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Choose Your Perfect Hijab Style From These Top 10 Ideas – Ultimate Guide For Ramadan 2022

Ramadan is going on full swing and Eid is also approaching.

As long as the Muslimah is not wearing Hijab this month, her prayers and fasting won’t be accepted by Allah!

So, if you are a Muslimah, it’s high time you need some best suggestions for getting the perfect Hijab style.

Am I right Or Am I right?

If you are someone who doesn’t have much knowledge of various types of Hijab Styles that actually exist on earth, keep reading this blog till the end.

Why Do Women In Islam Wear Hijab?

Women In Islam Wear Hijab

Wondering why women, even young girls belonging to the Islam religion, wear Hijab?

Well, there are a number of misconceptions regarding this, and you might have come across at least one of them. However, the holy book of Islam, Qu’ran, reveals the rationale behind wearing Hijab or headscarves or veils.

So basically, the Qu’ran instructs both Muslim men and women to dress modestly. In other words, Muslim females wear Hijab to maintain privacy and modesty from the unrelated males. As per the Encyclopedia of Islam and Muslim World, the word “modesty” in Islam is related to both men’s and women’s “gaze, gait, garments, and genitalia”.

Currently, in Iran, Afghanistan, and the Aceh province of Indonesia, Hijab is required to be worn by women legally. In the present world, there are two types of viewpoints with respect to wearing Hijabs:

  • For many other women, headscarves or veiling is just an excuse for patriarchy to resist the liberty, freedom, and individuality of women.
  • Oppositely, for some other females, Hijab is just a convenience that reduces unparliamentary harassment.

“Hijab is a personal choice. It is a personal choice to submit to Allah rather than the fashion of society. To be beautiful to God rather than people”Anonymous

How To Wear Hijab In The Most Simple Way? A Step-By-Step Guide

Before diving into any gorgeous Hijab styles we have assimilated for you, let’s take a look at how to wear a Simple Hijab Style. The best part is that you can apply it to any of the Hijab ideas we have elucidated below:

Step: 1

Drape a rectangular long scarf over your head. One side should be longer than the other.

Step: 2

Pin-up both the sides of the scarf under your chin.

Step: 3

Now flip the longer end of the scarf behind the opposite shoulder.

Step: 4

After that, flip the same end of the other shoulder, back to front.

Step: 5

Spread both the ends of the scarf over your chest. 

Note: Did You Know? Feb 1 is recognized as World Hijab Day. It was Nazma Khan, an immigrant from Bangladesh to the US, who began this day in 2013.

Top 10 Hijab Style Ideas For Ramadan 2022

Ramadan is almost around the corner, and Muslims consider this divine month a holy time for building a relationship with Allah. During this time, Prayer is central to the daily worship to Muslim males and females. To do the prayer correctly, the woman has to don the Hijab.

Whatever your Hijab style preferences are for this Ramadan, the latest fashion trends have made it easier for you.

Thus, I have brought 10 handpicked Modern Hijab Style ideas only for you. Take a look at different Hijab styles illustrated below and choose yours!

1. Turkish Hijab Style

Turkish Hijab

Turkish Hijab style is characterized by a square silk scarf tucked into a top and worn firmly around the neck. You can wear them with or even without the under caps. Generally, the material of a Turkish Headscarf has a Satin Finish that adds some extra sprinkles of luxury and gorgeousness.

Compelling Points:

  • It makes you look aristocratic if you dress and do the makeover well.
  • Turkish Hijab style is super comfortable.
  • It covers your hair fully from environmental pollutants
  • It adds a grace to your overall attitude

2. Side Pinned Hijab Style

Side Pinned Hijab

Side pinned style is one of the most common Hijab ideas around the world. It literally goes with any other styles like Pakistani Hijab Style, Irani Hijab Style, or Indian Hijab Style. So, you can easily mix and match to show some of your creative skills. The only extra thing you need to do is secure one end of the scarf on one side of the head with a ball pin.

Compelling Points:

  • It’s super easy to wear
  • Gives you budge-free comfort throughout the day
  • Protects your hair from pollutants, scorching heat
  • Can pair with any other simple hijab style or party Hijab style

3. Hijab Style With Floral Elegance

Hijab Style With Floral Elegance

A Floral Hijab comes with a charm on the right-hand side of your head. It could be a floral tiara, a silver crown, or even a floral crown. Generally, the material of the veil in this type is plain Satin having. Be it light occasions or party nights, you can flaunt this style anytime.

Compelling Points:

  • Simple and easy to wear
  • The floral charm gives a bewildering look
  • Versatile enough to wear on any occasions
  • Feels comfortable after wearing

4. Turban Style Hijab

Turban Style Hijab

Turban Style Hijab is a modern trend in Islamic Clothing Fashion. It covers the head portion simply thereby creating a Pagdi or Turban style. You have to fold it in such a way that the dual layers remain on the top of the head and bound from the back.

Compelling Points:

  • Turban Style Hijab is very simple and takes minimum efforts
  • Covers your hair and head firmly 
  • Gives a trendy look if paired with long coats.
  • Can combine well with the Pakistani Hijab Style, and African Hijab Style

5. Crochet Design Hijab

Crochet Design Hijab

Another universal style is here – Crochet design Hijab styles. Starting from simple Hijab style to Egyptian Style Hijab, it goes pretty well with all. It’s nothing but a plain Hijab with designer crochet borders. Crochet floral designs lie at the top, and at the borders giving a gracious look. 

Compelling Points:

  • Too much simple and easy to wear
  • Makes you look sophisticated
  • Feels comfortable after wearing
  • You can create your own crochet design Hijab by adding crochet laces at the borders of a plain Hijab.

6. Hijab Indonesian Style

Hijab Indonesian Style

On the basis of the Islamic Rules, the Hijab should be loose enough so that it doesn’t shape the woman’s chest. When it comes to Hijab Indonesian style, the scarves are made in this way only. There is not much difference in the tying procedure.

Compelling Points:

  • You can pair Hijab Indonesian style with skinny jeans and long coats. 
  • It’s a very simple Hijab style and easy to wear.
  • It gives you comfort even in the humid weather conditions
  • Covers the entire chest portion without reflecting any shape.  

7. Irani Hijab Style

Irani Hijab

Irani Hijab – Easy To Wear, Mess-Free, Time Saving. If women dress properly, it gives an Irani or Persian Muslimah a ritzy look. The materials can be of Chiffon, Satin, or Silk, which ensures utmost comfort even during the hottest days of summer. Women roll it over their heads and give a twist on the shoulder, and here one end is left behind. While the other end is taken in front, giving a loose, flowy look. 

Compelling Points:

  • Irani Hijab Style is the most flexible one and the most modern hijab style to date.
  • The materials are extremely comfortable and airy
  • It takes negligible time and effort to wear
  • You can even create a Boho look with this style 
  • Goes well with modern dresses like tops, fitted jeans, cropped trousers, etc.

8. Egyptian Style Hijab

Egyptian Style Hijab

After The 1970s, wearing Hijab became a religious norm among women in Egypt. However, Egyptian women have a larger tendency of covering their hair with a Hijab compared to any other body parts. And to make sure that the head is perfectly covered they sometimes even use more than 2 veils together around the head.

Compelling Points:

9. Embroidery Hijab

Embroidery Hijab

Embroidery looks fascinating on Hijab if and only if the base material of the veil is right. If you’re up for the weekend party and don’t want to wear that plain, basic scarf, choose this one. Again embroidery design matches perfectly with almost all the types of headscarves. 

Compelling Points:

  • Easy to wear and very simple
  • Can match any type of Hijab style including Egyptian Style Hijab, and even African Hijab Style
  • Makes you look extremely decorous; like an empress to be frank

10. Indian Hijab Style

Indian Hijab

India is a country of diversity. People from several religions reside in the same motherland, and that’s why the fashion trends are also embracing fusion. In terms of the Hijab, Indians love to keep it as simple as possible. Most of the Muslimahs prefer a solid color headgear with Indian style Salwar Kameez, or Churidaar, and Saree

Compelling Points:

  • Indian Hijabs look amazing with some Hijab Style Outfits like Sarees, Kurta, Churidaar, etc.
  • Gives comfort 24*365
  • You don’t have to face any mess while wearing it. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. Which Hijab Style Is Best?

Different hijab styles look good on different types of faces. For example, for the oval-shaped face, the best style is a loosely draped Hijab. This scarf style would help in giving some volume to your look and highlight the prominent features of your face. To know the most suitable one for yourself, try different styles. The loose Hijab style also looks pretty on round-shaped faces.

Q2. What Is The Most Common Hijab Fabric?

The most commonly used Fabric for all Hijab styles is Chiffon. It’s all flowy, comfortable, and looks charming with a blend of synthetic, cotton, and silk.

Q3. Is Hijab Compulsory In Islam?

Muslim Scholars including the holy Qu’ran require women to cover every part of their body but the hands and face. However, the holy Quran hasn’t made it compulsory for women to wear Hijab or Headgear.

Q4. What Is A Hijab Vs Burka?

Hijab is the headscarf covering the hair, neck, chest, and shoulders of women. On the other hand, the Burqa is an enveloping garment that comes in several designs but covers a woman’s face, head, and all other parts of her body.

Hijab – Because You’re Worth It!

“Islam has raised the status of the women so high, that Heaven lies beneath her feet”

Let’s remember that modesty begins from inside of your heart. Hijab is a faith-driven religious practice encompassing behaviors, beliefs and actions. If you don’t want to put on Hijab, there’s truly no harm since it’s your personal choice. But if you are searching the best Hijab style for yourself, I hope you will now be able to select one for this Ramadan.

Which one will you be trying out? Let us know your exclusive tips and tricks to get the perfect Ramadan look in the comment area below.

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