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Four Maxi Dress Styles To Love

Maxi dresses and the different maxi dress styles are always favorites among all fashion-conscious ladies. Fitted at the top and flowing at the bottom, these beauties hit that sweet spot between ‘smart’ and ‘casual.’ The great thing about maxi dresses is that they’re oh-so-versatile. If you’re attending a wedding, you can dress them up for the occasion. If you’re hanging with the girls on a casual Saturday, you can let your dress speak for itself.

Whatever your maxi dress styles are, we’ve got a dress with your name on it.

4 Glamorous Maxi Dress Styles

4 Glamorous Maxi Dress Styles

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The maxi dress styles are unique and versatile. For modern women, these dresses are carrying a very unique and subtle look.  So when you want to try out something different for your evening party, these maxi dresses are the best choices you will get.

Check out the four different maxi dress styles.

1. Bold V-neck

Look V. beautiful in V-neck maxi dress styles. V-neck necklines look amazing, so long as they complement all that you have to offer. For women, bust size will determine how far (down) to take this.

Bust size is directly proportional to V-neck depth. For smaller-busted women, a higher neckline will best suit their shape. For larger-busted women, a more ‘plunging’ V-neck will help to elongate the body—especially the neck. This eye-catching design is ideal for balancing thicker torsos and broader shoulders.

Combine this neckline with a maxi dress, and you have a winner. It adds shape and accent to the dress, especially with the fitted top. This shape is especially effective if your dress is a solid block of color. It sharpens the appearance without crowding out the simpler design.

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2. Boho Casual Frills

Take it from us: boho chic is always in. Maxi dresses look great in a ruffled, frilly style. Much as you may add body to your hair via curling iron, dresses with even a touch of frill lend fantastic buoyancy to your body.

Frills add texture and body to any outfit. Whether they’re framing a sweetheart neckline or forming layers, frills will add a light-hearted touch to your maxi dress. Featuring styles that are chic and alluring, a frilled maxi will make you feel like a queen—minus the responsibility, of course.

Ruffled maxi dress styles are the perfect attire to wear on a balmy summer evening. Frills further feminize your appearance without sealing its informality. Choose the frilly maxi dress ideal for your occasion, be it a party or a more casual hang-out.

3. Sexy Backless

Show off some skin and turn heads in a smokin’ backless dress. Imagine the volumes spoken by a maxi dress devoid of a back. Sometimes wearing a sophisticated backless dress is looking more sexy and glamorous than wearing a dress that is more revealing.

Backless maxi dress styles are oh-so-sensual and give your body a chance to shine. After all, if you’ve got a great body, why should you hide it beneath layers (fitted or otherwise)? This style leaves blank spaces that only you can fill.

If you want your maxi dress to err on the side of ‘smart’—as opposed to ‘casual’—a backless style may be perfect. Even at the ankle or floor length, maxi dresses can be a practical choice for a more crowded event.

4. Cool Side Slit

Blank space can speak just as many (if not more) volumes as filled space. The side slit is a sultry addition to the maxi dress, and it often complements the backless design. By removing a portion of the dress’s front, you’d be surprised how seductive this can appear—especially with a breeze.

Side slits tend to formalize the dress more, so if you’re attending a party or event, side-slitted maxi dress styles can be an excellent choice. This design draws the eye towards the leg, where it is rewarded with a splash of skin. It’s a great way to showcase your leg day efforts whilst also sporting a fabulous gown.

Similar to the backless design (and the two often overlap), a side-slitted maxi dress can be a practical choice for a larger event.

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Your Best Maxi Dress

This is just a sample of the different maxi dress styles available. This fabulous frock is fit for almost any occasion—be it formal or casual, large or small. We hope we have whetted your appetite and inspired you to explore. And remember that when it comes to dressing up an outfit, less can sometimes be more.

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