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How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner for Beginners? – Step by Step Guide

I have come across several people who would like to create perfect lines of eyes, but they don’t know the best starting point. You don’t want to end up looking like a panda when you desired to get beautiful eyeliners. The situation could be worse when you have ugly eyeliners, yet you want to attend an important ceremony like a wedding. You may be the center of attraction for all the wrong reasons. How to apply liquid eyeliner is a very common makeup that you should know.

You will continue to develop your skills as you keep practicing this art. After going through this content, you will discover that it is easy to understand the process. The application may look scary from the onset, but there is no course of alarm. We can begin by looking at the items you will require to make the eyeliner application like a professional.

The Items You Will Need

  • Concealer
  • Primer
  • Eyeliner with a brush if there is the need

Before discussing how to apply liquid eyeliner, it is good to understand some basics like the types of eyeliners that you can get in the market.

Types of Eyeliner

1. The Pencil Eyeliner

Pencil Eyeliner

Nearly everyone begins with this type of eyeliner. You can use it best for lining the waterline and in creating a smokey appearance. The 24/7 Glide-On pencil is an excellent choice for a pencil eyeliner.

2. The Liquid Eyeliner

The liquid eyeliner is the best option for a precise application. The liners come in two forms of packaging; a small vial-like bottle with a nice and wonderful dipping brush and a market type of pen that has a felt tip. In case you are a beginner, it is advisable to go for the latter. The Sketch Marker Liquid Art Liner from Too Faced is an excellent option for the felt tip liner.

3. Gel Eyeliner

Even though this type of eyeliner may look to be intimidating in the initial stages, it is the best option for lovers of cat eyes. Several individuals out there have a close attachment to this product. You will always get it in pots, and hence you have to use a brush in the application. One of the examples is the Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner from Maybelline.

How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner:

1: Preparing Your Eyes

Most people overlook this step yet it is the most important. Start by cleaning your face and then use a moisturizer to the face and then an eye lotion around your eyes. The eye cream will help you with early wrinkles and in the evening out any discoloration or redness around the area.

2: Begin with a Clear Base

Apply a tiny amount of the eye primer around the general region of the eye where you will apply the make-up, under the eyes, and eyelid to attain a clear and even base. The primary objective of the primer is to give the skin a smooth appearance so that it will be easy to apply the makeup. It will grant you a perfect finish and maintain the makeup in position for an extended period. Apply the concealer on the under eyes and on the tip of the eyelid. Mix it properly and remember to use a setting cosmetic in setting it.

3: Line Away!


The liner is the central part of this stage. You can buy a brush or use the one that arrives with this product. To begin with, make a mark above the individual lash. Be careful to use strokes and small lines. It is always good to build it up. If you decide to make it too thick, you may end up creating a mess, and hence you need to keep the boxes small. Once you have satisfactory results for one eye, you can repeat the same to the other one. Make sure the whole design is symmetrical, and your primary eyeliner will be set. But you can go ahead and wing it out if you feel like doing so.

4: Wing it Out

It’s not good to stop at the eyelid or eyeliner. The wing will make you stand out from the other people who have eyeliners. The challenge could be achieving the look that you desire. You can quickly get the correct angle by following the normal line that is on the below lash line. If a line stretched from the lower lash line, your lines should wing out from that point. Map out that line and then fill it gradually. Take your own time at this stage when you are in the initial stages because messing it up will mean starting over again.

5: Finish Up the Look

After successfully winging out the liner, you are good to go. You can now go ahead to line the below lash line (in the external half only) using a pencil eyeliner and then streak it out. The last thing is to apply mascara, and you will be good to go.

More Tips and Tricks on How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner

Apply perfect Eyeliner

  • Make sure you have a place for resting your elbow while making the application. It will make the application process easy and give you a steady hand. This will provide you with precise and clean finishing. A table or a vanity can be the best for this application.
  • You also need to use a cosmetic mirror in this process. Most of them come double-sided where one of the sides is magnified while the other one is a normal mirror. The magnified section will assist you to attain a clean finish and give you a closer look.
  • Look down when applying the liner because looking upwards may make everything to go wrong.
  • Don’t stretch the eyelid as you create the wing. Apply small strokes and don’t move the skin so much.
  • If you have a challenge of creating the extension in a straight line, you may use a credit card by holding it against the lower lash where the wing will be.
  • You may use the tape in creating the wing

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