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Gardenia Essential Oils – Side Effects And Benefits

The benefits of essential oils are numerous, and one of the most useful of these types is gardenia essential oil. This oil has been used in alternative medicines for centuries.

The essence of gardenia essential oil comes from coffee and is derived from gardenia flower. This oil has a fantastic smell that will attract all your attention for a while.

This essential oil features in various candles, perfumes, and lotions. Gardenia oil is a bit expensive than other essential oils, but it is worth the money. This oil is used to treat fever and different types of diseases as well.

Gardenia flower is one of the most delicate flowers worldwide. However, it is not easy to make this essential oil. It is because a massive amount of flowers are required to make this essential oil.

Gardenia Essential Oil Benefits & Side Effects  

These flowers are found in various Asian countries but its origin is somewhere in China. You will find these flowers in several colors but the most popular flowers are white gardenia.

The features of gardenia essential oils are excellent. This oil is filled with positive energies and it will help you to stay calm, positive, and relaxed.

Therefore, let’s not make you wait for any further, here are the major benefits of gardenia essential oils,


  • Helps to Treat Interstitial Cystitis:

This essential oil can help to relieve interstitial cystitis. Therefore, if you are suffering from this issue then you must take gardenia essential oil in your herbal tea daily. You can use it as a supplement.

Research has been shown that patients got quick relief after taking this essential oil daily. You can use it according to your own convenience.

  • Mitigate Mood:

This oil has several uses in aromatherapy such as it helps in relieving pain, improves your mood, anxiety, depression, etc. You can also add this oil to your bath and use it regularly.

Therefore, if you are suffering from anxiety and depression, you can use this essential oil.

  • Antioxidant:

Gardenia essential oils are rich in antioxidants. These oils eliminate oxidative stress and inhibit the formation of free radicals.

This essential oil is very popular in reducing harmful toxins from your body. On the other hand, you can reduce pigmentation and scar effectively by using this oil regularly.

  • Antibacterial:

If you are searching for an essential oil that will treat all the harmful bacterial infections then gardenia essential oil is your prime choice in 2020.

It will also help you to protect the harmful bacterial infections like E.coli and salmonella. The best benefit is that you can use this oil in any form.

  • Sedative and Anti-seizure:

The health benefits of gardenia essential oils are numerous that are already discussed above. This essential oil helps to get rid of seizures.

This oil will become much more effective if you mix it well with jujube seed oil. Its benefits are really difficult to ignore.

  • Anti-Inflammatory:

This gardenia essential oil is rich in anti-inflammatory properties. It is an effective medication for treating intestinal inflammation, ulcerative colitis, arthritis (these all are inflammatory disorders).

The two active ingredients in gardenia essential oils are genipin and geniposide. These chemicals enhance anti-inflammatory actions.

Side Effects  

Gardenia essential oils are incredibly safe to use. But this oil is not recommended for children and pregnant women. On the other hand, you should not use this oil in any sensitive areas such as near the eyes.

Since you know that essential oils are highly concentrated, therefore, before using any essential oils, you must dilute it first.

On the other hand, if you have any an allergy with specific ingredients and if that ingredient is present in this oil, you must avoid it. It is because this oil can harm you.

The Final Thoughts

Gardenia essential oils are not at all recommended to those women who are breastfeeding their children or pregnant. Please keep these things in your mind if you are willing to use this oil.

The best benefit of this essential oil is that you can use it any form such as in the form of perfume, facial steam, massage, bath, inhalation, etc. The uses are entirely dependent upon you. There are no restrictions at all.

Gardenia essential oils are regarded as one of the best essential oils with various health benefits. This oil will enhance your body mentally as well as physically. So, if you are searching for an ideal essential oil, then this oil is your prime choice.

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