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Football Fashion Becomes Huge: Adidas And Puma Explore New Client Base

The Women’s World Cup last summer changed a lot of dynamics in the realm of soccer. Especially it has been a paradigm shift for the women in the game. Also, the tournament has placed football fashion on a higher pedestal.

Biggies like Adidas and Puma are now eyeing a customer base solely a byproduct of football fashion’s popularity.

The Women’s World Cup paved the way for a massive surge in the demand for essentials related to women’s football.

Even Nike was at the receiving end when many followers could not get a duplicate jersey of their favorite players. Especially the demand for the duplicate jersey of England’s Mary Earp was sky-high.

Nevertheless, as brands like Puma and Adidas are looking at new avenues based on football fashion, clubs are also trying to optimize their marketing opportunities.

Celebs like Kim Kardashian have made public appearances in soccer jerseys. 

On the other hand, Adidas has already launched a line called “Exclusively Off-Pitch” last September. This clothing line will cater to the football clubs the brand has a tie-up with.

The line for Bayern Munich, Juventus, Manchester United, Real Madrid, and Arsenal comprised crop tops and dresses. All the outfits featured a “subdued logo” of the respective club.

Further, a premiership club has got a design director on board to expand its range of clothing.

How is football fashion doing in terms of the market? GlobalData released a report this month, saying that Adidas and Puma spend two-thirds of their sponsorship budgets on soccer.

Even Nike spends 48 percent of its sponsorship budget on soccer. Other major sports where Nike invests are collegiate athletics and basketball. 

Heiko Desens, the global creative director of Puma, said, 

“We are experiencing hype around football jerseys and general designs influenced by football culture across streetwear and fashion.”

So, the football fashion fever is only going to increase in the upcoming days. 

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