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How to Be More Fashionable: A Style Guide for Women

The average person neglects at least 50% of their wardrobes. Closet fatigue and confusion about fashion trends make it difficult to know how to be more fashionable. But it’s not as hard as it seems.

This guide will cover quick style tips and long-term goals that will help you kickstart your path towards a fashionable wardrobe.

How To Be More Fashionable: Quick Tips

Becoming fashionable doesn’t have to take a long time. By using existing items in your closet, you can create a fashionable outfit for any situation.

Invest in a Great Belt

A leather belt is a simple and cost-effective way to elevate any outfit. Whether you’re trying to dress up maxi dresses or add a bit of flair to an old pair of jeans, a belt should be your go-to accessory. A high-quality leather belt cinches your waist, which creates a tailored look without much effort.

Dress up or Down With the Right Shoes

Whether the occasion is casual or formal, shoes are an important factor in every outfit. For example, a pair of nude pumps dress up a casual outfit, while a pair of white sneakers dress down a formal outfit. If your outfit doesn’t fit a specific occasion, change the look’s narrative with shoes that fit the occasion.

How To Be More Fashionable: Long-Term Goals

If you’re committed toward becoming fashionable, consider these long-term goals to help you get there. Some of these tips are high-effort and expensive but are worth your time and money.

Get a Tailor

Tailoring is a pricey but essential part of having a fashionable wardrobe. A tailored outfit is custom fit for your body, making you look more put-together. Start by getting your pants hemmed to fit your height—this simple change is incredibly effective and inexpensive.

Splurge on the Right Items

While it’s every fashionable person’s dream, having a wardrobe full of expensive items isn’t necessary to look good. Opting for inexpensive tops and bottoms and pairing them with high-quality additions makes your entire outfit look luxurious.

Some high-quality additions you should consider adding to your wardrobe includes belts, shoes, and outerwear.

Embrace Your Body Type

Everyone’s body type is different, so you shouldn’t expect off-the-rack clothing to fit you like a glove. Once you see how you look in clothes that fit you, you’ll never be able to go back to poorly fitting clothes.

The first step involves measuring yourself or getting a tailor to measure you. While not all clothing stores will cater to every measurement, so shop around and find retailers that offer the clothes that will fit you perfectly.

Care for Your Clothing Correctly

Investing in a great wardrobe often means investing more time in caring for them. Not many clothing items are well-suited for the harsh environments of a machine wash and tumble dry.

You’ll need to hand wash your clothing items or air dry them to prevent damage in many cases. The better your care towards your clothing is, the longer they’ll last.

Your Fashion Forward Journey

Knowing how to be more fashionable is easier than it seems. With the right approach and this fashion advice, you’ll be turning heads and feeling great about your outfits in no time.

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