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What Is The Best Graphic Eyeliner Look For The Season? (Check Out 5+ Ideas)

Graphic Eyeliner: Your daily dose of eye makeup is incomplete with the right touch of an eyeliner. As you glide the eyeliner across your lash lines, you have a defined look for your eyes.

However, some of us love to keep it subtle, while some prefer a more dramatic look. A graphic eyeliner allows you to experiment with colors, and thanks to the bold strokes it offers, you can also be creative with the shapes. 

Do you want to know about the best graphic eyeliner look you can try this season? Here is a brief guide for you.

Best Graphic Eyeliner Looks For You

While creating a graphic eyeliner look, you can try to think of a theme beforehand, as there are endless possibilities of styling your eyes with the best graphic eyeliners.

The design will take its own course, and you will end up adding different elements to the eye makeup.

However, having a set theme in the beginning always helps to achieve the desired look.

Also, as you have many color options, you can go for a trial and error way to find the one that suits your skin tone and eye color.

Nevertheless, it’s time to make your eyes look more beautiful with the ideas I have shared in this guide.

Chrome Gel Eyeliner Look

Are you in for a femme fatale look? Smokey eyes are not your only option. You can also create an extra winged effect with a chrome black graphic eyeliner. The thick wings on your eyelids will render your eye makeup opulent without putting much effort.

Do you want to stylize this eye makeup further? You can use glitters in a dual tone along the thick lines for a glammed-up look. 

If you want to balance out this eye makeup, you must pick softer or neutral shades for your lips and cheeks. Softer shades of pink and brown will be a great choice in this regard.

Blue Gel Eyeliner Look

How about exuding some cool summer vibe through your eye makeup? You can easily achieve the desired look with different shades of gel eyeliners. 

To create this particular look, you will need to apply sky-blue eyeliner along your upper lash line. If you want to add more elements to this eye makeup, choose the lightest shade of blue or something neutral as the eyeshadow and apply that first.

Once you are done with defining your upper lash line, use an eye pencil in a darker shade to create an upward accent near the outer edges of your eyes.

Now, add a touch of white around the inner corners of your eyes and extend the white line a little toward your upper lash line to create a seamless effect.

Triple Winged Graphic Eyeliner Look

If you follow the latest trends in makeup, you will know that winged eye makeup is very much in vogue these days. The winged or cat-eye vibe is also very retro in its essence.

The trick to getting this look is creating two wings along your lower lash lines. For example, draw a red line and stretch it upward to create a winged effect.

Just below the red line, draw a black line and move upward for a perfect cat-eye look. Also, move the eyeliner on your upper eyelid upward and allow the three lines to meet for the triple-winged style.

Furthermore, you can add subtle touches of white around the corners of your eyes for a dewy effect. 

Get A Colored Wing For Your Eyes

If you want to keep your eye makeup bright yet subtle, you can get a colored wing. You can pick shades like dark green, blue, or brown to create a winged effect on your upper lash line if you are going for a single-color design.

Also, these shades are bold and match a wide range of complexions.

To create the perfect winged effect for your eyes, keep the lines around the inner corner of your eyes thinner.

Make the line bolder and thicker as it moves toward the outer corner. Further, don’t forget to apply mascara on your eyelashes for a more defined look.

In addition, don’t go for eyeliner in a darker shade to define your lower lash line if you want to draw the maximum attention to the winged effect. 

Abstract Gel Eyeliner Look

How about some abstract eye makeup inspired by folk art? You can nail the look with the use of blue and black gel eyeliners

Create an arch in blue around your upper eyelids and make the lines progress from thick to thin toward the outer corners of your eyes. Now, outline the arch with dark black eyeliner.

Further, beautify your upper lash lines with black gel eyeliner and add a touch of blue around the outer edges of your eyes. 

In addition, stylize your lashes well to lend a finishing touch to your eye makeup. 

Thick Gel Eyeliner Look

Do you want to recreate the retro-chic vibe of the 60s in your eye makeup? You can try this thick gel eyeliner look for your eyes. This look focuses on your upper lash lines and needs a minimal touch of makeup on the lower lash lines. 

Further, in this style of eye makeup, the eyeliner will have a slightly winged effect on your upper eyelids without the drama of cat eye makeup. The entire look is feminine and suits a variety of occasions. 

Gel Eyeliner Look In Green

The gel eyeliner looks in green are cool and great to complement dresses in white and pastel shades. 

To try this style, you will need to draw a green line around your upper eyelids. Make the edges move upward.

Now, draw a similar line in green near the crease for all the drama. Then, connect these two lines to create a triangular shape around the outer corners of your eyes. 

Final Words

It does not matter whether you want to keep your eye makeup subtle or dramatic. A graphic eyeliner will help you achieve the desired look with ease.

So, you must explore the color options and come up with some creative ideas to help your eye makeup stand out. Also, balance out your eye makeup with the right colors for your lips and cheeks. 

Do you like any of the graphic eyeliner looks I have discussed here, or do you have some other ideas in your mind? Don’t forget to share. 

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