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7 Hair Highlight Ideas That Will Turn Heads

Your hair is a great way to express your style and change up your look.

Whether your hair is dark, light, short, or long, there are ways to spice it up and look great while doing it.

If you are wondering about the best ways to change up your day, then you’re in the right place. No matter your style, here are some beautiful hair highlight ideas that will make heads turn.

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1. Get a Wavy, Beach Babe Look With Balayage Highlights

If you have darker hair but want to add some dimension without committing to going lighter and touching up roots, then a balayage is an excellent technique to change up your look.

Not only is it super on-trend, but you can do a balayage with a variety of hues and hair tones. Additionally, if your hair is wavier or you tend to style it more often, it will really help the balayage shine and steal the show.

Balayage is great for a more understated, natural look. Usually, with balayage, the roots and the end of the hair blend without harsh demarcation lines. This way, there’s flexibility if you want to grow out your hair since the roots will blend nicely with this style.

Overall, balayage hair highlights are excellent and low-maintenance, allowing you to change your hair without having to hit the salon every few weeks. If you want some flexible and effortless, then a balayage is for you.

2. Add Some Face Framing Strands With Partial Highlights

Partial highlights are placed strategically to ensure that the hair around your face frames well and provides brightness. They can also be placed in the lower part of the hair, adding various shades on the lower part of the hair.

Additionally, partial highlights are great for various hair types and colors and can really liven up your face and add more dimension to your hair. If you wear your hair parted down the middle or like to have your hair down often, then partial highlights are a great way to give your style an extra oomph.

3. Go Outside the Lines With Color Highlights

Color highlights are an excellent way to add some real spunk and pizazz to your look. You can add your favorite color or various colors to achieve a bright and fun look.

If you have blonde hair, opt for some pink or pastel-toned highlights. If you have darker hair, richer, more rich greens, blues, or purples may be your best bet. Depending on your preferences, you can really make color highlights your own and have your hair look like a rainbow.

4. Cover Your Longer Locks With Dip-Dyed Highlights

Dip-dye highlights are an excellent way to add some visual interest to your hair. Unlike an ombre, a dip-dye is a more stark contrast between your natural hair color and the highlight color of choice.

Additionally, dip-dyeing also looks great on long hair since there is more room to play with, and you can decide exactly how much of your hair you want to be dip-dyed. From a more drastic tonal shift in the hair to a softer, more gradual color change, dip-dyeing is a great way to experiment and see what you like best on your hair.

5. Add a Soft, Summery Look With Ombre Highlights

Ombre highlights are an excellent cross between dip-dyed highlights and a balayage. An ombre offers the same type of tonal shift that dip-dye has while having the nice blend that balayage offers.

However, while a balayage tends to blend from the roots down, an ombre usually begins in the middle of the hair and blends down to the tips.

You can get ombre highlights in any color or tone you want, and ombre also looks great on any length or type of hair.

If you’re ready for a summery look that looks sun-kissed, then try an ombre to change up your hair.

6. Give Dimension to Dark Hair With Brown or Caramel Highlights

If your hair is dark brown or black, it may lack the natural dimension of lighter hair. If you want to add some dimensions to your darker locks, try adding brown or caramel highlights.

Brown highlights are great for a more settle look; the key is to go a tone or two lighter than your natural hair color to achieve an elegant and natural look.

Additionally, if you want something a little more dramatic, caramel is a great way to add brightness to your hair without severely lightening it.

Caramel highlights have a beautiful golden hue that looks great with very dark brown or black hair and can be added with partial highlights, ombre, or balayage for a beautiful, multi-dimensional look.

7. Want to Be Versatile? Get Peekaboo Highlights For The Best of Both Worlds

If you want to give your hair a new look but don’t want the commitment of full highlights, then peekaboo highlights are a great way to add versatility and fun to your hairstyle.

Usually placed on the hair’s underside, peekaboo highlights are best shown when the hair is brought forward or pulled up. This way, the hair underneath is visible, showing whatever fun colors or tones you added to your hair without being visible on the outer layers.

This way, you can have all the fun of highlighted hair without the need to color a large portion of your hair all at once.

Try These 7 Best Hair Highlight Ideas

From the bold, colorful highlights to more subtle ones, these are the seven best hair highlight ideas to try.

With these ideas, you can truly change up your look and give your hair a breath of fresh air. Your hair is a creative outlet, and you can try new things to step out of your comfort zone with these hair dye tips.

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