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Best Hairstyles for Small Faces: Top 9 [Updated 2023]

To get a new trending hairstyle, you may face trouble because it is hard to decide which kind of hairstyle will fit you correctly. But once you are done reading this article, you may find a way out the one you want!

If you have a small face, then this will work successfully for you. Those who have a small and slim face with short hair look good as well as long. 

Let’s proceed with the best hairstyles for small faces that will look more gorgeous, radiant,  and elegant. Sometimes straightened hair gets damaged because of an iron bar and flags down over the head. 

That shape of hair does not look soft and smooth, and attractive. Women love hairstyles that small-faced film heroines make on them. To get that kind of glow on your hairstyle, you have to look forward to that hairstyle that suits you. 

9 Best Hair Styles for Small Faces

9 Best Hair Styles for Small Faces

Best hair styles for small faces depend on the length of the hair. So, find a suitable haircut first and look at the shape of the face. Face shapes can be like oval, square, round, etc. Before going through a particular hairstyles, clarify the face shape. And along with it learn the best hairstyles for small faces.

Firstly you can do a hairstyle like half-up

1. Half-Up and Half-Down

Half-Up and Half-Down

 and down. To do this style in your fair you need to have long hair. No, not so long, but a bit long that will cover half of the back in length.

First you have to take a small amount of hair from the forehead and drag it to the back point of head. Then know the hair with a band or using a clip. For long hair this hairstyle suits much. It is suitable for curly, straight, and wavy hair. 

2. Muffed-Up 


Muffed up hair also looks very pleasant to the small-faced woman. This hairstyle looks a bit messy and for that, most of the time, the face gets highlighted and elongated. For the small face this hairstyle will match.

To make this hairstyle take a bunch of hairs and make the front part curly. The rest part, mainly the back part will be knotted with clips. You can make some strings of hair out from the bun to make the hairstyle more gorgeous.

3. Hair Curls

Hair Curls

Curly hairstyle is one of the best hairstyles for small faces. It looks like hairs are winding round and round. It suits mostly those who have golden, brown hair. Making this hairstyle is not a hectic job.

In short hair, this spectacular style must be preferred by the hairdresser. These curls must cover the fine line of the face. Then it will make you look unique and stylish.

4. Pixie with Undercut, But Faded

Pixie with Fade

It is now a trending hairstyle that looks very smart. This hairstyle may look different than the others. In this style, a side of hair will remain shaved or trimmed. This style does have a similarity with men’s hairstyle.

In pixie style, the black lock of the hair falls at the front, over the face. The short side of the hair highlights the hair lock that looks classy. However, make this hairstyle on the hair for the utmost elegance. 

5. Fishtail Braid

Fishtail Braid

Small face fits very well with a long tail braid. A long messy braid sometimes looks like a rope that comes from the back to the front. With brown and highlighted hair this hairstyle looks incredible.

In a small face the braid suits well because the hairs are toned up to the back, and the face remains broader and brighter. This is the reason for making fish braided. In short hair, the hairstyle looks great. But the hairstyle depends on the volume of hair. 

6. Natural straight ponytail

Natural straight ponytail

This hairstyle looks pretty enough for small faces. Best hairstyles for small faces are recommended by many. Hairdressers recommend this simple hairstyle for casual programs.

The process is more straightforward for those who have naturally straight hair. If you do not have straight hair, don’t hesitate to make a ponytail with natural hair also. This is known basically for casual outfits. 

7. Bouncing Lob

Bouncing Lob

Bouncing Lob is a very famous hairstyle for both short and long hair. For bouncing hair you never have to use a hairstyle.

The natural bouncy texture that comes is enough for the hairstyle. Here also, the face gets top priority as the wavy hairs flag on the shoulders. 

8. Top Knot, Always!

Top Knot

Another easy, comfortable hair style is a casual top knot. For a regular hairstyle this is very nice. The knot is made with all the hairs. That is why the face remains clear. That is why this hairstyle helps to come at a first sight. This style looks fantastic like short hair too. 

9. Thick Afro Knot

Thick Afro Knot

To enrich the audience with the best hairstyles for small faces, I have to speak about thick Afro. The name of the hairstyle indicates itself. Africans usually do this hairstyle as they have thick textured hair.

This hairstyle looks like a nest of birds. Small-faced women can do this because it is different from all kinds of hairstyles. This hairstyle will only be done with thick textured hair. 

Bottom Line: Be Confident!

So, through these ways you will look radiant in everyone’s eyes. But it would be better if the style has been done with natural hair.

By doing these hairstyles you may get a nice, exclusive look. Thus, these hairstyles are on trend. Go gentle to test these styles and gain a unique look. These nine are the best hairstyles for small faces.

If you wish to try these styles on your tiny face then go and get something fantastic. No more hesitation with a small look. These hairstyles will let you find an unusual fantasy.

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