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What Is The Best Glitter Eye Makeup Look For This Season? (7+ Ideas To Try)

Do you want to try glammed-up eye makeup for you this season? From the subtle touch of shine to more dramatic metallic eyes, the magic of glitter eye makeup never ceases to enchant us. 

Further, glitter does not mean only the shades of gold, silver, and bronze. Today, you will find glitters in many shades, shapes, and sizes.

So, how about exploring some glittery fun and experimenting with your eye makeup this season?

Let the fun begin!

Best Glitter Eye Makeup Ideas For You

There is no limit to being creative if you want to perfect the glitter eye makeup. Here, I have curated a good mix of ideas, including some subtle and dramatic variations.

1. Golden Bronze Glitter Eye Makeup

Are you getting ready for a party? Do you want to create a retro vibe with an earthy touch? You can try the golden bronze glitter eye makeup.

This makeup will especially suit you with a medium complexion. Also, because of the golden touch in it, it will even work for people with a deep skin tone.

The golden bronze shimmer on the eyelids lends you a glammed-up look. At the same time, the color is very chic, preventing the eye makeup from being excessively dramatic. 

As you pick this glitter eye makeup for your lids, keep your lips painted in neutral shades for the right balance in the makeup.

2. Heavy Duty Silver Glitter Eye Makeup

If you want your eye makeup to be abstract and over the top, you need to pick the silver glitter eye makeup. It’s bold and boisterous, very much with an element of retro fashion. 

While using the silver glitter heavily on your eyelids, you can use your black or green eyeliner to create an accent around the outer edges of your eyelids. Further, create a winged effect for a little more drama. 

Further, choose a lighter eyeliner for defining your lower lash line. If you still want to use black, go for a thin line to keep all the focus on your eyelids.

This eye makeup will look great with bold lip colors. Especially the shades of purple and wine will be a great choice.

3. Deep Purple Glitter Eye Makeup

Using purple glitter on your eyelids is such a regal and bold idea! In the era of tours and fashion weeks, this style is going to give your fashion game a major boost.

However, be a little creative while trying purple sparkles for your eyelids. You can experiment with the hues and create an ombre effect by using different hues of purple glitters. Further, the ombre effect will create a soft and dreamy charm to your appearance.

Are you using purple glitters for your eyes? Choose the lip color in purple or dark red to complement your eye makeup. You can even be a little more adventurous by picking a sparkling red lip color. 

4. How About Some Multicolor Fun?

How does it feel when the confetti pops at a party and fills the air with many colors? You can create a similar effect with glitter eye makeup. 

Thanks to the use of sparkles of mixed colors for your eye makeup, you will experience a change of colors for the glitters from different angles. So, the overall look will be very mysterious.

The glitter will have many colors. So, you have to keep it subtle for other elements of your makeup. Choose neutral shades for painting your lips and as the blusher for your cheeks.

5. Keep It Regal With Emerald Eye Makeup

Do you want to glam up your eyes in a regal way? You can pick emerald glitter eye makeup. The use of emeralds will also lend a dreamy appearance to your eyelids. 

While using emeralds for your eyelids, you must use a graphic gel eyeliner in black to define your eyes. Emerald, being a soft color, allows you to be bold and experimental with how you draw the eyeliner.

Further, thanks to the use of gel eyeliner, you will be able to create different shapes around your eyes. You can create a winged effect by drawing the eyeliner on your upper eyelids upward. 

Overall, the look will be chic and it will be very much in line with the 60’s fashion. Choose soft pink or neutrals for your lips while choosing emerald glitters for your eyes.

6. Try Some Neon Pop

There is no stopping you from being creative with your eye makeup when you are using glitters on the eyelids. So, why not go for a pop of neon colors this time?

To nail this look, you can use neon colors to define your upper lash line and cover the upper lids of your eyes. Then, add a touch of shimmers or glitters in neutral or bronze shade to complete your eye makeup.

The neon glitter eye makeup look goes well with neutral shades. So, paint your lips in a neutral shade of brown or pink and follow the same trick to add some colors to your cheeks.

7. Chic Accents For Unique Glitter Eye Makeup

Do you want to keep it minimalistic with an element of surrealism? You don’t need to cover your eyelids completely with glitter.

You can just use a subtle accent on the upper lid with an upward accent. Choose bright colors like dark green, blue, or purple to make the accent visible. 

Further, define your eyes well with the eyeliners to maximize the effect of your eye makeup. In addition, choose neutral shades for your lips and cheeks to strike a perfect balance in the overall look.

8. Try Some Celestial Makeup For Your Eyes

Amidst all the makeup trends and tips ruling the scenario, why don’t you take a futuristic approach to your eye makeup? Let there be a celestial influence in the glitter eye makeup for your next look.

To nail this style, keep the middle of your eyelids bare. Now, use the glitters in the shapes of stars heavily around the inner and outer corners. You can even use dark black eyeliner to define your eyelids and achieve a more dramatic effect.

Final Words

You are not going to wear glitter eye makeup every day. So, when wearing it for any special occasion, you must be creative with the makeup ideas and experiment with colors.

However, it is important that you plan your lip and face makeup well while wearing glittery eye makeup to create the perfect visual balance.

Do you like any of the eye makeup ideas I have shared here, or do you have some unique ideas in your mind? Don’t forget to share!

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