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Top 10 High Waist Jeans For Women – You Must Have

Looks will come and go but the denim to quote Taylor Swift, ‘Will never go out of style’!

Denim is comfort and style accumulated in a beautiful love child. Even fashionistas feel the style slump at times, but they will never step back from coming out with a trendsetting attire.

If our closet is not ornamented with a few of the best high waist jeans for women then is your closet even complete?

If you are still reluctant about not wearing high-rise jeans, then you are missing out on the phenomenon which came back stronger than any 90s trend. In this excerpt below, I will be enlisting some of the best high waist jeans for women which will definitely convince you to buy one today.

To Go High Or Not To Go High

To Go High Or Not To Go High

High-waisted women’s jeans are flattering for most body types. However, they go above your navel, and therefore you should choose wisely. But, don’t worry you will certainly find something that will suit you and your style desire.

Always remember, there are no limitations to the experiment.

1. Women’s High Waisted Dad Jeans

Women’s High Waisted Dad Jeans

Some of the pioneer designers have claimed this high waisted woman’s jeans to be ‘perfect jeans’

Isn’t that a statement!

However, they are not wrong. These slightly retro-styled high-waisted jeans should be your wardrobe staple today. The baggy body and tapper end gives you that perfect tomboy meets y2k 90s girl vibes. 


  • They are beyond ankle length and the ends are tapered. 
  • Super high-waisted jeans.
  • They are baggy and give you the perfect morning or lunch attire, however, if styled properly, they can also become a good party outfit.
  • Can be paired with any top or shoes.

For a perfect night-out look, pair these jeans with some good old boots, a neutral crop top, and a black jacket. 

2. High Waist Skinny Jeans

High Waist Skinny Jeans

I know! I know! Skinny jeans are quite out of style with all the straight pants and baggy jeans taking up all the limelight. However, it shouldn’t be because skinny jeans can also add to the elements of endless styles.

Especially this kind of high-waisted jeans for women!

They are comfortable and will not let you walk out of your house without looking gorgeously put together.


  • These are the most versatile jeans there ever are.
  • These can also give you the perfect semi-casual look with a formal shirt or even a blazer.
  • The choices of shows are endless.
  • Contrary to popular beliefs, it is suitable and available for all body types.

These skinny jeans can be used to create the best Fall look. Simply pair some high-waisted black skinny jeans with a baggy sweater and boots and you are ready!

3. High Rise Pinch Jeans

High Rise Pinch Jeans

This is a petite woman’s paradise!

High waisted pants like this will make any petite woman’s dream to look tall come true. They are “Tight in all the right places. And therefore you can imagine the perfect silhouette it will give you.


  • Perfect fit for a short woman that will help you get the elevation in your figure.
  • The pinched waistline design will accentuate any body type.
  • It is easy to look good and put together with these jeans.
  • It will give you the perfect tomboy look.

You can pair this with a tucked-in flannel and white or black canvas shoes.

4. Alan Scraper High Waisted Jeans

Alan Scraper High Waisted Jeans

This is a kind of high waist straight leg jeans that crop at the ankle. These high-rise jeans fit like a glove. Not too tight or baggy, the perfect fit! 


  • Can easily be disguised as formal jeans.
  • It can also be worn as a casual fit.
  • Yes, you can wear your favorite pair of heels with these.
  • Another perfect fit for elevation when it comes to the petite woman.

You can wear these high waist jeans for women with all kinds of blouses since their versatility is its major plus. 

5. Ankle Skinny Jeans

Ankle Skinny Jeans

These super high-waisted skinny jeans for women will give any body type the desired silhouette for that sexy night look.


  • It is stretchy and light jeans. 
  • It is high in the comfort meter and can be taken as everyday wear. 
  • Contrary to the negative comments against skinny jeans, they have been a popular attire choice among many celebrities.

You can attire these with anything! Period!

6. Curved Jeans- High Waisted

Curved Jeans- High Waisted

This kind of women’s high-waisted jeans is mostly found in black, or high-waisted white jeans. One can decide this feature to be a positive or negative one.

It is not monotony, but class that you need with these high-rise jeans.


  • The comfortable fit and feel of the jeans are the biggest plus point.
  • This is the kind of jeans that can be worn in an office space easily and they go perfectly with formal shoes.
  • The material is mostly cotton which makes it appropriate to be worn all day.

You can style this type of trouser with formal shirts or other full-sleeved tucked-in t-shirts for that ‘Instagram’ influencer look.

7. High Waisted Distressed Jeans

High Waisted Distressed Jeans

What is the purpose of denim jeans if not worn for some fun? Any list of high-waisted jeans for women will be incomplete without the mention of distressed jeans.


  • Perfect for a night out if you don’t want to wear that same old dress for a wedding.
  • The styles are versatile; can be high-waisted skinny jeans for women or baggy high-waisted heavy distressed jeans.

8. High Waisted Straight Leg Jeans

High Waisted Straight Leg Jeans

Another straight-leg addition to our high-waisted jeans for women. We can never get enough of these comfort delights with a high fashion touch.


  • A perfect blend of fashion and comfort.
  • Can be worn on all occasions.
  • Has a versatile touch with everything you pair it with.
  • The choices of shoes are endless.

Wear these with your casual t-shirts, whether you want to keep them tuck in or let it out. The shoes can be of any choice, however, if the straight leg is not ankle length it’s better to go for boots or canvas. 

9. High Waisted Stretch Jeans

High Waisted Stretch Jeans

Stretch jeans have been a very popular brand nowadays. They are comfortable and the stretched features make the style versatile for everyone.


  • Comfort over everything as they are made with stretchy material.
  • Perfect for all body types.

Pair them with your favorite sweater this winter

10. High Waist Cropped Flare Jeans

High Waist Cropped Flare Jeans

This shouts Instagram models no matter what the profile is!


  • They are comfortable to wear with classy style statements.
  • Has that retro look in it.
  • Best for short heighted women to get that elevation without heels.
  • Can be accessorized with anything.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying High Waist Jeans 

Here are the important pointers you should check before investing in one:

  • First and foremost, know your size. The purpose of a high waist is to be hugged tightly at your waist; sometimes with the help of a belt. Therefore, buying sizes more than your actual measurement can butcher the entire look.
  • If you are buying skinny high waisted, make sure that the jeans aren’t too tight. Because then it will be an uncomfortable wear.
  • If you are buying super stretched high waisted jeans, always go for the one with high quality, elasticity or fabric memory.
  • Cropped jeans and boot legs can always be hemmed so don’t worry if they are a little too long. However, while measuring for the hems, make sure it is done from the back of your leg.

Final Thoughts 

Hopefully, this list of high waist jeans for women will convince you to buy a pair today!

Make sure you find the perfect fit for your body type and occasion.

Denim is that item in your closet which is the most long term, and most repeated. Therefore, always invest in a good pair. Doesn’t matter if it’s a few bucks more than your budget. 

It will be worth it!

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