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How To Channel Your Inner Holly Golightly This Halloween Season

Although the classic black elegant woman embodiment is the well-known Holly Golightly Costume, that is not the only one we will be discussing. From the time of its release, Hepburn’s Breakfast At Tiffany’s style has reincarnated every Halloween.

Since the ’60s, every Hepburn fan (…or not) has been trying to recreate these classic looks. Over the years, we have seen a few succeed with flying colors – while others not so much!

So, this year, we are here to help you not join the “not so much” list. We are bringing you the ultimate fashion guide to ace the holly Golightly look this Halloween season.

In an overview, we will be focusing on five looks that emulate the 60s with Holly’s spirit.

Who Is Holly Golightly?

Holly Golightly, the OG New York party girl.
Holly Golightly, the OG New York party girl.

If you are looking for her costumes, chances are you already know this iconic character of the ’60s’. However, if you are searching for ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s dress‘, ‘or “How to dress up like Breakfast at Tiffany’s this Halloween,’ ‘and stumbled across this excerpt, then here is a brief description.

Holly Golightly is the central character of Breakfast At Tiffany’s, which was released by Paramount Pictures on 5 October 2021.

In a world dominated by men, Audrey Hepburn stole everyone’s heart by playing the protagonist in this romcom.

She was an embodiment of American women in their early adulthood. When in their early 20s, the spontaneity and sheer carelessness of living life they possess.

Holly knew how to live her life one day at a time. Renting a Manhattan apartment, she often went to vibrant parties of the Upper East Side, all the while trying to be self-sufficient as a woman.

Although she falls in love with a steady man who respects and anchors (…sometimes) her wilderness, it is her personality that attracts everyone.

Not to mention her immaculate fashion sense, from the “returning early morning from a party” dress to her sleeping mask, it all embodies ‘Holly.’ No wonder a good Holly Golightly costume is still one of the bestsellers when it comes to Halloween.

Especially when you want to party and still look elegant while doing so.

Holly Golightly Costume – An All-Time Halloween Favorite

Now, without any further ado, let’s get into the Holly Golightly evergreen Halloween costume.

1. The Iconic Black Dress From Breakfast At Tiffany’s 

Holly Golightly costume which started all the Breakfast At Tiffany's Halloween Costume
Holly Golightly costume which started all the Breakfast At Tiffany’s Halloween Costume

A Holly Golightly costume list doesn’t start without paying homage to Givenchy’s little black dress. The one Holly wore in the opening scene when she was returning from an overnight party.

The croissant and coffee on one hand, the classic 60s sunglasses, and her being jeweled in broad daylight will always have a special place in the hearts of every fashionista.

However, you do not need to break the bank in order to get this look. I’m pretty sure Holly didn’t do it either!

How To Get The Look

  • A good old LBD. (Little Black Dress)
  • Pearls for your neck.
  • Black sunglasses.
  • Black opera gloves. (The long kind!)
  • Some blingy crown comb for your hair up-do.
  • An old cigarette filter (…but that is optional).
  • A ‘to-go’ coffee if you really are serious about the look!

Place light makeup to embody the no-makeup makeup look, and your inner Holly Golightly is ready.

2. Bedtime Holly Golightly Costume

The iconic Holly in bed costume
The iconic Holly in bed costume

Now, if you really want to dress up like Holly but do not wish to go all the way out, then recreate the simple Holly bedtime costume.

For her, it was simply something she slept in, but for us, it was nothing short of ‘Absolutely iconic!”. Popularly known as the Holly Golightly sleep mask costume.

How To Get The Look

  • An oversized Tuxedo shirt.
  • Pink tassel earrings (..Yes, she slept with her earrings on).
  • Night sleepers (Although she wasn’t wearing anything, you can’t walk out on the streets barefoot).
  • The iconic sleeping mask.

DIY Holly Golightly Sleeping Mask

DIY Holly Golightly Sleeping Mask
  • First, get a pair of plain blue sleeping masks.
  • Second, buy thin, sparkly gold ribbons.
  • Third, cut eyebrows and a border for the mask.
  • Fourth, hot glue is the same on your blue mask.

See, you do not have to buy expensive merchandise every time you wish to look like a movie character.

3. Holly Golightly Alley Costume

Trench coat & a stuffed cat is enough.
Trench coat & a stuffed cat is enough.

This Holly Golightly costume is certainly for the ones who do not want to spend too much energy on a costume.

Lucky for you, Holly can even have a simple costume runway ready. Plus, this alley dress has a special place in our hearts. This is where Holly finally lets herself fall for the man, and we witness the iconic kiss between the two.

How To Get This Look

  • A classic beige trench coat.
  • Pair of black kitten heels.
  • A kitten soft toy (very important!). Holly would be incomplete without her ‘Cat.’ If you do not understand the reference, please go watch the movie.

If you cannot afford a Burberry trench coat, do not worry. Neither can we! Someone from our team simply borrowed a normal kind from a costume store.

You can also thrift some or borrow from a rich friend who, in fact, has a Burberry trench coat. Just make sure not to spill any wine on it!

Day Out Holly Golightly Costume

Day Out Holly Golightly Costume

Yes, this is an underrated Holly costume, but it makes it all the more phenomenal. Want to channel that classic old-money look this Halloween? Holly’s day out dress is perfect for you.

This is quite similar to her iconic black opening sequence dress (kind of shows that Holly’s shopping was on a budget, and she had to reuse it), but it is all the more fascinating.

How To Get The Look

  • Again, it’s a classic LBD.
  • A giant hat that, if tilted, can cover most of your face.
  • White scarf to tie around the curve of the hat.
  • Shorter satin gloves.
  • Big sunglasses.
  • A pair of pearl studs.
  • Long black cigarette filter (although you are not smoking, it is just a prop).

Your inner lady will shine this spooky season.

Paying Homage To Her!

Paying Homage To Her!

For some, this is just a costume, but there are others who find Audrey Hepburn an icon of all times. Recreating her dresses from movies will always be a fun challenge for many fashionistas.

All the best, and I hope you ace your Holly Golightly costume this Halloween season.

If you have more Audrey fashion ideas, please do let us and our readers know in the comment section below.

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