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Best Groovy Outfits For Men (Creating The Bold Styles Of The 70s)

Groovy outfits recreate the charm of the 70s and celebrate the spirit of life. This trend is back! Luxury names like Zara and Gucci are coming up with modern groovy outfits with some elevations but not ruining the core essence of the genre.

Like the fashion trends of all decades, the 70’s groovy fashion also went on to become an extension of popular culture. Remember John Travolta’s Saturday Night Fever? Bell-bottom pants, stylish jackets, and crossover dressing all became huge in that era.

So, do you want to know about some groovy fashion trends for men today? Let’s discuss it!

Best Groovy Outfits For Men

With prints, patterns, and the “bigger is better” mantra ruling, the 70’s groovy outfits presented opulence.

However, within the same genre, there was this rise of minimalism in cuts, becoming an important aspect of Hippie fashion. However, that did not mean compromising on colors.

Nevertheless, groovy fashion is growing bigger in 2023. So, let’s find out the best outfits for men in this trend.

Turtlenecks: 70’s Groovy Outfits

From Elvis Presley to The Beatles, we cannot imagine the groovy outfits of the 70s without the turtlenecks. It could be regular tees or cozier sweaters and pullovers for the cold days of the winter.

Turtle necks have been there in mainstream fashion for quite some time now. This year, they are only going to be more popular.

You can go for a simple black turtleneck sweater or a colorful one in red or other shades. The best thing about these outfits is that they can even be worn as smart casuals or semi-formals today. 

Styling them is very easy. Based on the occasion, you can team your turtle neck T-shirt or sweater with formal trousers or denim jeans. If you want to follow the 70s trend fully, go for a pair of slacks with these shirts/sweaters.

In shoes, pick a pair of loafers or casual sneakers and step out in style. 

Wide Lapel Suits

Bold cuts and dramatic structures were the signature styles of the 70s. Men chose wide lapels in their suits and blazers to celebrate flamboyance.

Though not frequently worn on a regular basis these days, this trend is making a comeback and is here to stay.

So, whether you wear a pinstripe suit or a blazer, you can infuse the element of groovy fashion into it by picking a wide lapel.

Team it with a formal shirt and trousers to get ready for a business meeting or black tie evenings.

Shoes for this ensemble have to be formal. So, choose a pair of Oxford shoes or brogues. 

Groovy Fashion Disco Outfits

Talking about the disco outfits of the groovy era, we have to again take reference from Elvis Presley. So, if you are heading to a disco party, you can wear a sparkling bodysuit and leather boots.

You can also go for a  white shirt with studs and embellishments and a pair of matching wide-legged trousers.

Don’t forget those sparkling leather boots to groove it your way.

The Quintessential Corduroy

 You cannot ever overlook corduroy jackets and blazers while looking for groovy outfit ideas. Do you see the corduroy as something for nerds?

Well, you need to explore how big it was back in the 70s. Corduroy pants and jackets with a distinct finish reigned supreme in jackets, trousers, and suits.

With prominent elements of Western fashion, corduroy suits and outfits became the staple for parties and meetings.

Corduroy was never out of fashion, and especially in winter, these were always picked over the regular denim jeans and cotton chinos.

So, how about reliving that era and pep up your wardrobe with some corduroy essentials?

Another popular icon who set the fashion trend in the 1970s was David Bowie. He, with his gender-fluid and metallic costumes, started a creative take on regular disco and glam outfits. 

For David Bowie, fashion was all about finding the right expression and sharing with the world what was going on in his heart and mind. The groovy outfits and fashion were very similar to that. Expressive, uninhibited, and creative!

Velvet In Groovy Festival Outfits

Did anyone tell you that velvets and all plush fabrics are for women only? Don’t pay heed as they don’t know high-end fashion. In the 1970s, velvet was the go-to fabric for festival outfits for men.

The rich texture of the fabric and vividness of color were perfect for gelling with a festive vibe. Today, when you say that velvet suits and blazers in pink or neon blue are only made for runways, back in those days, those were a staple.

Another common choice for the festivals and disco visits was a silk shirt with wide-legged trousers.

You can easily copy this look along with the right accessories. In the 1970s, men used to put serious effort into accessorizing their outfits in the best way.

Be it a fedora hat, a scarf, or a fringed jacket, they never shied away from going overboard with their fashion choices.

Do you want to add some grunge to your look? You can try sunglasses, chunky necklaces, and rings to get ready for parties.

You can even keep your velvet shirt bare-chested, and it will look more stylish with a watercolor tattoo on your chest. 

Groovy Rave Outfits: Celebrating High Spirit

When you talk about rave outfits, it has to be about comfort. So, why not infuse some groovy charm into your rave party outfits?

I can share a simple rave party idea with you. You can easily create it by following the Ken outfits. Wear a matching shirt and shorts set with subtle prints or opulent colors. You can even wear a printed shirt with skinny-fit denim jeans and sneakers.

You can even take inspiration from the muscle culture of the 1970s. So, if you have a well-toned body, wear a vest with a pair of trousers and leather shoes while hitting a rave party.

Remember, the groovy rave outfits are all about celebrating high spirits. So, be as creative as you want. 

Final Words

Groovy outfits, rather groovy fashion, are inspirational, with many icons to get inspired from. From the haircut to the clothes and footwear, there was this urge to celebrate the high spirit of life.

With the trend coming back this year, you can also give your wardrobe a massive boost.

So, what is the groovy outfit you are planning to get this season? Don’t forget to share!

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