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How Do Grillz Stay On Your Teeth? Answered

In hip-hop culture, grillz have become a symbol of style and luxury. It has come to the point that everyone’s discussing, wondering, discoursing, “How really do grillz stay on your teeth?” Well, fret not, we are here with the most up-to-date answer.

From musicians, especially rappers,  to athletes, celebrities often wear these dazzling dental accessories. Even everyone who’s been rocking grillz for a while has wondered this at some point- how do grillz stay on your teeth?

The Allure of Grillz

Grillz exploded in popularity in the early 2000s, becoming a fashion statement in hip-hop. Rappers like Nelly and Paul Wall helped spark the trend, wearing diamond-encrusted gold grillz in their music videos. 

Over the years, grillz have been donned by many pop culture icons. Their sparkling gems and precious metals project luxury and status. For many musicians, grillz are an expression of success – a symbol that they’ve “made it.” 

Beyond hip hop, grillz have been embraced by stars like Rihanna, Katy Perry, and Johnny Depp. These flashy dental accessories allow people to show off their style and personality.

First Steps – Creating a Custom Mold

So how exactly do grillz stay snugly in place? The process starts with making a unique mold of your teeth. This ensures the grillz will fit comfortably and securely. A dentist takes an impression of your teeth using a pliable material like silicone or alginate. 

This mold captures all the small contours and details of your smile. The impression is then sent to a grillz technician who uses it to craft a customized piece. 

Your grillz will be shaped to match the exact form of your teeth. This tailored fit helps keep the grillz from slipping around or falling out. For the best fit, it’s essential to get professional molding done rather than trying to DIY it.

Constructing the Grillz Framework

Once the mold is made, the technician begins fabricating the actual grillz. They are commonly constructed from precious metals like gold, platinum or silver. 

These materials are polished and crafted into thin sheets or strips forming the main structure. The shape and design of the grillz vary based on personal style – anything from simple metallic bands to elaborate diamond-encrusted pieces. 

The metals used are malleable and can be micro-adjusted during the fabrication process. This allows fine-tuning the form to your teeth. Small custom clasps may also be integrated on the interior surface to grip the teeth. These discretely placed clasps provide added stability without being visible.

Lining for Comfort and Security

grillz feature

Some grillz feature specialized linings for enhanced comfort and hold. A soft silicone backing can be adhered to the interior surface, acting as a cushion between the metal and your teeth. 

This flexible lining creates a more comfortable fit and minimizes any poking or irritation. It fills in small gaps between the grillz and teeth. Silicone’s grippy texture also provides friction to prevent slippage. An alternate option is using dental adhesive resin on the inside of the grillz piece. 

After curing, this creates a sticky surface that grips the teeth. Just a small dab of adhesive resin can give grillz some extra clinging power. Both silicone and resin make wearing grillz more pleasant while boosting security.

Achieving the Perfect Fit

With customized molding and ingenious construction, today’s grillz achieve a remarkably snug fit. The entire process is engineered around the unique dimensions of your smile. Here are some key steps for getting grillz that fit flawlessly:

  • Start with a detailed dental impression to capture your teeth’s shape.
  • Skilled technicians use this mold to hand-fabricate a closely contoured framework.
  • Malleable precious metals like gold allow micro-adjustments during shaping.
  • Integrated interior clasps discreetly grip teeth without being visible.
  • Optional silicone or resin lining enhances comfort and stability.

With these methods, your dazzling grillz will feel like a natural part of your smile!

Buying Quality Grillz

When you’re ready to get your own set of grillz, it’s important to buy from a reputable source. A trusted seller will have expert technicians to craft high-quality, customized pieces made to fit you perfectly. 

We recommend checking out Ice Cartel for an amazing selection of grillz. They specialize in stylish moissanite grillz made with durable precious metals. Moissanite has a brilliant shine like diamonds at a fraction of the price. 

Ice Cartel ensures their grillz will stay securely and comfortably on your teeth. Check out their stunning selection to find the perfect grills to showcase your personal flair!

Caring for Your Grillz

Now that you have already learned everything about buying quality grillz, it’s time for you to learn how to take care of them. 

Grillz are designed for long-lasting durability but require some basic care. Always thoroughly clean your teeth and grillz them before putting them in to prevent buildup or stains. 

Use a soft brush and mild soap – avoid abrasive toothpastes. When not wearing them, store grillz in a secure container to prevent scratches or damage. Remove grillz before eating, sleeping, or playing contact sports. 

Avoid chewing hard foods like ice or hard candy which could bend or warp the metal. Check clasps periodically and have them adjusted by a professional if needed. With proper care, quality grillz can stay stunning for years!


Grillz has become a fashionable way to add some flash to your smile. While they may seem like costume jewelry, grillz utilizes clever techniques to stay firmly planted. 

A customized mold matched with malleable metals and stabilizing features allows grillz to cling securely to your teeth. So next time someone asks “How do grillz stay on your teeth?” 

You can explain the ingenuity behind these dazzling accessories! With options from trusted brands like Ice Cartel, you can find grillz tailored to your teeth that you can wear with confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions About Grillz

How long can grillz be worn comfortably?

It’s recommended to limit initial grillz wear to just a few hours as you adjust to having them in. Once your teeth and gums have acclimated, high-quality grillz can usually be comfortably worn for up to 12 hours at a time. Always give your mouth periodic breaks.

Do grillz damage or stain teeth?

Properly fitted grillz will not damage teeth. However, poorly sized grills that don’t fit right can potentially chip enamel over time. Discoloration can occur if grillz aren’t cleaned thoroughly or worn for too long. Practicing good dental hygiene and limiting wear time can prevent staining.

Can you eat and drink with grillz in?

It’s best to remove grillz before eating and drinking. Hard or chewy foods can damage grillz and even pull them off teeth. Acidic drinks like soda or citrus juices can also tarnish and erode grillz over time.

How do you clean grillz?

Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and mild, non-abrasive soap to gently clean grillz. Soak them in warm water then lightly scrub away plaque and debris. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry. Never use toothpaste, bleach, or other harsh chemicals which can scratch or dull grillz.

How much do custom grillz cost?

Prices range widely based on materials used and amount of custom detailing. Basic gold or silver grillz can cost $150-$300. More elaborate diamond grillz range from $500 into the thousands. Custom molding and fitting also impacts the overall price.