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8 Haircuts Every Guy Should Style In 2023

In men’s hair grooming, the options and possibilities are without limits. For instance, the number of hair styling tips, hacks, and guides never stops increasing daily.

Similarly, there are tens of haircut styles, with each one of them having hundreds of variations.

And speaking of haircuts, I have just spotted the 8 runway-ready haircuts that will nicely frame your face and make you look sleek in 2023. See them below.

Top 8 Trendy Haircuts For Guys To Style In This Year:

1. Side Part

Side Part

A Side Part is the standard haircut for people in business. As the name suggests, with this style, the hair is split into two sides which are parted in different directions. Based on your preference, your barber may add a parting line between the two sides and then style them with a gel or a hair wax.

2. Crew Cut

 Crew Cut

If you’ve been around as far as 1940, you probably know the origin of this haircut. A Crew Cut was the signature haircut of the Ivy League students who represented the school in boat rowing competitions. This haircut is easy to fix with a basic hair clipper even for a beginner barber.

3. Buzz Cut

Buzz Cut

Experience the stress-free side of hair grooming by trimming your hair into a Buzz Cut. This low-maintenance haircut is also called the military haircut and is usually recommended to guys with a feminine face. Other than being an ideal cut for achieving a masculine appearance, a Buzz Cut is versatile in the sense that it fits almost every type of face shape.

4. French Crop

French Crop

Masculinity is cool but it only gets better when there’s a touch of stylishness and fashion to it. And that’s exactly why a lot of men are rocking a French Crop this year. At a glance, a French Crop is a hairstyle featuring a Spiky fringe to the hairline of a long hair at the top of a Taper.

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5. Dyed Faux Hawk

Dyed Faux Hawk

A lot of trendsetters are fixing a dyed Faux Hawk for adult-rated parties and get-togethers while we are already halfway through the end of the year. This haircut is stylish, bold, and will easily put you in the spotlight especially when dyed by an experienced barber.

6. Slick Back Undercut

Slick Back Undercut

Just as the name implies, a Slick Back is a haircut featuring long top hair that is styled backward. This back-styled or slick-back top hair is then paired with an Undercut to form a gentlemanly Undercut Slick Back. While this style is not ideal for men with a receding hairline, a Slick Back can be a good fix for dates and business appointments.

7. Mohawk


Mohawks have been the signature haircuts of deathrockers and some DJs for decades. But today, it turns out that the everyday party-goers and trend-lovers are beginning to rock this haircut too. But who wouldn’t want to look rebellious and cool at the same time in this period of uncertainties?

8. Edgar Haircut

Edgar Haircut

When the Classic Edgar haircut hit the mainstream a few years back, it was quickly met with a lot of controversies and shenanigans. This year, Mexican barbers are creating runway-worthy modern variations to change the narrations and the whole world seems to be loving it.

In Conclusion

Keeping up with trends is not a walk in the park but as long as you don’t want to be caught rocking an outdated haircut, you’d better keep up. This article has just revealed the 8 trending haircuts of 2023 to you so you can have fewer chases to keep up with. You can also check this trend update about the 5 trending formal menswear trends of 2023.