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Top 9 Green Skirt Ideas That You Should Not Miss Out

When we hear the word ‘green’!

Not many flattering shades come to your mind. Yes, we have a few pastels and of course, can never forget the olive.

However, now try to match skirts with the green color palette.

No, it is not a ridiculous idea to our fashion-addled brain. It just needs a little shaping! 

If you pick the right things to pair them with, you will come out looking like a Synthetine Queen. [A reference only my fellow Potterheads will get]

So, if you are still going through this dilemma of how to style a green skirt, you have reached the right place; as I will be showing you 9 green skirt ideas you should not miss out on.

To Green Or Not To Green

To Green Or Not To Green

Always ‘to green’ because it already has a sense of elegance and poise in them. Plus, you cannot deny the ultimate looks you can create with these styles.

1. Midi Skirt Green

Midi Skirt Green

The midi-length was a hit in the 90s however from the early Y2K to the few parts of the next decade, midi skirts became obsolete. The skirts were a lot shorter then. However, nothing has come back stronger than the 90s trend and midis are a good example of it.


  • Green midi on the other hand has this flattering fall that is attracting every cottage core or vintage style lover. 
  • It has a sweet sublimity to it, which allows us warriors to also embrace the sentimental girly side. 
  • Plus, it is very easy to style. Just pair it with some knotted shirts and you are good to go. 

2. Green Tennis Skirt

Green Tennis Skirt

We all know and adore those striped tennis skirts that give us that subtle naivete but at the same time, express our inner risque nature. These come in all shades of green, from light to dark with contrasting strips that bring out the best look.


  • They are the perfect casual outfit when you are too lazy to waste too much energy on picking a cloth but you still want to look like an absolute ‘head turner.’
  • The versatility of these green skirt styles will allow you to wear them with anything you find first in the closet.
  • The neutrals will look the best but you can also give it a pop of edge with a jacket.

Denim, or better; Leather!

3. Green Skirt With Plaids

Green Skirt With Plaids

Plaids in skirts will and always remain a fashion statement. I mean who won’t look good in a green plaid skirt outfit! 


  • They are chic but dangerous at the same time. Which means the wearability is versatile.
  • The green will cut through it and give it a touch of elegance too. If this is not a complete outfit then what else?
  • On top of that, you can also accessorize it with your favorite belt and it takes nothing from the outfit, it rather accentuates it. 

4. Plus Size Green Skirt

Plus Size Green Skirt

There is nothing more fashionable than total inclusivity. To all my plus-sized curvy queens, never think that these articles are not for you!


  • Now, we have a lot of versatility in the market and green can be a flattering color or anything body or skin type.
  • It is not as eye-catching as a flame scarlet but at the same time, it won’t make you invisible.
  • Perfect for every day but also when you want to dress up and capture some good attention.

So, don’t feel shy or conscious about wearing that dark green pencil skirt. Your body type doesn’t determine your confidence.

5. Green Mint Skirt

Green Mint Skirt

This color has reached its limelight in the late years of the last second when pastels made a comeback again from the 90s.

Needless to say that it is so iconic that an entire segment has to be contributed to this style. 


  • Mint green skirts would look amazing as a cute style for the daytime. 
  • That being said, it is not exactly a formal color. So, refrain from wearing it as formal wear
  • However, if you have a pencil skirt you can wear it to your next brunch look with your spaghetti top. 

6. Olive Green Skirt

Olive Green Skirt

Olive Green Skirt

Again, another iconic color that requires a different section. Olive is an ‘evergreen’ color. If you want to match this color in the form of a skirt, no matter whatever way you style it; the results are always going to be iconic. 


  • They are a versatile pick and can be worn for any occasion.
  • The color is flattering on every skin tone.
  • There is no one skirt type that will accentuate this color. 

What To Wear With An Olive Green Skirt?

Since the olive green skirt is already a dark color, you might want to add some vibrancy to the palette by wearing a light-colored top.

7. Pleated Skirt Green

Pleated Skirt Green

Some people will find this choice of green skirt style a little iffy. But, don’t worry you won’t look like a schoolgirl. Maybe Hogwarts…

Okay, no more Harry Potter references. 

Let’s say you are Cher Horowitz’s little Autumn sister. The pleated skirt isn’t yellow bright sunshine but in an excellent shade of heather green that brings out the best essence of the Fall season


  • Ultimate comfort wear that will also make you look extremely put together.
  • There is not a single type of blouse which you can’t stop with this hoodie. Crop tops, hoodies; let your imagination go wild. 
  • It can’t be worn to workplaces though. It is much of informal wear. 

8. Maxi Green Skirt

Maxi Green Skirt

This kind of bleeds in with the midi green skirt but it is the one that goes up to your ankle. This is also known for its versatility as a maxi skirt can be paired.


  • They can be tight-fitted bodycon but also flowy ones which will go best with your summer looks
  • You can wear them for every occasion and the choices of accessories are endless. 

9. Green Split Skirt

Green Split Skirt

Slit skirts are already finding their place among the chicest style, so why not our eternally-chic color green shouldn’t be on the list too.


  • Perfect party wear, no question about it
  • However, choose the correct top and it will become brunch wear with some boots
  • The versatility is insane. 
  • Not safe for formal workplace wear.

With a high slit green skirt and your favorite crop top, walk the sidewalks like it’s your own

What To Wear With A Green Skirt?

This is a very common question asked over the internet when you have that green skirt rotting in your closet but you don’t know what to do with it. 

In that case, I would always suggest the golden rule of balance. Now, as I can’t see what kind you are talking about, however, if it is a tight skirt then go for a loose top over. Vice versa for a flowy skirt underneath, however, don’t accessorize when you have a loose skirt.

What To Wear With A Dark Green Skirt?

Yes, you can take the small step and wear something light-colored. However, if it is that dark top you want to pair with your dark green skirt then go for some good old leather jacket and probably a belt.

Frequently Asked Question 

Here is the frequently asked question on the internet.

1. What Colour Goes With Army Green Skirt?

Ans. Since army green falls more in the neutral front, you can top it off with a contrasting black or white. Accessorize with some gold jewelry or a belt with a gold buckle.

2. What To Wear With A Light Green Skirt?

Ans. For the light green skirt, the color choice will depend. If it is a vibrant color, you can go with neutrals like black. However, if it is more towards the pastel side; you can go with the colors like

3. What color goes with lime green skirt?

Ans. With a color like a lime green skirt, the vibrancy will stand out. Therefore, it is advised to wear a nude or pastel color with this type.

To Conclude

I hope I was able to convince you about the supremacy in green color and most importantly buying a green skirt in your next shopping spree.

Now go decorate your Instagram aesthetic with some green in it.

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