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How To Style High Waisted Trousers?

The popularity of high waisted trousers is not new. Its origin dates back to the time when the brand Levi’s manufactured jeans for women working in factories and land for the 1940’s war. 

Why is it popular among young women?- they hide belly budges, front flaps, and excess fats. With a pair of perfectly fit high waist trousers. Moreover, you can tuck in your loose-fit top properly without any shrink around the waistline. If you take a look around you, you will see that high-waist tops are on trend now.

But they will look better on you if you learn how to style high waisted trousers accurately. So today, we have brought this article in front of you with six viral suggestions of how to pair high waist trousers with your upper body outfits.   

What Are High Waisted Trousers?

What Are High Waisted Trousers

Basically, high rise or high waisted pants are the ones that sit high above a person’s hips. They lie above the waistline or the navel by at least 3 inches. These trousers were incredibly popular in Western countries around the 1970s. 

Typically, such pants are tight-fitting; thus, shape your figure to give it an hourglass look. It makes the buttocks look wider while the waist seems to be leaner. As a result, those who are figure conscious can surely give it a shot. 

However, this formula is not followed by all. In this era of diversity and inclusion, the definition and wearability of every dress are changing. Hence, if you are curvy, there is no problem trying high waisted trousers. 

What Are Some Popular Brands? 

What Are Some Popular Brands 

There are a plethora of top-notch brands in the market that are outstanding manufacturers of high-rise pants. For example, Levis is a pioneer in terms of these bottom wears. It has dominated the market for several years and is still doing it. 

Some other popular brands that satisfy customers preferences consistently over the years are as follows:

  • Lee Riders
  • H&M
  • Reformation
  • Agolde
  • Cotton Citizen
  • Boyish

How Can You Style With High Waisted Trousers?

How Can You Style With High Waisted Trousers

Now, we have arrived at the central part of today’s guide – how to create some desirable looks with High Rise Pants? But, before we proceed forward, please be assured that you can make a wide range of styles with high-waisted pants. 

If you are insecure about your bulky figure, you can easily silhouette it into a perfectly shaped one with these pants. So, keep a careful eye on thee each point mentioned below:

1. Choose The Length Wisely

The perfect length of a high-waist pant must be till the ankle. It should not be too long like Flood Pants or too short like Capri Trousers. Try to maintain the perfect length as much as possible and make yourself remarkable amidst a crowd of fashionistas. 

2. Wear Body Hugging, Tucked-In Tops 

A cute clingy top should be your first preference while wearing high-rise pants. Do you know why?- Because they can be tucked in easily without looking wide. Now, what is the benefit of wearing high-waists if you cannot flaunt your hourglass figure? 

However, there is no specific thumb rule for cush tops. For instance, both the long-sleeves or simple lumberjack shirts will look attractive with this. 

3. Pair Up With Long Jackets

Contrasting high rises flawlessly is an arduous task, particularly when it comes to tops. Sometimes, a plain top does not bring out the expected look until you play some tricks. 

Wear your high-waisted jeans with a long jacket, like Ashley Graham does, to show off your curvy body. 

A regular-length jacket will also work if your top is tucked in, cropped, or knotted near the corners. Keep the Jacket unbuttoned to add some extra layer of confidence in your attitude if you feel comfortable. 

4. Combine With Crop Tops

Trust me; crop tops are tailor-made for high-rise pants. You flaunt a little of your belly curves as most of the portions stay covered. To me, Kylie Jenner’s combination of crop tops/tank tops with flared jeans is preferable. There is no issue if you opt for little flowy crop tops, as the cropped style will adjust it.  

Are you slender and afraid to wear crop tops with high-rise pats? Believe me and try it at least once; I bet you would love to brag about your tiny waist in this way. 

5. Do Not Go For Lot Of Accessories

Accessories speak a lot about you when you combine them with outfits. So especially when you are putting on trendy High-Waisted trousers, take care of what accessories you are wearing. 

For instance, do not go for excessively wide belts, too large bags, or large shrugs. Instead, a long cardigan with kitten heels or flats would refine the loose, flared look. 

6. A Vintage Style Has Its Own Perks

Vintage-style high waisted trousers are a terrific choice if you are skinny. Wear them with a high-quality suspender that would firmly hold the pants. 

I am not being pushy, but a dark hue will look better. Pair it with a light-colored tank top, and you will admire yourself in the mirror. If you want to get a 90’s rock n roll vibe, then close your eyes and try it.   

Summing It Up

High Waisted Trousers will never be outdated. Their evergreen touch reflects a positive attitude in you if styled creatively with proper accessories and upper wear. If you are attending a casual party, or want to dress up for casual hangouts with buddies, then this one should be your ultimate choice.   

In 2021, a perfectly designed high waisted trouser is a must-have in your wardrobe. So put on it wisely and brace yourself for getting piles of compliments. Has the article benefited you? Let us know your valuable opinion in the comment box below. 

Furthermore, if you wish to add your feedback, drop them in the same box without any hesitation.

 Stay tuned with us! 

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