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How Long Do Stick And Pokes Last? – Know These Facts

While almost all the tattoo parlors use machines to make all sorts of cool tattoos, that is not how the art of tattoos started. Back in ancient Egypt, there were no tattoos, but how did tattoo marks were found in mummies? Let’s find out the how long do stick and pokes last.

That is because those tattoos were done by using a stick and poking in the skin. Now does that timeline satisfy your question of how long stick and pokes last and create permanent tattoos? 

Now that you know “how long do stick and pokes last,” we can dig a little deeper from here and get to know more about the stick and poke tattoos. 

What Works Best For Stick And Poke Tattoos?

how long do stick and pokes last

When we are talking about the stick and poke tattoo method, it is not like all types of tattoos can be done that way. The stick and poke method is great for more simpler and minimalistic tattoos. 

  • Small and Minimalistic Designs.
  • Minimal-colored Tattoos Like Black and Grey.
  • The Tattoos Have An Imperfect Aesthetic to Them.
  • Best For Nooks And Crannies Like The Ears And Fingers. 

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What Works Best For Machine Tattoos? 

Since machine made tattoos are the easiest way of creating tattoos in the modern time. Using a tattoo machine, you can make any type of tattoo you want. 

  • Large Tattoos With Lots Of Detailing.
  • Tattoos With Any Color You Want.
  • Tattoos Of Any Type Like Grayscale or Watercolor.
  • Clean and fine Delicate Lines.

Does The Stick And Poke Tattoo Hurt?

how long do stick and pokes last

It is well-known that tattoos do hurt, no matter what type of tattoo you want. Whether you make a machine made tattoos or a stick and poke tattoo, it is obvious that it will hurt. 

But the stick and poke method of tattooing is less abrasive to the skin than the machine made tattoo. That way the hand-poked tattoo is less hurting than the machine made tattoo. 

Are Stick And Pokes Permanent?

how long do stick and pokes last

If you are doing a tattoo with the stick and pokes technique. If the technique is done properly, then the stick and pokes method is quite permanent. But if the needle was not deep enough, then the ink is going to fade sooner than later. 

So now that you know how long do stick and pokes last, you can try out this process as well, if your tattoo artist is well versed in stick and poke tattoo. 

How Long Do Stick N Pokes Last? 

How Long Do Stick N Pokes Last

If you are making a tattoo in the method of stick and pokes, the tattoo won’t stay forever. If taken care of properly, the tattoo will stay for about five to about ten years, although it can last is taken care of properly. 

Do Stick And Pokes Fade?

How Long Do Stick N Pokes Last

The stick and poke tattoos is not a permanent tattoo. With time and age it actually fades away, so if you don’t like that tattoo, then it is great that the tattoo won’t last forever. Even though the tattoo fades by time, the actual form and shape of the tattoo still remains. 

While stick and poke tattooing, two different things can happen, either you can inject too much ink or the ink is less. At that time two things can happen, your skin can swell up or the tattoo can start fading up quicker than normal. 

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Wrapping Up!

So now that you know how long do stick and pokes last, you can make a more informed decision on what type of tattoo you want and how you wanna have it. 

If you wanna try out the stick and pokes tattoo technique, then ask a tattoo artist who knows the method properly. Now if you like this article, then give us a like and let us know in the comment section will you get a stick and poke tattoo or not.

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