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11 Best Hair Color For Morena Skin Tone | Ideas You Must Try In 2022

Which is the best hair color for Morena skin tone in 2022?

Well, some people are born with natural jaw-dropping hair colors, while some are not lucky enough. The same goes with skin tone as well; some are blessed with natural Morena skin tone; for example – Filipino ladies. They have a warm, tanned brunette color or darker brown skin ranging from caramel to light coffee.

Although, it can be challenging for the Morenas when it comes to selecting a subtle hair color. With so many best hair colors for Morena prevailing in the hairstyling industry, the scenario is more complicated.

Are you also looking for a suggestion of the best hair color for Morena’s skin of yours? We have brought top-flattering tinges that would define the beauty of your natural brown skin most.

What Is Morena In Filipino?

What Is Morena In Filipino

This section is dedicated to those who are:

  • Firstly, Non-Filipinos.
  • Secondly, those Filipino Fräuleins, unaware of how startling their Morena skin tone is?

Morena in Filipino and Spanish exactly refers to the tanned brunette color. It can range from caramel to light coffee hue. Contrasting to Mestizas, who have light and fairer skin, Morenas have a darker brown skin tint. It is the Filipino girls who naturally possess Morena color in their genetics.

Growing up in the Philippines and being a Morena is absolutely the best thing that can happen to you. Wondering why? You can make so many twists and tricks with your hair color…. Duh!!

11 Best Hair Color For Morena Skin In 2022

Best Hair Color For Morena Skin

With the continuous evolution of the fashion and beauty industry, style statements and beauty hacks have also changed drastically. Especially when it comes to hair styling, there is a myriad of trending tips and tricks that are worth trying.

Gone are the days when people used to search for the best hair color for morena 2020 and hair color for morena 2021. There is so much to look forward to this 2022 in terms of the best hair color for morena skin. Want to take a sneak peek into it? All you have to do is deep-dive into the 11 best hair colors for Morena we have recommended for you below.

Let’s get started….

1. Golden Bronze Hair Color For Morena

Golden Bronze Hair Color

Golden bronze is really the finest hair color for morena skin tones and similar other warm skin tones. Not only does it preserve your brown skin beautifully, but also it gives a healthy and fresh glow. The best part is that this glow of yours won’t seem to be a ‘made-up’ one; rather it would look incredibly natural.

2. Chocolate Brown

Chocolate Brown

A rich, delicious chocolate brown is a very popular hair color for morena women. Make sure to get a voluptuary and darker chocolate brown shade to add shine, appeal, and warmth. Trust me, with this color on your hair; it will simply highlight your natural tan better and maintain vibrancy.

An added tip: If you know someone with luscious Brazillian hair, suggest her Chocolate brown color. Thank me later!

3. Medium Brown Balayage Hair Color For Morena

Medium Brown Balayage Hair Color

If your morena color is more towards light coffee hue, it’s required for the color to mingle flawlessly with your skin. In this regard, we would suggest you go for Medium Brown Balayage Hair Color.

4. Caramel Light Brown Hair Color For Morena

Caramel Light Brown Hair Color

Caramel light brown hair color for morena is worth dying for! Do you know you can add this color for your streaks which will actually look superb? If you are choosing caramel brown, remember not to use it as highlights and stick to the streaks only. Caramel light brown hair color for morena will undoubtedly give your natural black hair a striking warmth.

5. Ash Brown Highlights Hair Color For Morena

Ash Brown Highlights Hair Color

A few ash gray locks look perplexing on your tresses if you have a natural Morena colored skin. This ash brown highlights hair color for morena needs to be applied very tactfully so that your roots remain untouched. And you know what’s more impressive? It is one of the best highlights hair color for morena tone that will self-soothe once the roots start growing.

6. Wine


I know it may sound weird to you – Wine red hair color for Morena women. But, hey, it’s high time you break the shackles of myths like “wine red is only for fair-skinned girls.” No darling, it’s not….darker shades like Wine give your Morena skin as well as the locks an enchanting look.

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7. Mahogany


This Morena hair color is basically a warmer shade of brown, giving your morena skin tinge a toasty shine. You can also twist it a little with an Ombre style to give your hair a stupefying transition, just like the stem of a Mahogany tree.

8. Honey


Do you wanna look like that astounding beach girl who sets everyone’s heart on fire with her staggering beauty and youth? Well, if you are a morena and get the Honey hair color done on your hair, you can be one of these dream divas. Indeed, this is the perfect hair color for morena and a fantastic escape from your natural black hair.

9. Cool Silver Blonde Hair Color For Morena

Cool Silver Blonde Hair Color

We have to keep Cool Silver Blonde on the list of best hair colors for Morena. What else to do; it gives such a mind-boggling edgy look and sharply contrasts your warm skin and hair. However, do not forget to take hair nourishing treatments regularly after applying this color since it involves damage-causing bleaching ingredients.

10. Mauve


Are you a fan of bizarre hairstyles and hair colors? Do you believe in trial and error methods in hairstyling? Well, then Mauve is your thrilling hair color for Morena Skin. Remember, mauve is a low-key version of purple, so ask the hairstylist to use ‘Cool Mauve’ before it gets messed up.

I repeat, girl, this can be your dream color hair for morena skin tone if you have a quirky style sense like me.

11. Dark Auburn

Dark Auburn

Auburn red or dark auburn has consistently maintained its popularity as the choicest hair color for morena 2021. In 2022 too, it is successfully ruining the hairstyling industry. Nope, nobody will call you ‘Read head Weasley’ if you are too concerned. Rather your inner audacious River Vixen would come out with this color. Your morena toned skin will definitely look healthier and radiant if you use Dark Auburn color in your hair.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. Is Ash Gray Morena Hair Color Good?

Ash gray hair color for morena is nothing but a masterpiece when it comes to Filipino girls. It literally brightens and adds an inner glow to the morena skin. Also, More specifically, Rich-Red is the best hair color for morena to look whiter.

Q2. Is Purple Hair Color Good For Morena?

Although many morena starlets prefer Purple hair color, it isn’t the best hair color for morena. Practically, it doesn’t compliment the morena skin tone except if you try rich-red shades or wine shades. These two colors make morena skin ladies look awestruck.

Q3. What Color Compliments Morena Skin?

Some of the best hair colors for morena are navy blue, red, white, and black. Since these are clear and sharp colors, they tend to plaudit the morena skin tone of Filipino beauties. Additionally, ash gray hair color for morena is one of the most quintessential combos I have ever seen.

Q4. How Can I Make My Morena Skin Glow?

Don’t you want to make your hair color for morena to look whiter? To make the best hair color for morena suit you, you have to make your morena skin glow naturally. Here are some tips:

Our Opinion On The Best Hair Color For Morena Skin

All the stunning hair colors for morena skin mentioned above are truly breathtaking. Plus, these are on the latest trends of 2022 as well. So if you are a Filipino and want to give a new edge to your Morena skin tone, the above-suggested colors will be the best for you.

Saying goodbye to the natural hair color is tough. But why not do some experiments when the almighty has gifted you with such an amazing skin hue? Brainstorm your own ideas right now and choose your best hair color for morena from the above list.

Most importantly, do not forget to let us know which morena hair color you have finally picked up!

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