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How To Accessorize A Navy Blue Dress For A Wedding?

Simple yet elegant!

Beautiful and Classy!

A statement that is not tacky!

At times we do not want to go with the classic black, especially when it comes to weddings. However, white is too pretentious.

Therefore, what is that color that will fulfill all the above-written wishes and yet will look the most wedding appropriate? Navy!

For ages, the navy blue color was known as a less hot substitute for the color black, but with time we came to the realization that Navy blue can be a whole entity of its own. It is not about that color which looks like black but isn’t actually black, it is so much more.

We have a light navy, blue velvet, and bam! Midnight navy, and needless to say; navy blue dresses for weddings will be nothing short of a loud expression of elegance for your guests or bridesmaids.

But, what about accessories? Now, if you are stuck asking the question of how to accessorize a navy blue dress for a wedding then you have reached the right place.

Navy Blue Dress Accessories

Navy Blue Dress Accessories

The neutrality of this color is no more a curse. Rather it is a boon since there is no pressure to follow any rules. Anything will go with the neutrals and hence you have no limitations when it comes to accessories.

1. Gold Everything

Gold Everything

Nothing can go wrong with the application of gold with such a mesmerizing color. When it comes to any shade of gold, you can either start with the dress itself and get the sleeves some pop of color. If that is not your style then a thin gold belt can make a huge difference.

If you are planning neither, then a simple earring or a gold layered chain can do the job with perfection.

Don’t forget the rings. Even the tiniest detail can accentuate your entire look.

If it is an evening wedding go for the vibrant gold shade, however for a morning wedding it is better you accessorize with a subtle campaign gold. But again, there is no conformity.

  • What Color Does Jewelry Go With Navy Blue Dress?

You can always go for the classic gold and silver for this wedding. They are the safest choice!

However, if you are planning to go a little bold, you can add some bling or coral to your jewel accessory for the navy blue.

2. Navy Blue & White Dress

Navy Blue & White Dress

If you are the lucky bride then go for the color midnight navy without hesitation. Your white dress and smiling face itself will be the perfect accessory for your bridesmaids navy colored dresses.

However, if you are still fond of further addition then white can be the color for your wedding accessory as well. Dress your maid of honor in white bling jewelry to give that expensive elegant look.

However, remember that accessories don’t stop with your jewelry or hair when it comes to answering the pressing question of how to accessorize a navy blue dress for a wedding.

Don’t forget the amazing hairpieces that will make wonders for your dress.

  • Is Navy Blue Appropriate For Weddings?

I have already answered this question. However, if you are still slightly indecisive then the timing of your wedding can help. If it is an evening wedding which posts 6 pm then a navy blue would be the best for a formal theme party.

It also oozes elegance from all directions as opposed to some of the over-the-top vibrant colors. That being said, you can always add that pop of vibrancy to a navy, but it is impossible to do it the other way around. 

3. A Pop Of Color

A Pop Of Color

Lavender! Wine Red! Flame Scarlet!

I know you can imagine the entire detail and color scheme in your head, keeping navy as a primary hue, and they all look amazing.

This is the beauty of this blue, you can never go too wrong with any color especially with these rich royal hues as mentioned above.

When it comes to accessories, the wedding bouquet will be enough to add that pop of color when it comes to adding the fun element in elegance.

On the other hand, if you are a guest happily conforming to the theme of navy but at the same time you want to stand out, a red tie or a red sash belt will give you what you are desiring.

But, make sure to not go overboard with this, because then you will end up looking slightly tacky. 

4. The Other 50 Shades Of Blue

The Other 50 Shades Of Blue

The thought might either sound a little outlandish or outright pretentious.

But, hear me out!

This concept is called two tonings and they have been approved by a few of the most critical fashion policies. Navy blue is not the only shade of blue out there. In the color palette, navy itself there are more than ten shades, then why not experiment a little more.

If your choice of navy blue for weddings falls more into the darker side then you can definitely accentuate with a lighter velvety shade like indigo or sapphire.

But if you ask my opinion about how to accessorize a navy blue dress for a wedding, then go for a simple Teal! Thank me later.

So, when it comes to accessories you know the drill. Satin belts, floral hairpieces, bouquets, and even jewelry, if you can manage to get a name in such a unique color; the possibilities are endless. 

  • What To Wear With A Blue Dress To A Wedding? 

When we talk about other shades of blue, it is natural to ask for accessories for blue dress queries. Blue has a plethora of shades so it is difficult to judge what would go with which hue.

However, you can never go wrong with another shade of blue. Only remember to keep them contrasting.

Or better!

Silver Jewelry!

Nothing speaks class with a danger more than silver. 

5. Fascination Of Fascinator

Fascination Of Fascinator

This is the ultimate answer to elegant navy blue dress accessories. What could be better than some classic headpieces in the form of a fascinator for your wedding?

It might not be very practical to ask your guest to wear a fascinator, however, you can always give them the option! 

Your bridesmaids on the other hand will look straight from the loyal wedding with this accessory.

But, now coming to the main question.

  • What Color Fascinator Goes With A Navy Dress?

Since we are going for the classic elegance, let’s stay clear of the over-the-top vibrant colors in our minds.

Let the rose gold, peach, and pinks speak for the elegance we are trying to project.

So, now if you are left with the question of,

6. What Are The Best Color Accessories To Wear With Navy Blue?

What Are The Best Color Accessories To Wear With Navy Blue

These are the colors you can wear when it comes to the navy at your wedding.

  • All shades of blue, but it should be contrasting.
  • Deep shades of Red, stay away from the vibrant.
  • Pastel anything.
  • Deep shades of Purple.
  • Light shades of Pink.
  • Silver & Gold.

But, aren’t we forgetting something when it comes to how to accessorize a navy blue dress for a wedding.

7. Navy Blue Dress Shoes

Navy Blue Dress Shoes

The colors that will fit best with blue are either black or neutral brown shades. However, if you want to add that pop of color to your wedding.

Yellow can be a little bold but with the right theme and placement, it will make a statement.


Whatever you wear, please stay away from boots at all costs. It is a wedding for god’s sake!

Happy Wedding!

If you are someone getting married, first of all congratulations to the bride! Second of all, if navy blue is your choice of theme, then perfect choice.

Hopefully you have got the answer to your mild indecisiveness when it comes to how to accessorize a navy blue dress for a wedding. Don’t worry it is totally normal before a wedding!

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