getting the right size before you make a purchase.

Choosing a Running Shoe Retailer

There are also certain things that you need to do when finding a retailer to purchase running shoes from. The typical approaches of reading online customer reviews and asking friends will go a long way, but there are other steps that you should take.

Do your research to see if the store is accredited before you start shopping there. Go online and look for established businesses that provide quality running shoes to people in your area. Experience is great when it comes to a shoe retailer, but the best options when you’re looking to buy shoes are stores with accreditation.

You should look for shoe stores that combine experience and accreditation with great customer service. It will make finding your first pair of running shoes a breeze.

You should also check out the reviews for the running shoe stores in your area when you’re trying to find the right retailer. The customer reviews are a great resource because they’ll tell you all that you need to know about the experiences that other customers have when working with this retailer.

The last thing that you need to look for when you’re picking out a running shoe retailer is whether or not they have a return policy and a warranty policy. It is possible that you’ll try on shoes that feel great in the store but that tear up your feet when out running. You’ll have peace of mind that you can return those shoes if they don’t work for you at your local running shoe retailer.

Now You Know How to Choose Running Shoes

Learning how to choose running shoes is important if you want to get started in this healthy and active exercise without destroying your feet. You should look for running shoes that are lightweight and that provide great stability in order to take the strain off of your ankles and your feet.

Cushioning is also vital if you want to reduce the amount of shock that your body faces when you’re on the road or the trail. Other great shoe selection tips involve checking out the online reviews for retailers and learning more about their return policies.

For more exciting and helpful articles like this one, make sure you check out the rest of our blog.

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