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Do You Want To Have The Best Goth Makeup For The Season? (13+ Striking Ideas For You)

Bold and striking! These are the words that describe goth makeup. The dark and brooding appearance needs the use of bold eyeliner, Kohl pencils, and lip colors. In addition, you will need to create a pale complexion and dramatic eyelashes

However, goth makeup is much beyond the elements you use. It’s more about your creative expression, and it is an extension of your aesthetic beliefs. 

Do you want to explore some exciting goth makeup ideas for your next look? Let’s explore! 

Best Goth Makeup Ideas For You To Try In 2024 

Did you know that the goth makeup has been around for 50 years now? During the late 1970s and early 1980s, the goth subculture rose in popularity.

There was gothic literature, music, art and fashion. Gothic makeup, of course, came as an important element of Gothic fashion.

Here, I have curated some of the coolest makeup ideas that can boost your creative ideas.

1. Goth Makeup Look With Blue Hair

Do you want to add a dash of color to your goth makeup? Go for a blue makeup look with blue hair and lips. 

Define your eyes with thin lines of eyeliner along the upper and lower lashlines. 

2. Nude Eyes And Dark Lips Goth Look

If you want to keep your goth makeup classy and more contemporary, you can go for a combination of nude eyes and dark lips.

Create a peachy pink base for your makeup, and only define the eyelashes with mascara. Then, choose a shade of wine or dark purple for your lips.  

3. All Black Goth Makeup With Dramatic Eyelashes

Do you have a penchant for dramatic eye makeup? You can opt for an all-black look. Use dark black brow pencils for coloring your brows.

For your eyes, use a gel black eyeliner, but don’t forget to add a touch of white to the inner corners of your eyes. 

If you want to enhance this look further, you can wear white or light blue lenses. 

4. Goth Makeup With Racoon Eyes 

Do you want something more elaborate than smokey eyes? You can try raccoon eyes. For this look, you will need black eyeliner, and you can use the eyeliner to create a smudged effect around the inner and outer corners of your eyes.

However, if you don’t want the overall look to be very brooding, you must choose a lighter or nude shade for your lips. Further, among softer shades, peach or pink will be the best choice. 

5. Glammed-Up Goth Makeup

If you want to keep it sexy and sultry, you have to add a touch of golden or copper to your goth makeup. Follow this step-by-step guide to nail this glammed-up goth look.

  • Keep your brows feathered and bushy near the temple of your nose.
  • Further, keep the eyebrows more defined and sculpted along the outer edge.
  • Now, pick a shade of golden or bronze for your eyelids. 
  • Then, define your eyes with a dark black gel or liquid eyeliner.

That’s it! You have your eye makeup ready, and now you can paint your lips with dark, wide, or brown colors to complete your look. 

6. Purple Goth Makeup

Do you want to keep your goth makeup very feminine? Be minimalistic with your eye makeup, and just define the upper lash lines with the touch of dark black eyeliner.

For your lips, choose a metallic purple color, and that will be the highlight of the makeup. 

7. Flaunt A Gothic Look In Grey

You can make your eyes look like the wings of a dragon by choosing a gothic look in grey. For this look, you will need to pick a grey eyeshadow.

Now, apply grey or white around the inner corners of your eyes and draw a black line a little below your lower lash line.

Choose a darker shade of grey or black for the area near your upper lash line. So, you will apply grey eyeshadow just below your browbones and then go for darker shades.

You need to paint your lips in grey lipstick for this look. 

8. Dolled Up Goth Makeup Look

Do you want to look like a porcelain doll with your goth makeup look? You can easily ace it by having a pale skin tone as a base. To get a pale skin tone, you can use loose face powder.

Once the base is set, use black eyeliner to define your eyes. However, don’t cover your entire lower lash line with the eyeliner. Start drawing the line from the middle of your lash line and create a winged effect upward.

Draw a line in black gel eyeliner along your upper lash line as well, and make sure that both lines meet around the outer corners of your eyes. 

Then, add a touch of red eyeshadow on your eyelids and near the lower lash lines for some drama. You can even add rhinestones or studs to your makeup. 

9. Ombre Goth Makeup

If you follow the latest trends, you will notice a lot of use of pastel shades. There is especially an increase in the use of purple and pink shades in goth makeup. 

Your hair will be an integral part of this makeup, and you will need to create an ombre effect by using purple and pink colors for your hair.

Once you are done with the hair, wear purple lipstick and plan your eye makeup with a lot of use of black and grey. If you want to make the look more dramatic, you can pick lenses of lighter shades. 

10. Creative Goth Makeup Look

Are you a great fan of Frida Kahlo? Do you like androgynous fashion? You can try going bold and more detailed with the makeup of your eyebrows.

Use a lot of black or dark eyeshadow beneath the eyebrows and stretch that to a certain path of the temple of your nose. This will create almost an unibrow look.

However, while taking this approach, you need to choose soft or nude shades to define your eyes. 

You can balance the makeup of your eyes with a lip color of a darker shade. 

11. Futuristic Goth Makeup Look

A pale skin tone is an important aspect of goth makeup. Further, if you want to have a futuristic goth look, you need to be more particular about the pale skin tone, and you need something closer to a porcelain finish.

Add streaks of purple to your hair and dark purple to your lips. The eye makeup in this look will be a little detailed. 

First, do your eyebrows with a touch of dark black to keep the brows structured. Now, keep your eyes well-contoured with a touch of black eyeliner around the outer corners. For the inner corners, choose a shade of white or light purple.  

12. Dramatic Goth Makeup Look 

Do you love drama in your makeup? You can go for a bold touch of black liquid eyeliner for your eyes. Use the eyeliner for your upper lashline and complement it with a touch of red along your lower lashline.

Further, for your eyeshadow, choose a shade of dark grey. Finally, add a touch of golden or copper glitter just beneath your eyebrows for a glammed-up finish.

In addition, paint your lips dark red or black to balance the overall appearance. 

13. Goth Makeup With A Touch Of Green

Are you planning to give your goth makeup a fun twist? How about adding a touch of green to your makeup? It will look great if you have dyed your hair green. Otherwise, you can also wear a green wig, or you can temporarily color your hair.

Here are the other things you need to do to get this goth look in green. 

  • Add a touch of green to your eyebrows.
  • For your lips, choose a shade of blackish green.
  • Then, go for smokey eye makeup with a subtle touch of green around your inner eye corners. 

14. Goth Makeup With Winged Eyes 

Do you want to flaunt your sensuality? It’s time to give your regular goth makeup some aesthetic twist. 

  • Choose a shade of red to outline the lower lash lines of your eyes.
  • For the upper lash lines, use a black eye pencil.
  • Now, create a winged effect by making the red and black lines meet. Keep the red line a little bolder to bring out the drama in your look.
  • To enhance this look, go for a brown or reddish eyeshadow for your upper eyelid.
  • Also, don’t forget to curl your lashes and give them a fuller look. You can even wear false eyelashes.

Once you are done with your eye makeup, choose a shade of dark red or wine to make your lips look beautiful. 

Final Words 

You don’t need to limit your ideas, and you can play as much as you want with colors while wearing goth makeup.

Along with black and bold shades like red, green, and purple, you will also see a lot of use of softer or pastel shades in goth looks these days.

However, while wearing your makeup, make sure that you plan your eye and lip makeup well. Based on your preference, you can create a contrast between your eyes or lips (a combination of nude eyes and bold lips), and you can also match the eye and lip makeup.

Do you like any of the makeup ideas I have shared here, or do you want to try something new? Don’t forget to share!

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