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Hipster Style: 15 Ways To Identify A Hipster 2023 Guide

“The hipster style scene is all about being counter-culture and not conforming to mainstream culture or fashion. In a way, it’s ironic that it has become such a huge part of popular culture. Fashion critics have compared hipsters to the hippies of the 60s.”

If you wanna know more about the hipster style and culture, then keep on scrolling through this article as it is gonna help you understand the hipster style more profoundly. 

Hipster Culture: What Is It All About? 

The hipster culture has derived from the hipster style of dressing up and lifestyle. The term might be a little complicated for some to comprehend. Since it is a type of lifestyle that is not that old or has a specific rite of passage. 

But the actual definition of hipster culture is, 

“The hipsters are a subculture of men and women typically in their 20s and 30s that value independent thinking, counter-culture, progressive politics, an appreciation of art and indie-rock, creativity, intelligence, and witty banter.”

There are many different types of hipsters, depending on their style and dress code. But if you are someone laid back and easygoing, then you might actually enjoy the hipster style of living. So to know more about the hipster style of living, all you need to do is scroll through the article. 

What Is The Hipster Style? 

What Is The Hipster Style

There is a particular aesthetic that goes with the hipster style and clothing. A few of the staple clothing pieces that the hipster style entails are namely wide rimmed glasses, wide brim fedora hats, flannel shirts, graphic tees, anything vintage, denim, plaid, and oversized cardigans or sweaters. 

These are a few things that are the staple pieces of the hipster style, but depending upon your own personal style, you can mix and match the clothing apparel. 

15 Ways To Identify A Hipster

Now that you have a much better understanding of what the hipster style is, it’s time to let you know what makes you a hipster. So let’s get on with the list that I have prepared for you down below. 

1. You Wear The Hipster Glasses

Whether you need glasses or not, it doesn’t matter, but to properly embrace the hipster aesthetic, it is important that you wear the wide rimmed hipster glasses. The glasses are a part of the lifestyle and not about your requirement. 

2. You Have The Same Haircut As Your Girlfriend

Most often, the male hipster style is about copying the hairstyle of their girlfriend. That way, the hairstyle of the boyfriend looks very similar to their girlfriends. 

3. You Don’t Use Normal Cups, Only Mason Jars

It is not known exactly why, but the hipster culture is all about drinking from mason jars and not using normal, regular cups at all. You can always spot a hipster by the use of their mason jars for drinking anything. 

4. Both You And Your Cat Are Gluten-Free, And You Tell Everyone

Avoiding gluten is like a second nature of the hipster style and lifestyle, but this is a sign that it is actually good for health. There are a number of people who are allergic to gluten, so it is better to avoid it at any cost since it is not good for your health anyways. 

5. You Don’t Drink Anything That Is Mainstream

The first cardinal rule of being a hipster is that you cannot be “mainstream.” They have to be unique, and in whatever they do, that entails what they eat and drink as well. Drinks like orange craft beer, kombucha, or any other home brewed beer. 

6. Calling Everyone “Bro” Comes Naturally To You

Calling everyone ‘Bro’ is like their second nature; the hipster will go as far as even calling their parents ‘Bro.’

7. Kale Is Better Than Spinach

To live the hipster lifestyle, you have to get used to the idea of eating Kale with everything. Eating kale is not just about being healthy; it is a trend now to simultaneously eat and hate kale. 

8. They Only Watch Films And Not Movies

The only type of movie or film that is the hipster style is silent, black and white, or a foreign film. Independent films are more up their alley; they won’t waste time with the popular mainstream films. 

9. You Spend $400 On Ripped Jeans

The hipster style is all about wearing ‘distressed’ clothes that are worth hundreds of dollars. Usually, the clothes are in such a condition that they don’t even seem wearable. 

But other times, the hipster style is all about buying costly denim and wearing them till they are completely distressed. 

10. Brunch Is Better Than Lunch Or Breakfast

If you wanna live the hipster lifestyle, then you have to forget the concept of breakfast or lunch; it’s all about brunch. So no matter what the situation is, you are always ready for brunch. 

11. You Don’t Have Normal And Plain Socks

It is a weird sign of the hipster style when you wear fancy, graphic socks; you don’t even own a pair of normal and plain pair of socks in your closet. 

12. You Eat Avocado Toast Just To Post On Instagram

Avocado toast is something that you live for. Rather than actually eating the taste of avocado toast, it is all about posting pictures of it on Instagram. You want people to know that you are someone who follows the trend and is health conscious at the same time. 

13. You Wear Jeans That Are Smaller Than Your Size 

“Want to know how to dress like a hipster guy? Google ‘how to dress like a hipster girl.’ You’re welcome.”

When it comes to hipsters, the skinnier, the better. That way, you can make your ass look better and more prominent. So you will see that even your man is wearing skinnier jeans than you sometimes. 

14. You Love Coffee From Underground Alternative Coffee Shops

Going to get coffee is much harder than you think when you are living a hipster life. At the same time, you have to think about the environment, using reusable cups and also whether the ingredients are organic or not. 

Well doing all that your cup of coffee can end up costing about $25 a cup, since the location also needs to be unique and interesting. 

15. You Carry Off Iconic Long Beards

For hipster style men it is like a trend for them to have long and unique beard, also known as hipster beard. The beard is a very integral part of their whole look and aesthetic. So half your time will behind maintaining your beard. 

Wrapping Up!

Well from this detailed explanation you can very well understand that living a hipster life is hard but not impossible. 

But you have to agree that the hipster style is fun and interesting at the same time as well. So if you think this article was helpful for you then give this article a like and comment down below.

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