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Holi Dress Ideas For Women | Holi Celebrations

“Do me a favor, let’s play Holi, Rango me hai pyar ki boli.” The Indian festival of colors called Holi is more than applying colors to each other, it is about love as well. Let’s Understand About the best Holi Dress Ideas.

Applying colors nowadays is not the only attractive aspect of the festival of Holi. Eating sweets, wearing the perfect holi dress, and enjoying your best time with your friends. 

So if you are planning to find the perfect holi party outfit ideas, then you are at the right place, so just keep on scrolling and reading through this article. 

1. Wear All White

Wear All White

Holi is the time to wear all-white outfits. Yes I can understand that your white outfit is totally gonna get destroyed and you probably can’t wear it again. 

But wearing something white doesn’t have to be a favorite white outfit, you can even buy yourself something cheap in white, which if gets destroyed won’t be such a problem. 

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2. Casual Outfits For Holi

Casual Outfits For Holi

Most people, especially the Indian middle-class families do not wear white. They instead wear something really casual while playing holi. 

Like pants and a top, which may not be white, but definitely an old one. So if you have something like that then you can easily wear that. 

3. Best Prints For Holi Dress

Best Prints For Holi Dress

Holi is a festival of fun and enjoyment. It’s all about having fun with your friends and family, coloring each other with powered or even watered colors. 

So if the festival is a happy one, why should your clothes be boring? For holi this year, wear all the fun prints that you can find. 

That way your holi will be a thousand times better and also think about the pictures. 

4. Oxidized Jewelry With Your Outfit

Oxidized Jewelry With Your Outfit

Most people wearing ethnic dresses like kurtis and sarees Or something indo-western, prefer to spice up their look with beautiful oxidized Jewelry. 

They are like these junk jewelry which just enhances your whole look. So if you are going for an ethnic look, then wearing oxidized jewelry is a fun and fashionable addition to your whole look. 

5. White Suit And Odhani For Holi Dress

White Suit And Odhani For Holi Dress

Now if you are indeed going for that Indian ethnic look then you should definitely wear a white salwar suit with a colorful odhani. 

It doesn’t matter what color odhani you choose as long as it is colorful. And don’t forget to add certain pieces of jewelry to your look as well. 

And just a piece of advice, if you are planning on keeping your hair open then, moisturize or oil your hair in advance so the color would come off easily. 

6. Flip Flop Are The Best

Flip Flop Are The Best

Don’t wear any of your fancy shoes for holi, it’s pointless. The best thing you can wear are flip flops or simple sandals. 

Even if your flip flops get damaged it won’t be such a big problem. So while choosing your shoes, pick wisely. 

7. Sunglasses For Eye Protection

Sunglasses For Eye Protection

Although it is just a recommendation, you should definitely take it seriously. To protect your eyes from the powdered colors or the water colors, you should definitely wear sunglasses. 

If you already wear glasses then it’s fine, but if not, then wearing sunglasses is the best option for you to consider. 

8. Why Forget The Saree?

Why Forget The Saree

If you wanna look extra gorgeous for your holi party, then why not choose a saree to wear as your holi dress? 

Definitely choose a lighter color for your saree and add jewelry to it, and maybe a sunglass, and you are ready to rock a holi party. 

9. The Indo-Western Look

The Indo-Western Look

The most popular holi party look is the indo-western party look. 

That way you can wear something you are really comfortable in and ready to play with the beautiful colors till your heart’s content. 

Wear something like shorts with a white kurti and a scarf and you are good to go. But don’t over complicate the look with other things. 

10. Tie Dye Goes A Long Way

Tie Dye Goes A Long Way

If you are confused on what print is going to look great for a holi party, then you can never go wrong with tie dye

Any print in tie dye is the best way to go for a holi party. You can wear a tie dye T-shirt, kurti, blouse or even a saree for your holi party. And with that a sunglass is going to look great. 

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Wrapping Up!

So now that I have given you pretty great options of holi dress to wear at a holi party. 

Now you can choose from there what you would like to wear to your party for holi this year. And if you liked this article then give us a like and comment down below.

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